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You could consume a bunch of fruit juice for easy, low fat calories. Or beans/rice.
+1. Never had any issues and I have about 1/2 a gallon per day...unless I suddenly drop dead one day.
If you want something slightly cheaper, I'd definitely recommend the Rogue Do-wins. I have them and they're great. 
^ That muscle up is considered possibly the best MU ever seen in competition. I mean look at it, it's unreal. That's one of those things that people with no idea of how much strength that takes won't consider it that impressive. I've done gymnastics for a couple of years now and progress is slow, but worth it. I definitely don't have the body for it (6'2", now 210lbs) but it's fun to progress nonetheless.    In regards to "competing" against your own body, I think...
Thoughts? Questions? Concerns? If for no other reason, everybody should try their hands on rings so they can watch the Olympics with a fresh appreciation of what they do.
Wendler . Wendler is honestly a behemoth of a man. I would agree with what he says, just like using overhand grip until the last possible weight. 
Shake weight FTW.
For anyone interested, 20% off all Earnest Sewn today.    Code: ESJuly4
Looking a little "droopy". Just look up a picture of a plank and you'll see - everything should be more in-line. [[SPOILER]]
He's a little beast. As is this little guy:
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