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Your post makes me feel like your avatar is occurring .
Might have to go back and listen to some Ridin' Dirty. Hell of an album.
Word, that's some good ish. I dig Freddie Gibbs.
Yeah, those dayton's look good. Pretty much split between the service boot, iron rangers, or 1000 miles. I really wanted something in charcoal, but I haven't found anything in that price range that I liked all that much.
If anybody is in Charlotte, Saint Paul, or Philly in March, go check out City & Colour. Granted, he's playing with pink so that's a downer, but I'm going to stay for his set then duck out. Saw him in Richmond over summer, and he's definitely my favorite artist.
Before washing, the Hanes v-necks have a nice little slutty drop to them. Plus, they're super cheap. Not a bad beater.
I did wear those Kirkland ones as undershirts for a super long time and they held up pretty well, never as an actual shirt though. Uniqlo is also good, price and quality considered. Probably could look there. And if you want to up it a little Everlane would be worthwhile to check out (and by upping it I mean go from <$10 to $15).
Nah, first "hair of snow" is the one.
Have you tried on a 29?
Some super early pics of my NS. I already have some fades forming, though the pictures are obviously a lot more pronounced then normal because of the flash. But I wear them pretty damn hard. Pretty much 6 days out of the week for probably 12+ hours each day walking to and from class. I got them about a month ago today. [[SPOILER]]
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