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I was on the gymnastics club team before wrecking my knee and one of the best things was the huge rope up to the ceiling. I miss it. Hell of a workout.
If you can dunk a tennis ball that's a good start. I'd say your best best is to keep squatting heavy. I've been on (kind of intermittently because of school) for the last half year and even though I put on a lot of weight, the strength gains of definitely contributed. So I'd get that squat up. This article is an interesting read and something I followed back when I first got interested in jumping higher. I haven't read it in a while so I'm not sure how everything holds up...
Yessssss. I just hope you never had to do the dishes, I can only imagine how brutal that is, especially when people leave so much half eaten food.
^Just go to the thread you mentioned, it's your best bet. You're not going to find a thread explicitly comparing those brands.
Oh damn, def 7 months.
  I go to school where he used to go. How much of a saving is it to go 7 months over 3 + 3?
Haha, sounds awesome. TKJTG will be able to attest to this, but whenever I leave our all you can eat dining hall on campus, I feel like I have to push my bloated stomach back in. Probably the massive amounts of milk I drink there, not to mention the inevitable 3 chicken breasts and assortment of other food on tap.
Haha, yeah it's always a toss up who you will get. I can pretty much hold my own physically against other point guards (and I'm usually better than them, though maybe not as aggressive), but going into the paint is another story haha. Since they're still in season it's been a bunch of scrubs =(.
Yeah, I understand that. I'm worried about getting my squat back up to reasonable levels because my legs tend to inflate. Yeah, it's just a hard call on the jumping thing. Sort of one of those things that hopefully will happen as a side effect of your lifting, but you never know til it happens. Still pretty good lifts though. Yeah, probably a good way to go. Have you thought of doing Wendler's 5-3-1? Might fit your approach to it.
New Posts  All Forums: