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It looks too big to me.
  NO, not at all !
  Blue chinos, Belt (same colour of your shoes), blue shirt.   This must be a joke...
Loro Piana, Angelico, Zegna 
  I'm working for Ernst & Young - Audit Services  
  Yes of course...I didn't bring everything but hopefully enough (specially for all my shoes)!   I realized after the first week here in Perth that Australian shopping is not exactly like Italian shopping 
Hello all,   I have not introduced myself to the group yet.   I'm Fabio, 28 years old, from Italy (Milan) and I just moved to Perth for a new job.   Cheers ! Fabio.
Milan is so close to Vigevano - the city of the shoes !   Bestetti - http://www.frecciabestetti.com/ Moreschi - http://www.moreschi.it/home.htm?lingua=eng - Factory outlet very very very cheap ! Gravati - http://www.gravati.it/inglese/home1.htm   and also so close to Parabiago where you can find the factory outlet of Fratelli Rossetti - http://www.fratellirossetti.com/en/Link/   If you have time, after all the shopping, just try to go to one of the...
HI all !   I'm Fabio - an Italian guy (28 years old) just moved to Australia ! I'm literally in love with:   - shoes (formal or dress shoes - especially bespoke shoes) - suits (Italian and English suits) - shirts (especially white collar and cufflinks) - blazers - jackets (especially Double Breasted)    Cheers Fabio.
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