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I just bought a pair of Guidi desert boots in reverse kangaroo, what should I specify exactly for the cobbler to do to add a layer of viabram? Is there a white layer viabram I could get also.
Anybody know where I can get these for cheaper then $1300. www.mrporter.com/en-us/mens/guidi/leather-chelsea-boots/479887
When does ln-cc release there 20% off coupon?
Leather?! Its all about the wool son.
Do you know how much it sold for?
Looking for a pair of Guidi 992 906T, ill be interested in reverse calf black also.    Pay asap and pay for shipping. Shoes must be like new condition. 
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Yep, they could do without some of the complete garbage they sell, such as off white, shitty adidas collabs, etc. 
TBS is a hit and miss each season, everyone knows that. Nevertheless they have nice pieces here and there for great deals. 
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