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Probably asked a million times, but the shirt sizing, will XL fit like a dress? I'm kind of tall, and have been eyeballing one of the denim shirts which I can only find in XL now.
Yea - I actually really like the Carhartt jacket. If you decide to go for that one, be warned that a lot of the WIP stuff runs pretty slim. 
ohh - that's cool. wildly different aesthetic, but there's a Carhartt WIP Fynn model jacket in chambray which comes close.
Without getting into the semantics at hand, usually mentioning the term *Chargeback* elicits a quick response IME. (Never had a problem with the PE store.) 
I have past iterations of this coat from the fw season and beyond and can tell you that this is a fairly slim-fitting item. It does not look like the measurements have changed much, so I would advise you not to size down. The length of the coat is probably the larger concern, which you could always have tailored.  
7 is like xl, no?
http://www.ebay.com/itm/A-P-C-X-Carhartt-tee-AW-10-supreme-kate-moss-Acne-Large-Visvim-Margiela-balmain-/251844369893?&_trksid=p2056016.m2518.l4276   got to set your search dun.
Hey - I have the size 30 if you're interested. They were worn somewhat but not washed. 
APC Petit Standard in 30. Worn for a time and washed two times in a bathtub with Woolite Dark. Definitely a lot of life left in these. Length is 34.   Price includes CONUS Shipping.
Dooes anyone have thoughts on the Micro Tweed Crewneck Sweater? I was going to buy a sweat but meanwhile noticed this.
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