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Thanks to those who participated in last week's survey. We collected 1,184 surveys. Among other things I wanted to find out if there is a correlation between wearing ties and income. What do you think about this?   
Thanks again for all you guys' input on this discussion. We have now collected 1,184 filled out surveys which results I decided to show via a fun infographic rather than boring charts.   Here is a link: http://www.bows-n-ties.com/mens-fashion-tips/the-psychology-of-wearing-ties/  as well as the graphic:    
Nice!    BTW, thanks for those who filled out this survey. And double thanks to those who have shared this survey with their friends, over Facebook, etc. We just hit the 1,000 filled out survey mark and we are getting very close to a 98% confidence interval and a low margin of error for most questions.   In case you haven't filled out the survey yet, here is the link again: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GHNYKSY   Cheers   H
does it look like this?   
Haha. Nice find!    I agree that the survey may have some flaws. So far we have collected over 900 surveys. Here is three fun facts so far: 17.3% of women would be attracted to a man who wore suit & tie on a first date (apparently surveymonkey gave this a 95% confidence interval with +/- 2% variance) Of the 500+ men asked, 2/3 favor a self-tied bow tie over a pre-tied one. There are actually almost 4% of men who would show up wearing a bow tie on a first date, while...
I think the same can be said about ones clothes. For a good reason the saying "Dress to Impress" exists. Sadly, people subconsciously form opinions within the first few seconds of meeting someone. Things like eye contact, handshake, posture, as well as your clothes, do have an impact.
Hmmm, I think there is also a good argument that driving a nice car does make you more successful.   Here are two examples: Imagine you work in Real Estate and drive around clients. I bet driving a nice car (like a new 5 series for example) will make you look more successful and accomplished. I bet that if you took two agents that have the same exact skill set, and one of them drives a newer BMW while the other drives a 10 year old Honda, that the one with the nicer car...
You bring up a good point!   To be honest, I am not sure if there is actually any correlation. The first step is to collect data. The more people participate, the easier it is to draw conclusions. It is not just about finding a correlation between wearing ties to one's income. We have already collected 400 surveys and already we see some interesting differences between how men's and women's perception of neckties vs bow ties for instance.    Once we get 1,000+ surveys...
Hi Spoo Poker. I am very impressed with your style. Want to model any of our ties here at Ties-Necktie? Send me a PM with some of your favorites and I will send them out to you.    Cheers   Hendrik
Hello everyone,   I need your help with a little survey I created!   As some of you already know, I am a tie aficionado. I have always thought that wearing a tie brings much more benefits than just style. Curious to find out if there is indeed a correlation between wearing ties and ones income & success (among other things) I created a little survey.    Click the link below to fill out the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/GHNYKSY     I very much...
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