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Very possible. Another pair of jeans I got in a 34" because I couldn't fit my legs through them, but after a couple months of wearing I probably have 2 or 3 extra inches in the waist. Who knows what I am, haven't been able to measure. I've always worn 32" up until this summer when I started working out more, so I pretty much just go with whatever I fit into at this point.
I really, really wanted to go with the momo but it just wasn't working! Might need to try a different style sometime!
It's more from the fact that my thighs and quads mean I can't get most jeans on. I wear a 33" in all Uniqlo pants, and those fit perfectly so I'm not sure. 
Just got some NS from Need Supply and oh my god they are tight. I'm a 33" waist, so I first tried on 31" but couldn't button anything and barely could squeeze my legs in. Went with 32", which is still tight as hell, I have to suck in but I can button them. In other sad news, they're so tight atm that any fat I didn't know about around my waist is now obviously apparent...
Well went to Need Supply to get some raw jeans, ended up going with APC. I tried on both Momotaro and N+F, and even with a 32 waist in momo (I'm about a 33"), I couldn't get my legs through them, and that was with tight straight and skinny straight. Same story with N+F. Was hoping I could go with momo, but maybe next time!
Heading in store tomorrow! Hopefully grab my first pair of raws..
Mother of god...
Hey nan, did you get my pm? I'm sure you're pretty backed up so it's not a big deal if you haven't!
There's literally dozens of threads on jeans like this, just look around and you'll find some. But if you must, there's APC. N+F, Momo, 3Sixteen, etc. etc.
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