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This guy reviewed one of the band collar shirts, in addition to some t-shirts and whatnot after the USA online store opened. Based on some of the fits posted, my initial impression of COS shirt[ing] is that it is at least TTS, and possibly a bit large. I have heard others here say different, but I'm not sure if they could be referring to specific cuts. (Also, the guy from the link is relatively smallish, if that helps at all.) 
You guys own this one? Looks like A.P.C.-just wondering about the fit. 
Is the color more black or grey?
Thanks dudes-gilt price is great, but my size is not represented. (Gilt model makes the parka look terrible, btdub.)
Yes, the one from last year.
ditto. If anyone is willing to proxy the Fishtail from FW 13 in large, let me know-w + h peeps said it's going to be there.
Lol @ less decent job keeping out rain. I still want one, but fishtails were designed specifically to keep out rain.
I would vote yes if you allow for stretch in the other pants you buy from J. Crew. (Probably would size down one from normal waist size.)
-I actually emailed about a parka from FW 13 and was told that it would be present at the factory sale next week but could not be sold to me directly. If anyone thinks they could set up a proxy that would be amazing. EDIT If you guys could also comment on the size of the Fishtail parka from last year that would be helpful-for some reason w + h does not have that info any more. Typically I have gone TTS but some of the outerwear items have left me wondering. 
Are any of you guys going to the factory sale in Vancouver next week and do they have good things at them?   EDIT: Oop-I fucked up: it's Nov. 7-9th. 
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