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    first real post on the board, aware that i need new gloves
Has anyone had any experience skiing in the regular down jackets? I feel like 1 or 2 layers of thermal underwear + the jacket could be enough to ski in, but I'd hate to be on the mountain and realize I'm freezing my nuts off too late.
I guess that's just what you get with raw denim. I must say though, those combs are still coming along quite nicely.
Hey, noob here.   I've been wearing my E2 SGs for a few weeks now and I'm in love with them. However, on the combs there appears to be a bit of odd "cracking" (hard to describe). It's more prominent on one leg than the other but I can see one forming on the other leg. I haven't soaked them (Trying to keep them stiffer for higher contrast fades.) so perhaps that has something to do with it. Would spraying the back with a bit of water help? If not, no big deal, that's...
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