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Hey guys Machus Portland has some naked & famous on sale right now. They are also offering a 15% off promo code: Easter. It is good towards saleitems as well. I just picked up some skinnyguy ducks for $108. 
Check out Azalea SF. They have 25% off going on for cyber Monday.
Try revolve clothing. they are out of california. They have promo codes and shipping is free both ways.
If i were you i would contact brandon directly at Naked & Famous. You can also try tate + yoko. Its his store in montreal.
I would def. recommend referencing blue owl workshop and tate & yoko for all naked & famous measurements.
Great thing about revolve is that they offer free shipping and return shipping so you can try a couple of different sizes and return the ones you dont need at no cost.
Code is tulip for a 10% discount.
Just wanted to give everyone a heads up on a great deal going on right now from revolve. They have big slubs on sale from $215 down to $151. Plus you can throw in a coupon code for another 10% off. I picked a pair up for $136.
Check out gilt. They have a few pairs of the high in nep. On super sale. Just google gilt naked famous.
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