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Pricing on Neumok Brown size 9.5d?
Brand new Levi's 514 Raw Rigid Jeans in 33x30. Asking 45 Shipped.
anyone have an IWC AD that they recommend?
still available
still available
If someone wants to buy it all i'll let everything that is listed in the original post go for $90 shipped
price is negotiable
I can negotiate a little on the price
Up for grabs is a brand new pair of Kenneth Cole Loafers in black. The model is Urge-nt which has the silver technology for comfort. I have a great feedback on ebay if needed. Retail is $160, asking $85 shipped Pictures: http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a59...enneth%20Cole/ email: tonysnguyen@gmail.com
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