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-So if you add specific items that you are interested in to your Wish List or Favorites, East Dane, I believe, will notify you when there's a price change.
I own a different pullover with the same fit and it comes slightly boxy but will fit TTS. The peculiar thing about the Black Teddy version is that it's fully lined with red nylon, which might be a matter of preference. (The OL product shots do not reveal this.)
Does anyone have a commentary on the fit of the Raw Silk Shirts? (It looks like they're all Classic Fit.)
Agreed, but it does beg the question of why specific designers webstores would not post the measurements for a two hundred dollar shirt? Given the vascillation of sizing in the past, the non existence of fit pics from other retailers, and the possible weeks wait time for some of these items I would probably steer clear of purchasing, too. Which sucks because there's more than one item I would be interested in buying.
Free shipping on the OL site dudes. Anyone get anything good recently? Kind of boring, but I got this Loop Light Sweat - prob going to get the Green Silk Shirt soon.
Has anyone tried the Workshirts in flannel from this season and comment on fit? 
Wings + Horns Shrunken Twill Mac Coat in Large - Unworn Mac Coat in Tan.    CONUS is $12.00
Here you go - that's an awesome piece btw. 
For sure: the Classic Green Shirt is oddly appealing.  Also really enjoyed the Reversible Bomber, though orange is not my color, either: 
If OL releases anything else in my wheelhouse this season there's a good chance I might have an accident in my pants. Would be all over any number of the SPLASH pieces. 
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