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For anyone interested, 20% off all Earnest Sewn today.    Code: ESJuly4
Looking a little "droopy". Just look up a picture of a plank and you'll see - everything should be more in-line. [[SPOILER]]
He's a little beast. As is this little guy:
4 - 5 minutes?! Maybe for a plank variation, but definitely not for an L-sit and definitely not for a V-sit - assuming you are talking about the gymnastics variations. Holding it for that time total is impressive enough, much less doing it in one go. 
Damn you for linking to that and making me read all of it. Hella funny though.  Now Chrome is advertising VV because I went to their website. 
Good work! What schools you looking at?  Squatted for the first time in about 2 weeks last night. My legs and knees were really achy for a while, so I think the break did good. Took it easy with 225 and it felt great. Going to start loading back up. Hoping to push my squat and DL back over 300 by end of August. 
If you can, L-sits FTW. If you can't do them on the ground, you can use dumbbells, build parallettes out of PVC, or use a dip-machine while you progress. I'm on the club gymnastics team and those are brutal. You can search around on gymnasticbodies.com and you'll find a bunch of useful stuff on progressions - I can tell you the progression if you're interested, but I'd definitely recommend it. Really humbling haha.  
I thought I was in this situation last week. I always work out at night when it's less crowded, so everything is a little darker inside, and across the room I thought I saw a fine honey. Amazing body, even from semi-close I thought the same. She started doing that little ab machine where you pull weight while scrunching your body up (close enough: http://www.nellies.com/images/T/Gab300.jpg) and of course she was wearing a thong and looking over every couple reps. Was...
Sorry if I missed this from before, but how much was it? Looks awesome. 
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