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-This is super random, but I'm actually selling the Dana piece in Sanded Denim rn, if you're interested. https://*****************/listings/979123-Dana-Lee-Leisure-Jacket
Free shipping at END. Free shipping offer applies to orders over the value of £30/€45/$80/AU$100/¥7,000. Offer is available for a limited time only.
Noticed the Yoox site had some OL at good sale, including the Cracked Linen Shirt in 52, which might be a standout. http://www.yoox.com/us/men/shoponline/our%20legacy_d
Couple of good deals on Ervell stuff at Nordstrom Rack sale, if you can get the sizing right: https://www.nordstromrack.com/brands/Patrik%20Ervell
Does anyone own A Kind Of Guise items and can you attest to quality/ fit? (Also, congrats to Other Shop for having terrible product shots - it's not helpful for me to determine the fit of a garment when the model has the shirt tucked into his high waisted trousers.)
New Ervs stuff on the site - it looks like the workshirts might have the same measurements as the previous year, but is the fit TTS, could somebody confirm?    https://patrikervell.com/collections/new-arrivals
Cool - I'm glad it worked out for you. For some reason I ended up thinking that the sleeves looked disproportionate to the way the collar sits and I couldn't get a sense of the fabric or fit, so I nixed it. Hope you scored a deal from NS.
When this hit the Suede Military Parkas in both colors were like $250 w/o VAT and sweatshirts and other shirts were like $50--$60, but a lot of the best stuff is now gone.
Not sure if shipping will be a deal breaker, but with code 10EXTRA you can get an addition 10% off sale stuff. https://caliroots.com/our-legacy-classic-shirt-1163ws/p/50550
Do you guys know how the Our Legacy Webstore sale rates? (I don't remember it from last year.) Also what kind of dips are there in terms of pricing?
New Posts  All Forums: