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Haha, QTF. Just add in calculator and coding cheat sheet.
I know right. Oh well. OT: might have to send you a PM on that Ervell..
Probably (or definitely) right on the first part. Sorority friend told me the other day how much she loves khakis and a polo, so this would fit right in..
Favorites for a midweight jacket for ~$250? Went through yoox and came across some, but nothing particularly interesting.   I don't know what to make of this because the leg silhouette makes everything look bad...    
Then don't...? It's appreciating different styles. Personally, I think it's kick ass even though I wouldn't wear it.
Well if it's between the two, definitely the first sweater.. If you want to go up more on the jacket, check out TOJ.
That sweater .   Re the jacket, I'm sure just searching leather jackets would bring more than enough possibilities.  
Homepage was nice, then it quickly went downhill.. Need some web dev help..
#firstworldproblems But really, I feel this should have been solved by now.
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