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  I go to school where he used to go. How much of a saving is it to go 7 months over 3 + 3?
Haha, sounds awesome. TKJTG will be able to attest to this, but whenever I leave our all you can eat dining hall on campus, I feel like I have to push my bloated stomach back in. Probably the massive amounts of milk I drink there, not to mention the inevitable 3 chicken breasts and assortment of other food on tap.
Haha, yeah it's always a toss up who you will get. I can pretty much hold my own physically against other point guards (and I'm usually better than them, though maybe not as aggressive), but going into the paint is another story haha. Since they're still in season it's been a bunch of scrubs =(.
Yeah, I understand that. I'm worried about getting my squat back up to reasonable levels because my legs tend to inflate. Yeah, it's just a hard call on the jumping thing. Sort of one of those things that hopefully will happen as a side effect of your lifting, but you never know til it happens. Still pretty good lifts though. Yeah, probably a good way to go. Have you thought of doing Wendler's 5-3-1? Might fit your approach to it.
It's not impossible, but at that height most of it comes down to genetics (which sucks). Can you jump pretty high now? It's so hard to say how increases in strength will translate to explosion (i.e. vertical jump). I think upping your squat would definitely help though. People always have this fear that if your legs get too big, you'll lose inches on your jump, which I find to be BS. The power increase more than offsets any increase in weight. You could definitely get up...
Haven't posted in here for a while, but trying to explain an interesting observation at the gym today. Went to workout but decided to play basketball instead because I hadn't played since summer and I missed it. Shot around a little and decided to jump up towards the rim and I noticed how easy it was. Figured what the hell, might as well try to dunk since it's been a while since I have and damn, it was really easy. I probably dunked 20 - 25 times (yes, I was excited -...
It's best to look up what pairs you want to try on before you head in so you know how you need to size it. You don't need to go up to $350 for your first pair. I'd just stick with momotaro, APC, 3Sixteen, or N+F for your first pair. No need to drop that much before you even know if you like it.   3Sixteen, imo, is your best bet. Definitely go into self edge and they'll give you some great options. But you can't go wrong with the brands I listed above.
Damn might be it. I knew the W+H x Dayton were $700, but for some reason I thought on their site it also showed the service boot as $700. Might have to get a pair now..
Am I going crazy or were Dayton service boots not $700 just a few weeks ago? http://www.daytonboots.com/node/154
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