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Damn, didnt know SF had a Visvim thread!    BTW, anybody has a Visvim leather jacket size 2 or 3 and wants to sell let me know.
Visvim brown selvedge jeans, quality always amazes me.     Little things   - Had to return the gold iPhone 6, not the same gold as the 5s a little to bright for me. Bought the black and it already shipped somehow.    B Triple C Facial Balancing Gel     Warby Parker eyewear  
I dont look good in black leather.
Interested in this, any experience with Rick stooges? size is small and I have 37" chest not sure if it will fit.  
Does everybody look fat in the clover?       
@gdl203 Price on that clover? or do we have to wait?   Hope its not overly cropped.
I have a fair amount of Visvim pieces and it seems the only thing Visvim goes with is more Visvim.Ugghhh, my wardrobe is two vastly different styles I think I need to decide what style I want to wear and just sell the rest. 
Visvim Pants, but in black  
Selling this so cheap to just get rid of it since I bought the iPhone 6.    Phone shows signs of use such as: dent in bottom right corner, mark on top band, and some wear around back from the case rubbing. Screen is really good no scratches that will are noticeable unless under a bright light.    Whats included  iPhone 5 in White  cable power adapter  box   $5 for shipping in USA / add 4% for paypal fee.  *Will ship international but you will pay full cost, pm me...
Damn, the bomber is really nice, think i'll wait for sales. Googled it and its sold on zappos? really?
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