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Lol @ less decent job keeping out rain. I still want one, but fishtails were designed specifically to keep out rain.
I would vote yes if you allow for stretch in the other pants you buy from J. Crew. (Probably would size down one from normal waist size.)
-I actually emailed about a parka from FW 13 and was told that it would be present at the factory sale next week but could not be sold to me directly. If anyone thinks they could set up a proxy that would be amazing. EDIT If you guys could also comment on the size of the Fishtail parka from last year that would be helpful-for some reason w + h does not have that info any more. Typically I have gone TTS but some of the outerwear items have left me wondering. 
Are any of you guys going to the factory sale in Vancouver next week and do they have good things at them?
WTB COS Jersey Bomber from last spring in Blue or Grey (Large.) 
Check grailed for Rick Owens, Our Legacy, and others. (See these there all the time.)
If you check back periodically or sign up for email alerts, they will have 25-30% off sales fairly often, however I think the suiting is excluded from the sale.
They should be the 45" 'Shoelaces for Chucks With Seven Eyelet Pairs'-in Natural. If you want them longer, I think you could probably get the 54", but my worked fine. They look less yellow in person than the way they're demonstrated on the site.  EDIT: Also selling my pair of size 280 GATs in fairly pristine condition w/ replacement laces for $90, if anybody wants in. I will gather some pics if anybody wants to PM. (Currently located in USA.) 
The measurements of the XL for the garment in question should fit an s-xs or very petite man. Sux bc that looks like the best piece to me. 
Dude I bought replacement laces which look like the mmm ones from this site here. The 'natural' look weird on the site but are pretty much what I was looking for on delivery. 
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