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^^ I've felt that way about a few different OL items I have purchased (and returned) in the past year. Sometimes they nail the cut for me, however, with specific items like shirts, but yeah
Where are you guys landing on the new OL stuff? I guess it's not super forward thinking but a lot of this seems enjoyable: I like the drab Liner Jacket and that plaid Blouson
Here is a quick pic of the Standard Buttondown in denim in XL, for the purpose of sizing (I am actually 6'4). The shot won't depict this, but there's slightly more volume in the chest than previous Ervell cuts and it's longer overall in length and arm length. The shirt is also slightly lighter in weight than other Ervell denim shirts I have tried, which will make it wearable through spring temps. The denim will likely shrink some, so that is also something to account for -...
If this is at all helpful, I think that model on the PE site is like 6'3, which is taller than normal, but that particular sweater in question (if it's the Pocket Sweater) appears still more cropped than other seasons that I am familiar with. The other thing to consider is that the weave is slightly loose, I believe, so there will be some drape. Go TTS, I say -- or size up if you want a slightly oversized fit.
The measurements for the sweaters make them appear fairly cropped compared with prior seasons that I am familiar with - sum good deals on shirt{ing} and other things on the PE site rn. If anyone is curious, the Workshirts are fairly relaxed compared to other Ervell shirts that I own, which is nice. I picked up the Heather Gray Cotton Flannel (which is different in texture than it is represented on the site.) The cut is longer in length and slightly looser all around than...
^^Response to both of the above outerwear sizing inquiries is to size up, IMO.
-They are the Red Wing Postman shoe with a modification made by Ervell that features some type of windowpane treatment. (If you dig up one of the interviews with Nordstrom, he talks about it there.) I was obsessed with these shoes until I figured out they are pretty much designated for runway, with not much use value in an everyday context.
Are you happy with this one? I'm on the fence about the Ervs Duffle coat or just buying a Stutterheim - that tan version looks great btw
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