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I wish you could zoom in more on the collection and see the details. The collection would be appreciated a lot more if the photos were a little bigger.
I'm looking to pick up some Outlier products soon. Anyone have any recomendations on products they like?    I'm really feeling this:   Not sure if its worth the $365 though.   Anyone own one?
I just snagged some Vintage NOS Made in USA Vans Black Suede Chukka Boots size 11. I dont have any pictures but they were a great find. I got them from some guy on instagram.
I just picked up a Benny Gold cut and sew button up and a pair of raw denim and couldn't be happier. Its amazing the quality that they have achieved in their clothing. I was a little skeptical since I'm not a huge fan of "skate" brands but these wear just as well as many  other brands. The inseam is a little long on the jeans at 35" but I'm only 5'10 so I'll be looking to get a hem on the jeans soon.   Here are the two items I...
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