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  Not happy with this, but only had a few minutes. Need to zoom in to get the full effect of his expression..
Don't think you understand the greatness of hermes man.
^So nice.
Interested in the Our Legacy technical blazer..but don't really want to drop that much yet. Any of the Uniqlo jackets similar?
Didn't really want to make a new thread for this: Long story short: I'm an engineering/computer science major and I really (really) want to work in startups post graduation. I know the risks entirely, but I accept that while I'm young. Anyways, through some emails I've sent and connections I pursued, I'm meeting with the founder of a startup next Friday for lunch. Not really sure what it will entail, but any advice? The guy I originally emailed (an angel investor)...
The only person I've seen pull off something more formal is my friend and he does it well, but he typically wears what you would find in the streetwear blazers and suits thread (whatever it's called...). But he's definitely not wearing an entire suit..
Thanks for the input on the jacket indesertum and transistor. Definitely right about the sleeves. I'll get it in a fit within the next few days and upload it to see how it looks.
Need input fellas. Just got this Barbour Summer Bicycle jacket form michaelpemulis (shout out to a great seller), but I got it in XL because most of my larges in jackets/sweaters have been a little too small. Feel like it might be a tad large, but maybe not. Thoughts? (Pardon my dumb expression..covered my eyes because I looked like I was asleep).   [[SPOILER]]
Those butteros seem to be from maybe 2008 or so. Damn I really want a pair.
Yeah, love those Butteros.
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