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From shoulder-to-shoulder, this shirt measures 18"; armpit to armpit, approximately 23"; and total back length of garment, from beneath the collar is around 29". The widest part of the sleeve is also just over 8". As pointed out above, these measurements are after having soaked the shirt in cold water, which did slightly change the dimensions. (I did not measure beforehand.) I also do not know how soaking a denim shirt might differ from the regular garments, made of...
Ended up getting the Ervell Denim Shirt in XL - on someone's advice here. (Thank you.) Very pleased with this purchase. For reference on sizing, I am about 6'4, and plus ~200. The shirt did reduce in size very slightly when soaked in cold water, but I guess that I wanted it to. Seems like it will take on one's form with repeated wear. 
^^ Jacket is completely fine, if not a bit long in the arms/ off the shoulders. Definitely do not size up.
-These are super cool. You need to get them on ebay (or grailed) before you lose monies.
about a half size large.
J. Crew MacAlister in USA 10 - w/o box. Really great shape item - worn to work a couple of times before realizing they were a bit small.    CONUS is $10
J. Crew 484 Japanese Selvedge in Raw Indigo - 30x34. Retail is $225. Similar cut to APC PS.    http://i.imgur.com/tZ3HTss.jpg   http://i.imgur.com/g8j2y0b.jpg?1   http://i.imgur.com/HeotlQJ.jpg?1   http://i.imgur.com/TW4DG7a.jpg?1   CONUS is $7
WTB: Ervell Denim Shirt w/ club collar from a couple of seasons ago. (L-XL)     http://www.openingceremony.us/entry.asp?pid=7939
Probably asked a million times, but the shirt sizing, will XL fit like a dress? I'm kind of tall, and have been eyeballing one of the denim shirts which I can only find in XL now.
Yea - I actually really like the Carhartt jacket. If you decide to go for that one, be warned that a lot of the WIP stuff runs pretty slim. 
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