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 Yep, you are right. Totally forgot. 
Any updates on the first batch of white low tops? Went into production 7/21 and my current white beaters are quickly unraveling.
So I have the #207 Cone Summer coming in the next couple of weeks, but I'm 99% sure they're going to be too tight (32 Slim) in the thighs. I have a couple of other pieces of Gustin denim in the same size and they're now, sadly, too small with all of the squatting I've been doing the last few months :(. I really wanted the #207 for the Seattle summer I'm about to embark on.    With that in mind, if anybody was looking for a pair of those, feel free to get in touch. And if...
 I was going to rent an 880 sq. ft. apartment starting this summer and it felt like a mansion compared to my current apartment and the apartment I actually decided to go with (to save $$). At least it reduces the number of things I need to purchase to fill out the space :). 
Thanks for all the good information guys, really appreciate it.   @archetypal_yuppie : I'm moving to downtown Seattle.    I think I'm going to spend the most on the bed / mattress since I'll take that with me when I move again to a new apartment / city. I've seen some decent looking ones on CB2 and Room & Board, but I don't know if there's better quality for similarish price range.    @otc : Thanks for the Karlstad recommendation. I'll check that out. I've had an...
Full disclosure that I am a design n00b to the nth degree. But I'm starting my first post-graduation job cross country and I'm given a relocation bonus of around $12.5k that I can spend however I choose. I'm opting to sell / ditch most of my college apartment furniture and start fresh instead of shipping stuff for way more than it actually costs. My new apartment is small (~650 ft^2) and I'm willing to use a significant portion of that money on big items (bed, couch, and...
I'm not worthy of how fantastic the last few pages have been. 
First post (and pic) in a looong time. Cold day on campus, but glad summer is over. I'm no match for the great pics posted the last while.   [[SPOILER]]
 With styleforum?
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