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Then don't...? It's appreciating different styles. Personally, I think it's kick ass even though I wouldn't wear it.
Well if it's between the two, definitely the first sweater.. If you want to go up more on the jacket, check out TOJ.
That sweater .   Re the jacket, I'm sure just searching leather jackets would bring more than enough possibilities.  
Homepage was nice, then it quickly went downhill.. Need some web dev help..
#firstworldproblems But really, I feel this should have been solved by now.
Haven't read more than the last few pages for sake of time...but any other boots similar styling to these (in charcoal) since these seem to be hellish to actually get? Also, searching through old threads about them, it seems a lot of people have been selling them on B&S. Is that mainly due to sizing/heel slip that everybody's been talking about?
I've found the opposite, the shirts I ordered over the summer while in the UK are the few that actually fit my long arms. Maybe they're different here.
This is probably going to be the least "exciting" piece in the history of this thread, but here it goes:     I got this fleece six years ago when I was still in highschool. It's been through more than any piece of clothing really should. As you can see, there's a huge whole developing on the bottom right, not to mention another one forming further to the right of that. It's been through hell, but it's still standing. It's not an attractive piece, it's not...
New Posts  All Forums: