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So I'm going to a sorority semi-formal Saturday night (yawn), but since I haven't had to be dragged into anything like this for a while, not sure what I'm going to wear. Obviously want to look good, but I don't want to go full MC. Apparently semi-formal is shirt and tie with no jacket. I have a two of the fine check Uniqlo long sleeve shirts, but not sure if that would be appropriate (especially with a tie). I have a week to work with and I'm pretty much confined to...
Damn nice fades! They look comfy as hell.
I don't like NB so I'm not particularly useful on the first. Don't find anything special about the van's and the Chippewa can be had elsewhere for cheaper (not for Jcrew). The last two aren't particularly bad if you can get them for cheaper, but nothing to go crazy over imo.
Whatever the hell you want. Now's the time when nobody will care. Just look through WAYWT and get some ideas and see what you like.
+1 on the jeans. Also, where is this burger from!? Need to remember it for when I'm back in RIC over Thanksgiving break..
Haha, QTF. Just add in calculator and coding cheat sheet.
I know right. Oh well. OT: might have to send you a PM on that Ervell..
Probably (or definitely) right on the first part. Sorority friend told me the other day how much she loves khakis and a polo, so this would fit right in..
Favorites for a midweight jacket for ~$250? Went through yoox and came across some, but nothing particularly interesting.   I don't know what to make of this because the leg silhouette makes everything look bad...    
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