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@ LA Guy: How does that Transit blazer fit? I'm looking at the large they have in stock, but not sure whether to take the risk and whether it's roomy enough in the shoulders/long enough in the arms. Also, do you have a pic of it on? Can't get a good feel for it on that damn mannequin.
You must have been going really, really hard in them. I've had my NS since October and haven't washed them yet. But yeah, as Argentino said, just wash them if they're turning a little gnarly. Nobody wants to smell that.
Could check out APC Petite Standards. Not totally sure on the waist, but you could give it a shot. Other than that, just look at any slim fits in Naked + Famous, Momotaro, 3Sixteen, etc. etc. ???
^Phenomenal..that's literally just so perfect.
Love this thread. Had actually been considering this look, but wasn't ballsy enough to try something on my own. Definitely getting some great ideas from here, just worried about making that first purchase and having things not fit as I want... Would completely unstructured be the way to go for broader shoulders? (Don't know if anybody saw WAYWT over the last week).
I think this is awesome.
^Yeah, it's a large and I really like it, but I definitely notice the size. Found the same thing with an SNS I have. The large is just a little smaller than I would like. Struggle..
Attempt #2. Pretty much a variation of my standard class getup...   [[SPOILER]] EG. Hanes. APC. (Too much blue?)
Certainly practical for some things, but all they're ever paired with (it seems) are really baggy pants that are sort of half tucked into the boots. As if it was too much work to either fully tuck the pants (which would look awful) or covering the comprendo.   <3 my NS. They might be passe, but oh well...
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