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What are the pants toasty?
JV is cheap?  I would honestly just say lurk around, read a hundred pages of WAYWT and figure out what you like. There's dozens of unique styles so you'll probably find one that you like and you can build off it from there. Give it some time and don't rush into any crazy purchases. 
[[SPOILER]]   Got my first "casual" blazer. Picked up one of the linen blazers from Uniqlo. It needs to be ironed in a bad way (just got it), but does the fit seem on? And please excuse me being a wanker and not wearing shoes. Thinking a pair of chelseas would maybe work best with this?
First, I don't think your really needed a thread for this.   Regarding fit, I'd say they're a little loose right now, especially for NS. They will stretch, so you need to think how you want the fit after stretching. But I think they could do with one size down.   I'd get them hemmed some.
There's a whole Streetwear blazers thread, but I just got the Uniqlo linen blazer today and I really like it. It's casual, but I don't know how formal your party is..
I know this is late, but I love it stitches! Still really want to get a stark, but now that it should be warming up soon, I might just use the money on spring/summer stuff.
Looks fine.
^Do you not enjoy paint dust in your mouth?
Wait...what are you doing at my school?! But really, if that's from today it was definitely freezing tits out there.
We've been doing it wrong all along.   http://thefratcollection.com/two-tone-sport-shirts/
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