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  i say if you're aiming for subtle, first pair. Aiming to stand out a bit, 2nd pair. Both look nice, imo 1st pair easier to match with chinos
  nothing too fancy... a real poor man's watch haha
really admire the construction of these jackets... how's the fit when you're actively moving around ? comfy I hope
  do you plan on trying to fit a laptop or actual inside of it? if not, going rectangular would look more sleek and subtle IMO
From personal experience one thing I would recommend above all is to safeguard your passports and personal information when jumping country to country. Europe is not as goody-two-shoes as America and it's pretty wild out there so you have been warned!!   With that being said, I think 2 nights in small cities are good as you would want the most time in the larger areas. If you're studiyng in London then you should definitely take advantage of the locality. You can get...
I agree with how you said "Learn to play the game" and how, unfortunately, a man's image can be widely based upon his assets (female companion). But do you remember that saying.. "Give a man a fish, he shall eat for a day. Teach a man how to fish, he shall eat for a lifetime"???  Instead of wasting money to have some stranger next to you, go work up your game (Book - The Game) and be slick enough to pick up some attractive females. Trust me, this is a long term goal...
I know exactly what you mean, I was hoping for a pastel yellow - that would really bring out the indigo. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  I think you'd find an interest in Red Wings... check the link..
  do you know what measurement that is in? (inches, cenimeters etc) This link should help:   sounds like female waist size though.
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