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NEW! MTO Ticker's Long Wings   Paid 680.00 Last, 81. UK Size 7, fitting 5. US Size 7.5 Colour, Two Tone as follows; Toe Cap and Facings in Black MC Calf, Wholecut Vamp and Tongue in Black Scotch Grain Calf. Lining, Natural Calf Lining. Eyelets, Brass Eyelets. Laces, Black Waxed Laces. Welt, Barbour Welt in Natural Finish. Sole, Dainite Sole in Black.     Additional photos available upon request!
My apologies. What forum should I have posted in? 
Up for sale are a most excellent pair of MTO Tricker's Long Wing Brogues. I wore these for about 2 hours, the fit is a about 1/2 size to large for me. The are a UK 7, US 7.5. Paid 700.00 +, offered at 530.00 with free...
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