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Wear them a lot. That's pretty much what it comes down. I don't sweat anymore than the average person (I'd hope) and since it's winter now that's definitely not happening. I probably wearing them 5 - 6 times a week. It helps that Monday through Friday I have to walk all over campus to get to class (usually amounts to an hours worth of walking during the day) and I'm pretty active at other times. You just gotta be active in them. It might also help that they're a little...
18 months? Jeeze. Here's a few pictures from mine at a couple days past 2 months. [[SPOILER]] The first two are a little washed out due to the flash (my room is pretty dark..), but the whiskers are definitely coming in pretty fast. Can't wait to see these after 6 months.
^I'm not too sure, my NS were tighter than that and they've loosened up to be perfect. And by tight I mean, could barely get my thighs through them all the way.   On a related note, got some decent fades forming. I'll try to throw up some pictures maybe later tonight or tomorrow. Had them 2 months today, but they get a lot of wear.
Got a pair last Friday. Definitely not the color I expected coming out of the box. A lot darker than I expected, which I'm happy about. I'm going to do what Teger did and apply some obenauf to darken them up a little bit more. But other than my feet getting a little beat up, I really like them so far. As far as sizing, I went down half a size and they fit great.
Yeah, apart from enjoying CS, I wouldn't be looking at it if it had poor job prospects. There are some worries of a dot-com 2.0, but even if I don't go full CS for my career, computer science combined with an engineering undergrad should put me in a good position for a number of jobs.
Well, the problem with cutting down the load is that I can't really..I'll have my math minor wrapped up after this semester, but I still have a horde of technical electives I need to take (thankfully my CS minor courses can count as technical electives, which helps). It's pretty much full course load until graduation.   I worked with one of the best researchers at the school for about a year and a half, which was concerned with biomedical engineering. But now that...
Alright guys, I need some advice. I figured I'd post this thread so any general grad school questions could come here, but also I have some of my own "questions".   I'm currently a junior in Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Tech, which is the 4th ranked program in the country. Suffice to say, it's brutally hard and at least considered the hardest engineering major here, which would put it up near the top overall as well. Anyways, I'm also a CS minor and...
Only complaint I have about the website is how short items stay in the cart. I love when sites keep them in indefinitely, but at least more than it is now would be a huge upgrade.
Damn, good to hear it now though. Looked pretty decent, suppose I'll continue the search for a decent midweight jacket around $200.
May have been posted already, but consensus on whether the wool duffel coat is worth it?
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