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Mother of god...
Hey nan, did you get my pm? I'm sure you're pretty backed up so it's not a big deal if you haven't!
There's literally dozens of threads on jeans like this, just look around and you'll find some. But if you must, there's APC. N+F, Momo, 3Sixteen, etc. etc.
Oh my god, please stop.
^Don't look the tuck first of all, but I feel like it also makes your feet look massive compared to the size of your legs/rest of body.
Haha, I'm just screwing with you. The watch zoom is just something you'd more likely see in MC.
#WatchPorn. Oh wait, this isn't MC?
Yeah, saw a guy with an Everlane backpack the day I got mine. That was the first time I'd ever noticed and I was all . My roommates from freshman year are about the only people I know with any interest in clothes. But the ratio of running shoes and sweats to anything else is still overwhelmingly tipped the wrong way.
See right hand side of website.
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