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I wish I had the balls to wear that outfit, so ridiculous but I love it. 
Hender Scheme Peir Wu Fabric: 55% Cotton 27% Ramie 15% Rayon 3% Linen Outlier
Nope, glad I went with the medium the small would of been really tight. The aviator was shoved in my mailbox less then 10 minutes from the picture also, it needs to settle.They insist on black dress pants and the Peir's are what I have, any plain shoes with closed toe are allowed. Wore black jeans the second day and my boss was not happy.
Me too, but I have to wear tailored pants for work.
Ervell / Velva Sheen / Peir Wu / Acne [[SPOILER]]
The drape is really unappealing, I don't understand why they use it "maybe profit margin is really good" but I think the regular model pants are anything but heavy. 
LOL. I cant recall the name of the shop, but I just used fromjapan to search for the cap, one came up and I ordered it with sutocorp proxy.
^I just bought the last one from rakuten in white, there is a brown one available though.
This was worn a couple times no defects, or stains, etc. Light grey mix and purple are the most rare colors out there so don't pass this up if you want it.    The color is a light version of the concrete mix, instead of blacks and dark greys this has white and light grey.     Measurements from...
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