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^Phenomenal..that's literally just so perfect.
Love this thread. Had actually been considering this look, but wasn't ballsy enough to try something on my own. Definitely getting some great ideas from here, just worried about making that first purchase and having things not fit as I want... Would completely unstructured be the way to go for broader shoulders? (Don't know if anybody saw WAYWT over the last week).
I think this is awesome.
^Yeah, it's a large and I really like it, but I definitely notice the size. Found the same thing with an SNS I have. The large is just a little smaller than I would like. Struggle..
Attempt #2. Pretty much a variation of my standard class getup...   [[SPOILER]] EG. Hanes. APC. (Too much blue?)
Certainly practical for some things, but all they're ever paired with (it seems) are really baggy pants that are sort of half tucked into the boots. As if it was too much work to either fully tuck the pants (which would look awful) or covering the boot..no comprendo.   <3 my NS. They might be passe, but oh well...
Dammit I'm tired of seeing Bean Boots around campus!! What is up with this groupthink among college students?
Goodbye WAYWT virginity. This was for a group dinner tonight, nothing special. Colors are slightly washed out.   [[SPOILER]] SNS Uniqlo APC LL Bean
QFT. I have ALWAYS hated the iTunes interface. But it's not just them. Most major music players are just utter POS. But there's so few options and everything is so reliant on it that Apple has almost 0 reason to make significant changes..
Really shite job search pages are really pissing me off. You have companies like Intel and Amazon trotting out garbage like this:     It's so archaic and inefficient. Every single start up I have applied to has a career page 100x better than this. It's really mind boggling that a company with such massive amounts of resources (like Intel or Amazon) can't put together something better than this. How many software engineers do they have on staff? For gods sakes,...
New Posts  All Forums: