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Somebody jacked all the good sizes and then sold them on ebay for more than $300-I wasn't able to get one, but yeah: retail.
shop.wingsandhorns.com/collections/special-projects/products/wings-horns-x-new-balance-fishtail-parka   What do you dudes think of the parka? I realize its the sans tartan version of the FW 13 Fishtail, but I'm into it.
There were some hanging out on Gilt and ebay for a long time, one week ago. 
Depends what season they're from. The best thing to do is take a garment that you like and measure it-all of the w+h measurements are on their page. (I think the current season one might fit a bit on the longer size.)
Folk Taylor Woven Belt in size 32-34. Nice shape.    CONUS is 5.95
RC Hooded Jacket in Grey Melange Size Large. Super nice construction w/ massive zip. Slim Fit.    http://www.reigningchamp.com/close-up-heavyweight-hooded-jacket/   CONUS is 15.00
This guy reviewed one of the band collar shirts, in addition to some t-shirts and whatnot after the USA online store opened. Based on some of the fits posted, my initial impression of COS shirt[ing] is that it is at least TTS, and possibly a bit large. I have heard others here say different, but I'm not sure if they could be referring to specific cuts. (Also, the guy from the link is relatively smallish, if that helps at all.) 
You guys own this one? Looks like A.P.C.-just wondering about the fit. 
Is the color more black or grey?
Thanks dudes-gilt price is great, but my size is not represented. (Gilt model makes the parka look terrible, btdub.)
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