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Before washing, the Hanes v-necks have a nice little slutty drop to them. Plus, they're super cheap. Not a bad beater.
I did wear those Kirkland ones as undershirts for a super long time and they held up pretty well, never as an actual shirt though. Uniqlo is also good, price and quality considered. Probably could look there. And if you want to up it a little Everlane would be worthwhile to check out (and by upping it I mean go from <$10 to $15).
Nah, first "hair of snow" is the one.
Have you tried on a 29?
Some super early pics of my NS. I already have some fades forming, though the pictures are obviously a lot more pronounced then normal because of the flash. But I wear them pretty damn hard. Pretty much 6 days out of the week for probably 12+ hours each day walking to and from class. I got them about a month ago today. [[SPOILER]]
Want to sneak those in on the side (Richmond e-bros?  )?   Just kidding, but really, I'm totally down with this thread. Need all the deals I can get with the student budget.  
I like the triple shirt/tanks. Reminds me of some synth fits (I think?). Looks good, especially the colors together.
Yeah that zeemon coat is pretty damn awesome, but definitely couldn't drop $2700 on it.   Also, those converses remind me too much of those Sorel (and other brands) boots that have the rubber shell on the outside. I hate them. I understand their purpose, but that's all I ever see in terms of boots around here. Love this guy. No big tree in your backyard?
I was on the gymnastics club team before wrecking my knee and one of the best things was the huge rope up to the ceiling. I miss it. Hell of a workout.
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