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zag73, Solito is a great tailor and there's absolutely no problem with reliability if you flight to Naples. I know that Luigi is also coming to London but i've no idea how regular he's coming. Solito is also one of the nice tailor to deal with in Naples.
I was expecting much cheaper than that actually but maybe for store price it's normal
WeakMonday, price of cloth was 180 EUR per meter ?
 I didn't try Paone but based on photos i had two conclusions- the work is not very neapolitan, it may be soft but very different from from other tailors that i tried. It's not a bad thing but different.- results are very different; some stuff looks really good and some bad
I didn't know that somebody is following my posts so actively to retrieve posts in different threads... Keep in mind that i took some weight aftet Solito coat is done. Personnaly i like much more Solito coat than Musella. Photo is just photo, important thing is how you feel when you wear them.
I do not know your stories with Solito but both Gennaro and Luigi are very nice people and one of the most honest tailors in Naples.
Luigi Solito is going regularly to London and he also has many clients in other cities in Italy, in particular the north of Italy; i've talked to him a couple of weeks ago, i think his business is doing quite good. I do agree with you regarding making ad-hoc visits, from a tailor's perspective i don't see any reason to do so given that going to US costs more from all side; more monetary cost, longer & tiring travel etc. Going London is much more easy; cost, travel,...
Isaia sold, RLPL dropped to only 275.
I have the green one in bottom; porter harding; as jacket only. Keep in mind that it's very heavy&hard&densely woven cloth. Thornproof from porter harding makes excellent suit.
I definitely prefer soft jackets. But keep in mind that this is not only related to shoulders but also canvas used in the suit. The Giacca napoletana have a soft canvas in chest. I have jackets from Milano and Sicily, their canvas is different and has more shape. Shoulders are another story. During one of my fittings i tried with and without shoulder paddings and you really feel the difference.
New Posts  All Forums: