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Nope, I also read reviews of people not getting there money back at all. I already notified my bank of the situation just in case.
Wonder if JE made revolve change the prices of the black friday sale? All pieces are now just a dollar off.
Well they wouldnt restock the items until they cancel. If you get shipping notification then your good.
Doubt your order will go through, a lot of people have had this happen to them according to reviews online. Revolve didnt even bother to hold my items either. Just sent me an email stating it was canceled, they also put the products back up instantly so keep an eye on your email you may have to reorder using paypal.
Did you get shipping confirmation? I placed a order over 2k and they emailed me back saying im to at risk to accept. So I had reorder everything using paypal.
Grabbed a flannel rider from revolve for 10 bills. 1 left in large!
Can't seem to find any comparison pictures on here. Will post fit pics once it comes in though.
6 ft 153 pounds. About same body type as JE models and they wear a medium "as we all know" but it looks short in the arms on all of them and fairly tight in the body. I like it fitted but I do't want to look like I am wearing my girlfriends jacket.
Anybody have a picture of themselves in a large rider? Jacket seems so tight on everybody so I sized up when I ordered last night. Contemplating on ordering a medium also to see which fits better.
It's not, the code is in the advertisement picture you get by email signup. 
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