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7 is like xl, no?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/A-P-C-X-Carhartt-tee-AW-10-supreme-kate-moss-Acne-Large-Visvim-Margiela-balmain-/251844369893?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276   got to set your search dun.
Hey - I have the size 30 if you're interested. They were worn somewhat but not washed. 
APC Petit Standard in 30. Worn for a time and washed two times in a bathtub with Woolite Dark. Definitely a lot of life left in these. Length is 34.   Price includes CONUS Shipping.
Dooes anyone have thoughts on the Micro Tweed Crewneck Sweater? I was going to buy a sweat but meanwhile noticed this.
A.P.C. John Derbies in USA 11-Chestnut brown leather with crepe sole, brand new in box with A.P.C. shoe bag. Super nice, chunky derby shoe with the crepe sole. Fit is TTS, sold out most places.    http://www.apc.fr/wwuk/men/shoes/john-derbies_pFVAAE4HI/colour-dark-chesnut-brown_dBA00003082-BV00341917.html
Somebody jacked all the good sizes and then sold them on ebay for more than $300-I wasn't able to get one, but yeah: retail.
shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/special-projects/products/wings-horns-x-new-balance-fishtail-parka   What do you dudes think of the parka? I realize its the sans tartan version of the FW 13 Fishtail, but I'm into it.
There were some hanging out on Gilt and ebay for a long time, one week ago. 
Depends what season they're from. The best thing to do is take a garment that you like and measure it-all of the w+h measurements are on their page. (I think the current season one might fit a bit on the longer size.)
New Posts  All Forums: