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Not only with Ambrosi but with many local tailors in Naples the rule is simple; just don't focus on exact fitting or delivery times. Let the process go on, it may take 2 months, 3 months etc. The guy may say he will ship your pants/suit in september but don't get pissed off if you don't receive it in September you may receive it in October or November or even maybe December. This is the golden rule. Given the structure of tailoring business it's 100% normal that the guy...
 I think it really depends on fabric & color combination. Recently i saw some kind of purple in W Bill tweed and Schofield & Smith English wool collection, both are very interesting (not very bold, in any case not shiny and remains on traditional side) that i will buy a jacketing of both to keep at home.
There's no such thing as a bespoke suit at a price tag of EUR 700 in Europe, no way.. The cheapest you can find is in south of Italy (Naples, Sicily etc.) but still it's not that cheap.
I have this issue (rolls) with some of my jakets. Recently when i had fitting with my sicilian tailor i had the same issue during the first fitting and i asked him the reason of this and he told me that the jacket is too wide at some point so it makes these rolls. He corrected it for the second fitting. But it's true that on some of my jackets (from some other tailors) it's not corrected... The back of your suit is pretty bad for a bespoke suit and at this point it's not...
Anybody here had experience with Schofield & Smith cloth ? Any opinion on the quality ? Thanks
Yes, the jacket is from Solito as well
well i am relatively new in bespoke, a couple of jackets and some suits. I am still exploring new styles; i will try a sicilian tailor in a couple of months and Liverano in Florence. So far in Naples i tried 3 tailors but satisfied only the work of Solito. He's a great tailor and very nice person.
This one is from Solito (very recent)     And this is the jacket from my last trip:
I confirm
 Very nice, especially the blue one. From which merchant is this fabric ?
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