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Think it looks great man, especially for a $30 investment haha.
They still look pretty cool, so all's not lost. But yeah, I'd probably expect a little more. My NS are starting to fade pretty well and I've only had them about 5 weeks...but I walk around a ton.
Yeah, really don't need a new thread. They fit fine, but I wouldn't say there's anything "perfect" about them. Entirely subjective, but I feel like it's harder to get a really nice fit with baggier jeans because they don't conform to your body with time, like slimmer jeans tend to.
Hmm, tempted to take a shot at that A+F coat, but I'm not too sure on it.
Phenomenal stuff from Nicolas Jaar. Hadn't heard that one before.
Where are you going to be wearing them, i.e. what conditions do you want them for?
Your post makes me feel like your avatar is occurring .
Might have to go back and listen to some Ridin' Dirty. Hell of an album.
Word, that's some good ish. I dig Freddie Gibbs.
Yeah, those dayton's look good. Pretty much split between the service boot, iron rangers, or 1000 miles. I really wanted something in charcoal, but I haven't found anything in that price range that I liked all that much.
New Posts  All Forums: