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I've recently been eyeing a Baracuta in navy, but I'm having trouble with the color.   I first saw one on J Crew's website, although it's backordered until February:       I immediately fell in love with that color, which the J Crew website calls navy - but it doesn't really look like navy to me. And in fact the navy G9 on Baracuta's website is much different:     I thought it might just be the lighting and color grading, but even with all that, the two colors...
I've been looking for an affordable navy Harrington for a while now, and I've more or less narrowed it down to Ben Sherman and Jump The Gun. But I haven't been able to find much feedback about the JTG's.   Does anyone else have one? If so, how is the fit? I'm tall and skinny (6'2", 160lbs), so I'd like something that's nice and slim. Also, does the collar stay up by itself?
  You're just like me. I had to go with a 38L because of the sleeve length of the 38R. 
  I think what my tailor was saying was that it needed to be taken in at the back collar. You can't really tell from the pictures, but on the 38 there is a tiny bit of collar gapping. Could this be what he was talking about?   Also, you're right about the lapels. They sit flatter on the 38 and almost start to stick out a little on the 36 if I stand with my back straight.
So I just got 2 suits from Suit Supply in the mail and was wondering for some feedback on which one (if either) I should keep and have tailored.    I'm 6'1", 150lbs with a smaller chest and narrow shoulders, so finding jackets that fit is tough for me. I originally tried a 38L but it was way too big in the shoulders, so now I have a 36R and 38R.      Here's the 36:   And here's the 38:   First of all, I know that the sleeves are way too...
  The sleeve head on the 38 hangs over, but just slightly. As in, when I put my shoulder against a wall, the jacket shoulder touches it just barely before my actual arm does. Whereas on the 36, it's right on.       Thanks for the comments everyone. I'm kind of torn about which one to keep. Also, when I only had the 38 I took it into a tailor (Sid Mashburn in Atlanta) and the guy told me that there was a lot of excess fabric hanging off the back, near the shoulder blades....
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So I just got 2 SS suits in the mail. My first suit as a real adult. I'm a tough fit and was wondering if I could get some second opinions on which one (if either) I should keep.    I'm 6'1", 150lbs with a small chest and narrow shoulders. I originally tried a 38L but it was way too big in the shoulders. So here I have a 38R and 36R.   First up is the 36:   And here's the 38:     First of all, I know that the sleeves on both are way too...
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