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Greetings,   My name is Steve.  I'm one of the founding fathers of den.m bar, a Los Angeles based custom denim workshop.  Nice to meet everybody!   Cheers,   Steve
  Yeah we see a lot of guys in our shop with muscular/wide thighs and they end up buying bigger waist jeans to accommodate. But they hate it when it bunches the top of the jeans up at the waist. 
    If you go with a 10.5" front rise, yes, your jeans will sit higher on your waist a inch (pending they fit you in other areas and you're not sagging them). 
We're a little bit more pricey than N&F, ok well a lot more, but we can pull off pretty much any shape & style you want. After a year in business and just about every body size you can imagine, cutting & sewing solid denim is what we do bud...
Not to detract from the dining part of this thread, but want to highlight you can get a lot of shopping done now in DTLA. Kapsoul, Lab3, Wander Boutique, Suburban Riot (opening Spring), Pria Boutique, Buttons & Bows, you name it, all found within a 2 block area in the historic core of DTLA. Come check out the little guys when you guys get the chance!
Spot on! Such an accurate (hilarious) description.
Hey all, just wanted to let you guys know you can order online now through our site, www.denmbar.com. Yeah you can get cheaper custom jeans through a couple sites based in Pakistan and China but if you want American made denim using American or Japanese denim fabric, give us a shout!
A true, 100% bespoke denim service would cost north of $1000. We're talking several pattern iterations, several fittings and dozens of hours spent on just one pair and one customer. There was a good article in latest copy of Afar, about the editor's experience in Napoli. Even the custom suit makers there don't make their own trousers. They send it off to guys who exclusively do custom trousers/slacks. It's REALLY hard to do bespoke in multiple areas, with multiple types...
My love affair with denim started when I got my hands on a pair of Diesel Zathans. At the time I was wearing whatever I could find at Robinsons May or Macys. The thought of paying $200 (this is late 90's money fellas) for a pair of denim sounded absurd. But man, I rocked that pair through thick and thin until it was finally laid to rest a few years back. A really well constructed pair of quality denim is really worth its weight in gold. (If you could buy gold at 1990's...
Showrooming will not kill business, instead it's just another outlet for consumers to rate products and goods. I'm sure if the store owner were in the same situation he would do the same. It could go both ways however, per say if you are over pricing at your retail spot. We can all agree that overhead costs account for a portion of the price increase from b&m compared to online warehouses but for those who actually appreciate customer service and building rapport with...
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