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MMM     Sophnet x APC   Saturdays 
Feit makes top quality shoes. I got a pair of leather slip ons that are amazing, and had a pair of trainers that were just as nice ...I like them a lot because they fit my feet really-really well so take that into consideration. Ohh yea, and I had the Outlier colab which were well made also just not as nice as the rest. 
That's odd for them to do a % off. They must be releasing a new model. Where did you get the code? 
Barney's order arrived today, never got a shipping confirmation. 
Seconds? if so, yes.
Fok, you should incorporate a size filer in B&S like the one on selfedge.com now uses for jeans.
You still have them? I need some casual slip ons.
Also ebay gave me a $20 coupon that expires on 6/30, dont know if everybody would receive one or not.
Thats to deep for me.
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