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Noted this earlier in the thread, but a lot of these items (e.g. knitwear, flannels, etc.) say that these items are PRE-ORDER and will 'usually ship 4-6 weeks after purchase.' I do not know what this means, because I have rarely noticed this before with designers which are not MTO, but that seems weird to me.
n e one see this jacket at their local COS or on a regional site? See new arrivals but not this. 
Noticed some items on the Ervell site have a preorder with 4-6 weeks wait for shipment - not sure if that is any type of correlative to when retailers will also receive FW things. That said some of the preorder shirts/ flannels are super-nice looking. 
Wrong. OL collections are always so large, it seems weird to claim the whole season is bad. 
All of the Hidden Zip Jackets from this season seem to have different measurements. I had found that I needed to size up one whole size in the HZ Jacket in Navy Silk. (Which I reviewed on this same thread like last week or something.) Meanwhile Colin at the OL store was super responsive in helping me determine which size I needed. His email address is also above. 
If you email Colin at the Our Legacy store, he has given me helpful information regarding OL sizing in the past: colin@ourlegacy.se
  Hey guys - on a bit of an OL tear lately. Ended up picking up the Hidden Zip in Navy Silk at sale, which I think a couple of people were asking about. The measurements varied from site to site, but Colin at the Our Legacy webstore confirmed that people were sizing up from their typical OL size on this particular garment because it runs slim. (Based on the measurements, it did not appear that slim-fitting to me.) I did end up sizing up, which was the right thing to do....
The first pic is probably best representative of the color of the pullover, and it is definitely fairly dark navy in color. The Artisan Lab Jacket that I own is from a couple of seasons ago - and you're right: it is constructed of more of a straight linen, I believe. The upshot to that particular fabric is that it is very breathable, as linen tends to be. I do still have some decent stacking on the arms.
Hey dudes - Got this OL SP Pullover in linen a couple of weeks ago and have been getting a lot of mileage out of it. Almost an impulse buy, which is unusual for me, but really enjoying this one. The linen is a bit more stiff than the OL Artisan Jacket I own in linen, but has a really nice hand feel and fits ideally. (Tried for a decent fit pic but came up short, sorry.) For reference I am about 6'4 and wearing a size 50.
OL Indigo Moleskin Jean Jacket (from AW 13?). Not sure how frequently these pop up, but would be willing to buy one from somebody used.   http://the-brandmag.com/products/men/our-legacy/306646-jean-jacket-indigo-moleskin
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