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Some super early pics of my NS. I already have some fades forming, though the pictures are obviously a lot more pronounced then normal because of the flash. But I wear them pretty damn hard. Pretty much 6 days out of the week for probably 12+ hours each day walking to and from class. I got them about a month ago today. [[SPOILER]]
Want to sneak those in on the side (Richmond e-bros?  )?   Just kidding, but really, I'm totally down with this thread. Need all the deals I can get with the student budget.  
I like the triple shirt/tanks. Reminds me of some synth fits (I think?). Looks good, especially the colors together.
Yeah that zeemon coat is pretty damn awesome, but definitely couldn't drop $2700 on it.   Also, those converses remind me too much of those Sorel (and other brands) boots that have the rubber shell on the outside. I hate them. I understand their purpose, but that's all I ever see in terms of boots around here.
http://www.rosstraining.com/articles/ropeclimbing.html Love this guy. No big tree in your backyard?
I was on the gymnastics club team before wrecking my knee and one of the best things was the huge rope up to the ceiling. I miss it. Hell of a workout.
If you can dunk a tennis ball that's a good start. I'd say your best best is to keep squatting heavy. I've been on (kind of intermittently because of school) for the last half year and even though I put on a lot of weight, the strength gains of definitely contributed. So I'd get that squat up. This article is an interesting read and something I followed back when I first got interested in jumping higher. I haven't read it in a while so I'm not sure how everything holds up...
Yessssss. I just hope you never had to do the dishes, I can only imagine how brutal that is, especially when people leave so much half eaten food.
^Just go to the thread you mentioned, it's your best bet. You're not going to find a thread explicitly comparing those brands.
Oh damn, def 7 months.
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