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So I have the #207 Cone Summer coming in the next couple of weeks, but I'm 99% sure they're going to be too tight (32 Slim) in the thighs. I have a couple of other pieces of Gustin denim in the same size and they're now, sadly, too small with all of the squatting I've been doing the last few months :(. I really wanted the #207 for the Seattle summer I'm about to embark on.    With that in mind, if anybody was looking for a pair of those, feel free to get in touch. And if...
 I was going to rent an 880 sq. ft. apartment starting this summer and it felt like a mansion compared to my current apartment and the apartment I actually decided to go with (to save $$). At least it reduces the number of things I need to purchase to fill out the space :). 
Thanks for all the good information guys, really appreciate it.   @archetypal_yuppie : I'm moving to downtown Seattle.    I think I'm going to spend the most on the bed / mattress since I'll take that with me when I move again to a new apartment / city. I've seen some decent looking ones on CB2 and Room & Board, but I don't know if there's better quality for similarish price range.    @otc : Thanks for the Karlstad recommendation. I'll check that out. I've had an...
Full disclosure that I am a design n00b to the nth degree. But I'm starting my first post-graduation job cross country and I'm given a relocation bonus of around $12.5k that I can spend however I choose. I'm opting to sell / ditch most of my college apartment furniture and start fresh instead of shipping stuff for way more than it actually costs. My new apartment is small (~650 ft^2) and I'm willing to use a significant portion of that money on big items (bed, couch, and...
I'm not worthy of how fantastic the last few pages have been. 
First post (and pic) in a looong time. Cold day on campus, but glad summer is over. I'm no match for the great pics posted the last while.   [[SPOILER]]
 With styleforum?
Take that back. The top button buttoned. Now the question is if I'll get an inch or so to make it easier. If they stretch anything like my NS, they should be fine.
Yeah I'm pretty bummed, but I think I'm going to go that route. I can just almost barely button the top, but it's probably not a good sign if the ability to button the top fluctuates depending on the amount of food I just ate..
Got my Natural Indigo2 in 32 waist slim. At the moment, I can button all but the top button. I'm not sure how to proceed with them. My APC NS are also a 32 and they were really tight as well at first, but now they fit perfectly. Maybe I've just forgotten how tight they are at first. Not sure if I should just wear these bad boys around for a couple weeks and hope they give me an extra inch or so, or whether I should try to bump it up a size.    Love the quality of them...
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