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-I've noticed, too, that if you see something in the sale section online which is not on sale in a J. Crew storefront, the SA will typically offer you the online sale price for that particular item, and sometimes give you a 'final sale price' (in which case the item would not be able to be returned). This enables you to often track down items you want which are not available in the sale section online but stores still have. I have gotten numerous items this way at low...
Do you have the measurements of the Black PNS? I cannot find them anymore online.
-I have a pair of the 484 Raw Selvedge. The cut, I think, is similar to APC PS or PNS, with less taper at the hem. The denim itself is thick and the jeans are nicely constructed. The pair I got were on sale, and people will argue that there is better denim at the price point, but I have definitely enjoyed my pair. (No official word yet on the fades, because I have not been wearing my pair every day, and I have not washed them.) 
J. Crew website now featuring product reviews. (Look out popover plaid shirts.) Will you dudes be posting reviews of your fav J. Crew items or is does this thread operate in the same way? From the ones that I have read, it looks like quite a few bad reviews are already accumulating re: Slim-Fit Tees and re: Slim-Fit Henley.     EDIT: Somebody really does seem to like the 484 Raws however, and though it might be tantamount to treason, I have to agree with this person. 
haaa. thought I was giving you the sweet hook up. 
You could probably qualify this statement with, 'staple items are boring to me'. Alternately, one might say, 'The American workwear tradition is becoming tired to me.' It seems difficult to be inventive within that niche, when the reference point is becoming so prominent. I am interested to know what brands you dudes are into, or if designers which do similar things as J. Crew, like Battenwear or RRL, among others, are possibly more inventive to you?  
Why? Popular interpretation of J. Crew among peeps I know is that they produce good quality basics at a decent price on sale. I think this still holds true. Possibly you have just evolved beyond it. 
Either way, the w + h fishtail is a gem. Liked the Carhartt as much because it actually reminds me of a w +h piece. 
Thing is that warm? I bought the Carhartt Clash bc I lacked faith in the w + h fishtail, and it's dope. 
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