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thanks, do you have examples of different colors available? what can be tweaked apart from the color of shoe?
what is the upcharge on a Bonafé MTO if interested in a MTO but not the one curently offered. Love the last but don't wear black
love everything about them!
 very very beautiful   lpatina on hatch grain should be really complicated! Is this his new last as well?
just to reply to the question on why pay $1700 for SCs rather than bespoke, firts of all going bespoke requires you to have the bespoke maker either in your back yard or in a city where you travel often as to get the fittings and second bespoke doesn't always mean better....
 De gustibus non est disputandum
 absolutely gorgeous! once they arrive, can you please post side by side photos with the chisel last?
The handcrafting I am sure will be top notch and I really appreciate the possibility to have a patina, the latter adding extra personality to the shoes however  I find the patina in the shoe in the photo to lack finesse.   Furthermore is the pair pictured on same last as the Fallway (sp?)? I find the tip to be an unlucky attempt to a chisel toe whilst keeping a round form.   In any event good luck in the launch of the new lines, Will you have a chisel toe à la Chaves?
gorgeous!  What I like about Antonio is that not only is he extremely talented, he is really open in taking your ideas all the way and as such his MTOs aren't just a choice of predetermined colors and shapes but he is also a genuinely nice guy! Here's a current project... 
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