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Thread is on firee right now.   I know Synth's varsity has been discussed tons before...but that doesn't mean I still don't really want it.
This is probably going to bring the "cool" factor of the thread down (sorry), but I'm moving into my own apartment next year and it's a nice place (I want to say I have 680 sq. ft?) with a 13' x 12' bedroom and a pretty large living room. Obviously this is all coming from a college student, so "spacious" is a relative term.   But I have to get some furniture for it and as much as I want all of the stuff mentioned in here, I also only have an internship paying $5k a...
Anybody actually have a pair of Rachel Comey boots?
What's the story on these? They look great. Would definitely be interested in getting a pair..
Not sure how I feel about that cardi. I don't think it looks bad..but it just seems a little "off".
Thanks Parker! Love picking up little tidbits of history like this.
Hard to tell, but from this angle, no.
What IDE? Oh yeah, and um, nice Android pants. Really like the green.
@ LA Guy: How does that Transit blazer fit? I'm looking at the large they have in stock, but not sure whether to take the risk and whether it's roomy enough in the shoulders/long enough in the arms. Also, do you have a pic of it on? Can't get a good feel for it on that damn mannequin.
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