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I've recently re-discovered pull ups for strength conditioning.  I started with traditional pull ups.  no movement in the legs. pull chin up over the bar and then all the way back.  I managed about 7 and my lats were going nowhere doing this.  But somewhere along the way my pull ups increased in speed and repetition.  This resulted unintentionally in kipping pull ups.  Now my lats have gotten a much better workout.  I've pulled off 30 reps in one set breaking my youthful...
11.5 miles or 18.5 kilometers run/walk to the beach and back.  My endurance is awful so I only jogged < 50% of this. According to the gps/calorie app that is an 1100 calorie workout.  In the gym I can do this many calories in a lot less time if the calorie count is accurate.
It really is 1 calorie per pull up according to livestrong.com.  This thread comes up on top of livestrong's results probably because of the humor factor.   Do pull ups for strength/muscles not calorie burning.  Go cardio if you want that.  
New Posts  All Forums: