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I know this is late, but I love it stitches! Still really want to get a stark, but now that it should be warming up soon, I might just use the money on spring/summer stuff.
Looks fine.
^Do you not enjoy paint dust in your mouth?
Wait...what are you doing at my school?! But really, if that's from today it was definitely freezing tits out there.
We've been doing it wrong all along.   http://thefratcollection.com/two-tone-sport-shirts/
Had a little date tonight. Lightened the picture up a little, so everything is a shade darker IRL. Not sure why I always looks so mad... Also, the jacket has really grown on me since the last time I posted about it.     Barbour x Tokito SNS Uniqlo (no vis) APC LL Bean
Have to qualify this by saying I usually never like NB, but I liked it down to the footwear.
^Yes. Though sadly, the same can't be said for everyone..
So tired of "prep". Pastels and bow ties can kindly piss off for a while.   What's that? It's almost spring? Dammit.
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