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Did you end up getting one of these? I mailed the webstore and recieved the measurements for size L, which are here: Sleeve (shoulder point to cuff end): 25.5"Front (shoulder neck point to hem): 30.25"Half chest: 22.75"Shoulder to shoulder: 18" Sounds like these might be running TTS, where they did not previously. (I think another comment related as much.)
Okk - thank you! That is what I needed to clarify. I guess you can determine that even by looking at that Zip Shirt being offered for the Spring/ Summer 2016 in those different materials.
Are you guys familiar with the fit of the Zip Shirt Jacket? IIRC it looked like some of the suede ones from this season and last were relatively slim-fitting, where you might want to size up, but correspondence with the webstore is saying it's more TTS. I'm looking at one of the non-suede ones.
What did they happen to have there, out of curiosity - and what were the prices like?
Ya'll probably on board, but the Tres-bien sale is live and has some good OL pieces.
I was on the fence about that garment. It's one of those melange pieces which you cannot figure out what is supposed to be, but I'd like to see a fit pic if you have one.
Has anyone gotten anything good recently? I ended up with the Raw Silk Shirt in Classic Fit and went TTS 50 - as recommended - but it still feels slightly oversized for me. Def glad I didn't size up to 52.
-So if you add specific items that you are interested in to your Wish List or Favorites, East Dane, I believe, will notify you when there's a price change.
I own a different pullover with the same fit and it comes slightly boxy but will fit TTS. The peculiar thing about the Black Teddy version is that it's fully lined with red nylon, which might be a matter of preference. (The OL product shots do not reveal this.)
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