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Sounds like a twit.
If you're doing SS maplefuturist, you should be definitely be eating more than 2600 calories. That's really nothing. Just browse the SS articles for 10 minutes and you'll see Rip berate people for eating that few calories. I've done it since late April and I went from ~180 to 210. Yeah, 2 months with a stall is really damn quick. As long as you started light enough and loaded at a reasonable pace, you should keep going for a while. Not sure how any of that has to do with...
You and my dad both. He still gets up at 4:30 to bike/run every morning. Dedicated haha (and he's 51).
Haha, pretty much. Thought it was an article at first too.  I do respect and follow the Starting Strength forums because they're actually grounded in reality. 
If you are starting much less than 150lbs, you should be adding to it pretty damn quick during the novice stages, assuming you are adding every workout, or at least every week. But genetics are a huuuuggeee part. The fact that you started significantly smaller may have to do with genetics, but if you work your ass off and never miss a workout there's no reason you can't reach your potential. But you just have to eat eat eat.   On a similar topic, scrawny kid at the gym...
You could consume a bunch of fruit juice for easy, low fat calories. Or beans/rice.
+1. Never had any issues and I have about 1/2 a gallon per day...unless I suddenly drop dead one day.
If you want something slightly cheaper, I'd definitely recommend the Rogue Do-wins. I have them and they're great. 
^ That muscle up is considered possibly the best MU ever seen in competition. I mean look at it, it's unreal. That's one of those things that people with no idea of how much strength that takes won't consider it that impressive. I've done gymnastics for a couple of years now and progress is slow, but worth it. I definitely don't have the body for it (6'2", now 210lbs) but it's fun to progress nonetheless.    In regards to "competing" against your own body, I think...
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