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Dumb price on these! Anybody who was held one of Peir Wu's garments in hand - they know. Selling another piece of my Peir Wu collection. These pants are amazing - I am sure you can tell by the pictures. The material is double-sided heavy cotton, it feels extremely similar to broken in selvedge. I have worn these a good amount of times, and there is no flaws except at the cuffs there is marks from my black dress shoes, they can only be seen if you are looking up the leg....
DESCRIPTION BRAND NEW! Really nice piece from Zara not far off SLP quality besides the zipper being shitty "easily replaced" this jacket is fire. Chest 21 Length 28 Shoulders/sleeve - raglan Paypal only Add $7 for USA and $20 for Canada
BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN, NEVER TRIED ON. Fits US11 Guaranteed to go with every outfit! Priced to sell. If you find an available pair cheaper that are new let me know ill beat the price. Brand new, never worn, never tried on. They were backups since I love them so much but I need some funds for more clothes! No sense in having two pairs of the same colored boots at this time. Fyi - they hold up really good to abuse. Come with everything just like new. 
Almost sold out at...
If anybody has a new pair of grey skittles size 30 for sale, msg me.
Damnit must of clicked the link to the A.P.C thread again.
Think of the coolest bag you can and then look at this - its probably what you pictured, if not you dont know what a cool bag looks like. Construction and details on this bag are ridiculous! SA? Message for shipping price. ADD $20/shipping in USA
Brand new in box all black Hender Scheme AF1's. Dope f**king shoes! Size 4 fits 10.5 - 11 ADD $20/shipping in USA Outside USA? Message for shipping price.
Not sure if I want to let these go. :/ Beautifully constructed shoes - materials are top notch and colors are great. Worn out once - no flaws. Will be shipped in original box. Outside USA? Message for shipping price.
Edit 5/21/16 - FREE SHIPPING IN USA FOR NOW Size Large fits Medium. Brand new asphalt bomber from JE.
I really want the white blazer that was worn on the runway. The blazer reminds me of Wings + Horns terry blazers - I always liked them when I saw them online but in person they look awful.
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