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Not sure if this is equivalent to a thread, but I'd like to ask, what's missing with philippine tailors? What would be that one (or two/three) thing that you'd like to improve?   Price? Fit? Quality?   Price for quality? Is this even possible if we want something really nice?
Any feedback on the secret armory? Is he as good as this article looks?   And, does he have an actual shop? When did it open?
  Thanks emptym!!! This is great info and detailed.   Now that we're talking about it, what would be the qualities of a perfect tailor (almost perfect at least)? As that's what i'm looking for! I understand that it also takes a level of knowledge from the consumer, but I'd like to know what to look for. Thank you!
Hi everyone! I'm new to this forum and I hope this finds all of you well.   I'm in Manila as well and looking to make a good suit. I usually get my suits from hk/singapore and they are always good. My experiences in Manila have not been as good, which I'm sure doesn't surprise anyone here.   However, I have received rave reviews about Cornell's recently - particularly about how Cornell himself really, really knows his stuff. But based on what I've read here, it's...
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