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If you check back periodically or sign up for email alerts, they will have 25-30% off sales fairly often, however I think the suiting is excluded from the sale.
They should be the 45" 'Shoelaces for Chucks With Seven Eyelet Pairs'-in Natural. If you want them longer, I think you could probably get the 54", but my worked fine. They look less yellow in person than the way they're demonstrated on the site.  EDIT: Also selling my pair of size 280 GATs in fairly pristine condition w/ replacement laces for $90, if anybody wants in. I will gather some pics if anybody wants to PM. (Currently located in USA.) 
The measurements of the XL for the garment in question should fit an s-xs or very petite man. Sux bc that looks like the best piece to me. 
Dude I bought replacement laces which look like the mmm ones from this site here. The 'natural' look weird on the site but are pretty much what I was looking for on delivery. 
Can anyone comment on whether the jersey bombers might be worth buying at ~$50? 
Looks like the children's selection is still going strong via the Korea site re: kids don't gaf about HP/ HL collabs. (i.e. guess you got to stay up late.)
I think it does tomorrow. (What are you looking for, out of curiosity? I thought a couple of the bombers looked nice, but people are talking poorly about Qlo fleece on my subreddit.) 
Probably a total long shot, but WTB Folk Wool bomber in Size 4 or large.
You know that it's not a collab, right? Uniqlo just conveniently used the name PBJ to evoke interest. 
wings + horns Shawl Collar Cardigan Charcoal Large. Nice shape-this cardigan is made from the slubby, tiger fleece type material other w + h garments are made from and is super warm. Still tons of life left in this sweater.     *CONUS Shipping is reflected in price.
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