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What do you guys think of the 2016 SPLASH Stuff? Kind of relieved I didn't see a lot I was super-into. Still crazy over the Army Green Suede Parka, in addition to some of the other SS items. Ended up picking up one of the Olivine Shirts which is pretty cool.
No, you are not off.
Aand, don't mention the exclusions.
Hey - I randomly came across this and just discovered this A KindĀ Of GuiseĀ jacket, which is similar to the one you want (or at least reminded me of the Dana one): http://www.tannergoods.com/collections/view-all/products/evora-jacket
I have asked this question in this thread and to the people at the OL Webstore and the word is TTS, while the suede Shirt Zips seem to run smaller in size.
Can't find that item but site is cool - the A Kind Of Guise collection looks really good ,,
1950's Black Denim Shirt in 50 at Rooney, with free shipping (I think) for $61.30 - pretty good deal if anybody's into it.
Nice looking site - unfortunate there's no reduced VAT.
Does anybody have another Tres-bien code they could pm me? I never received one.
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