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Yeah, apart from enjoying CS, I wouldn't be looking at it if it had poor job prospects. There are some worries of a dot-com 2.0, but even if I don't go full CS for my career, computer science combined with an engineering undergrad should put me in a good position for a number of jobs.
Well, the problem with cutting down the load is that I can't really..I'll have my math minor wrapped up after this semester, but I still have a horde of technical electives I need to take (thankfully my CS minor courses can count as technical electives, which helps). It's pretty much full course load until graduation.   I worked with one of the best researchers at the school for about a year and a half, which was concerned with biomedical engineering. But now that...
Alright guys, I need some advice. I figured I'd post this thread so any general grad school questions could come here, but also I have some of my own "questions".   I'm currently a junior in Engineering Science and Mechanics at Virginia Tech, which is the 4th ranked program in the country. Suffice to say, it's brutally hard and at least considered the hardest engineering major here, which would put it up near the top overall as well. Anyways, I'm also a CS minor and...
Only complaint I have about the website is how short items stay in the cart. I love when sites keep them in indefinitely, but at least more than it is now would be a huge upgrade.
Damn, good to hear it now though. Looked pretty decent, suppose I'll continue the search for a decent midweight jacket around $200.
May have been posted already, but consensus on whether the wool duffel coat is worth it?
Would it still work out without throwing them in the oven?
Really want the field jacket that they sell in the UK. May have to pick it up over winter when I head back to Scotland. Really wish they sold it in the US though..
Damn teger, nice work. I really, really want to try to replicate that if I get a pair but I'm worried it won't come off nearly as well.
Oh boy. Why do you want your jeans to feel like sweatpants? I suppose you could just go to a thrift shop and buy some 15 year old jeans that are amply broken in - I'm sure they'll feel nice and soft.
New Posts  All Forums: