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 I'm not T4 but have a certain number of shoes made by both. The Bestettis have tighter waist and in some models a somewhat aggressive last (for lack of a better image) which I quite like, The leathers of both are great even though my Bestettis tend to have more pronounced creasing. However what I particularly appreciate about Meccariello is that he is very very open in modifying and testing on his shoes
very nice, the stitching is pretty cool!
To tell you the truth I don't know the names of Antonio's collections! It is a 4 hand project, I told Antonio what I wanted, he sent some sketches and we took it from there...
Work in progress......
thanks, do you have examples of different colors available? what can be tweaked apart from the color of shoe?
what is the upcharge on a Bonafé MTO if interested in a MTO but not the one curently offered. Love the last but don't wear black
love everything about them!
 very very beautiful   lpatina on hatch grain should be really complicated! Is this his new last as well?
just to reply to the question on why pay $1700 for SCs rather than bespoke, firts of all going bespoke requires you to have the bespoke maker either in your back yard or in a city where you travel often as to get the fittings and second bespoke doesn't always mean better....
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