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Are you happy with this one? I'm on the fence about the Ervs Duffle coat or just buying a Stutterheim - that tan version looks great btw
If I wanted to buy one of the Stutterheim Jackets from Farfetch, should I buy it now or wait until tomorrow?
^^Just in case anyone was looking for the Corded Khaki Bedford Jacket, that item is represented.
Here are some quick pics of the UU Blocktech if anyone was on the fence about fit. It's on sale now for ~100 usd. I am 6'4/ Large.
Can anyone comment OL trainer Sizing/ quality?
Is there a code for Soto or it's already marked?
^^^Thx - Ended up springing for the UU Blocktech Parka which is on sale for 100 usd if you use the singles coupon. Prob just wear this as a beater jacket, but the Dark Green color reminds me of something Ervell would use. Ended being way more pleased with the UU stuff than I had imagined at the outset, so hopefully this will work out.
Should I buy one of these Blocktech Fleece things to wear to and from a gym or should I wait until next week for Black Friday - they're on sale at $30, but I'm cheap.     
 ^^^Yes. Followed up w/ Qlo yesterday about my return taking so long for an initial UU purchase. (In addition to them taking $$ for the return label, even though I did not use it.)
New Posts  All Forums: