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If I buy that pink rider would I really wear it? Hmmm. Thats the two thousand dollar question I need to think about until Tuesday.
[[SPOILER]] Definetly some of the best fitting pieces I have seen on this thread, so many people wearing shit just way to tight. Im in-between on that cardigan though, I like it but it kind of reminds of what my 70 year old Aunt used to wear to work everyday. She had a shit ton them, never matched and always had candy with no wrappers in her pockets and some used tissues.
Yep. Some hoodies, jeans, and shoes now have this heavy metal saint laurent text on them. The jeans are discreat so far for this season and I kind of dig it.
SLP has some nice stuff but when it comes to pricing of hoodies, knits, etc JE is way cheaper. Example $790 for a pullover.  I been stacking on pounds like crazy and had to sell all my JE denim and with the new styles and pricing SLP denim is what I will be updating my wardrobe too, maybe some Dior.    Was cleaning out some boxes and found a few tags, this was stored from months ago so most likely only half the tags I have. Started ditching them once they came with no...
Was going to buy those Airforces the model is wearing the other day. Good I didn't because they look huge!
Pretty cool this thread exists!   What I have... The Cast 2's in White Skittles 31, Spring 30 (first batch - less dirt marks)  Leather Puffer - 3 White Kake - 3 (Elastic triangle cut out)    I will bundle items for a better price. Most items listed are posted on my profile.
I still would love some info as to when and where the Nikes are dropping.
My pair has barely any, very subtle.
Everybody has an opinion though so try them out, you like them -- then keep em'. 
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