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I don't know why there is so much static once uploaded   MMM T by Wang APC x Sophnet Guidi
Yea. They look really nice irl they have yellow, white, blue and red threads throughout a plum/grey wool. 
Yea the angle sucks, as I do at taking pictures. Posted a side shot, maybe a better view. 
   [[SPOILER]]   AcnePeir Wu x2Guidi
Jason Markk cleaner and brush, shit works wonders. 
brand recommendation?
What should I use to condition my Guidi boots, reverse kangaroo "suede-like" in white? I cleaned them recently and it was the best choice I ever made; they shrank perfectly and all the wrinkles that were in the leather are gone. They just seem a little dry now. 
Sold! Price was so good for this, should of bought it. 
First cop in months, been away from this site for so long ...time to be broke.    MMM
This was worn out around 5 times, just like new. Retail is $800, cant find these on sale in this size or even a larger sizes. Fits a true M, can layer and layer either way since the blazer is actually shelled like a human body so there is no constriction.  MATERIALS: Wool face with a cotton jersey backer  DESIGN: The Haedn Blazer takes cues from classic blazer styles but increases the versatility and visual appeal with a performance enhancing material mix. The known...
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