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does anyone have any input on the fit of dalton boots compared to the park avenues? I wear 10.5 D park aves and they're great.
Hi everyone,   I just wanted to post about my experience with TAT. I met with Jason in August at his local tailor in San Gabriel. I received my suit in the mail about a month later. I got my suit pressed and ready to wear. After trying it on, something seemed off to me for the fit, but I really didn't know if that was normal because it was my first suit and I didn't know what to look for. Since then I really never had a need for the suit so I just let it hang in...
  thanks for the advice. i already have black PA and walnut strands. I love the strands, but my PA's get no love. its just such a formal shoe I have not needed them yet.   I was looking for a a shoe to compliment my strands but fill in the gap for merlot or brown. I had my eyes on the merlot mcallister and the brown fifth ave. what would you recommend?
How versatile are the black McAllisters? I wanted the merlot originally but it looks like I can get a good deal on the black pair. What do you guys think of the black wingtip? As far as suits I have a classic grey and a dark navy suit.
Hey guys,   I wear a 10.5 D(M) PA and Strand, what size would you recommend for the McTavish?   I was thinking of ordering on amazon a 10.5 D(M) and a 10 D(M) just in case since they have the free return policy.
actually i just called AE and asked, they said that is normal. sometimes the sizing info and shoe info is printed on the sides and sometimes its on the tongue. :)
hi all, I just recently got a pair of Strands from nordstrom and the label that is printed on the inside of the shoe is not on the side, it is on the tongue of the shoe. is this normal or is this a seconds shoe?
can you PM me info for merlot mcallisters size 10.5D and also neumora in brown. thanks
does anyone have any experience with the PASSAGE WOMEN'S BUSINESS TOTE? Style #73036   my gf is interested in it and I wanted to see if anyone had any feedback about it.
thanks for the input. this is what i thinking too. i'll probably wait for the next sale to get my AE's.
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