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It's always strange seeing clothes that you thought nobody else knew about, especially on a college campus, being worn in front of you. Guy had MMM gats and a TOJ, was extremely shocked..
^ I've had my backpack in the rain, nothing torrential, but it was fine.
For those that have long hair/have grown it out before, did you get cuts often to keep it looking trimmed? I've never had it very long and I'm thinking of letting it grow out some, but my hair is pretty thick and starts to look ragged pretty quick. I'm thinking of going between "medium" and "long" - yes, extremely subjective. Any advice?
Going to have to agree.
Yeah honestly, I'd go with what GT said, just keep it simple. Don't get sucked into some overtly complex scheme. Just do a little reading on sound principles, don't eat things you know are bad for you and work out on a regular basis. The weight will fall, just do something.
It these don't work, try Uniqlo. I've found them to be one of the few to fit my long ass arms.
You seem to know more about it than the rest of us..   /thread
toasty - what are the shoes and knit?
Awesome. Thanks for the help. I think I'm definitely going to get one so I'll post some pics when I do!
Yeah, the Ranger LT is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for. It's amazing they're that warm because just by looking at the pictures, you'd never expect that. How does the sizing compare to say, a North Face fleece of similar design?
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