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@mr-y Good to see you on here. Was wondering if you'll ever use this fabric again, looks amazing, really would love to own this piece.
Dig this, its like some technical visvim.   https://instagram.com/p/sz-BXBF5H5/embed/
Yea the cutout will only look good on dark leather. How do you like the gold color of the iPhone 6, I had to return mine for the black because it was such a more yellowish shade/tone then the 5s.
Vaja cases are a lot better then Calypso. 
Damn, didnt know SF had a Visvim thread!    BTW, anybody has a Visvim leather jacket size 2 or 3 and wants to sell let me know.
Visvim brown selvedge jeans, quality always amazes me.     Little things   - Had to return the gold iPhone 6, not the same gold as the 5s a little to bright for me. Bought the black and it already shipped somehow.    B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel     Warby Parker eyewear  
I dont look good in black leather.
Interested in this, any experience with Rick stooges? size is small and I have 37" chest not sure if it will fit.  
Does everybody look fat in the clover?       
@gdl203 Price on that clover? or do we have to wait?   Hope its not overly cropped.
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