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Had a little date tonight. Lightened the picture up a little, so everything is a shade darker IRL. Not sure why I always looks so mad... Also, the jacket has really grown on me since the last time I posted about it.     Barbour x Tokito SNS Uniqlo (no vis) APC LL Bean
Have to qualify this by saying I usually never like NB, but I liked it down to the footwear.
^Yes. Though sadly, the same can't be said for everyone..
So tired of "prep". Pastels and bow ties can kindly piss off for a while.   What's that? It's almost spring? Dammit.
Wish it was a little smaller!
  Not happy with this, but only had a few minutes. Need to zoom in to get the full effect of his expression..
Don't think you understand the greatness of hermes man.
^So nice.
Interested in the Our Legacy technical blazer..but don't really want to drop that much yet. Any of the Uniqlo jackets similar?
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