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SmartPost (sic) came in today, with U Sweatshirt (Crewneck); Long-Sleeve Tee and Sweatpants. The Sweatshirt, as others have noted, features a nice cut that has a bit of volume up top and tapers toward the waist. Mine has a little bit too much room where it tapers to the waistband, but the fit is not unlike the model represented on the USA site. Having recently returned an OUR LEGACY 50's Great Sweat, this item strikes me as being fairly decent for the price. Long-Sleeve...
^^^ Zzz - Just go to COS or Topman if you want a boring bomber in lieu of this repro shit.
The shipping is some type of Fedex equivalent to like Media Mail, called Smartpost. In all instances that I have experienced, FedEx will then pass off the parcel to USPS, which is a literal slow motion handoff that can take days. Essentially, the SS Uniqlo U will drop by the time your package reaches you.
Did not notice any of those things. (Apparently some of the colors are not 100% cotton, if that factors in.) Meanwhile, I always forget the standard shipping takes a comically long time to reach me from one state over - ordered from U and shipped the day after drop with a delivery estimate of this Saturday :/
Yoox sale, if ur looking. Edit: Srry I just wanted an excuse for posting the pic of the character from Transparent wearing that jacket.
Looks like a few things from U restocked in the online shop if you're looking. (Pullover sweats and a couple of the tees.)
I remember this happening last year, where people had ordered specific items that were ostensibly available at the Ervell Webstore and then were placed on a back order list. If you look at some of the popular stockists for Ervell (Opening Ceremony; Nordstrom, etc.), they aren't showing inventory for the current season, which leads me to believe that they have either dropped the designer or there is some type of lag in production.
I thought I remembered it fitting slim and long. (The measurements are on the U.K. site.)
Did anyone get anything cool at the sample sale?
Do you guys know, did END. or East Dane do a 25% Off sale around this time last year and do you think they'll do one again? (There's a couple of things I'm not sure if I should wait on.)
New Posts  All Forums: