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price dropped to $ 395
Selling this almost like new Zegna Milano Fit sport coat. There's no issue to report and it has been worn not more than 10 times overall. It's a very versatile check with some browns, green and light blue windowpanes.   Shouleder: 18.25" Chest: 20.5" Sleeves: 25" Length boc: 30.25"
Good luck...
I am selling a bespoke Solito suit, yes bespoke suit. It was one of my first bespoke and now i need some place so selling this one. The suit is a double breasted, soft tailored with double pleat pants. It's in more than decent condition, nothing to notice really, it's like new. The cloth is from VBC and it's kind of medium weight, from the book called Blazon. The color is medium blue, it's a good complementary to navy suit. I am kind of regular guy so nothing strange on...
I am selling these two VASS shoes, they are in decent condition, in particular F last is worn no more than 10 times. I am selling both together because of shipping cost. They come with shoe trees and shoe bags. I have no more boxes.
I have many Solito coats and pattern matching is just perfect. In fact among 4-5 tailors i used in Naples, Solito seemed to me the best pattern matcher. However i can also confirm that the handwork on Solito coats are almost the worst i had in Naples. Hand stitching is not great, it's not point ... but really ---, button holes are not done carefully. The worst is even buttons are not solid which is a real and practical problem... Overall handwork is not great but it's...
used both Ambrosi and Cerrato...Even on quality of fit/cut/finish Marco is much better. If you include price into equation difference is just huge, very huge
I met Antonio in Naples. He's a very nice guy and the shoes are really great...For delivery times i can not comment but i had no issue. If you discuss with him i am sure he can arrange if it's possible. Also keep in mind that if you send him an e-mail he replies very quickly (which is unusual in Naples...) So far i received only test shoes but they are far better than my Vass shoes or CJ shoes. I ordered MTM but Antonio took my measurements so they fit really great.
I am selling this VASS, F Last, in oxblood color. As you can see it's a double monk model. I think these shoes has been worn no more than 15 times... It has still tons of life. It will come with original shoe trees and shoe bags. I also has another VASS U Last in sale, in case of purchase of both i will do 20% reduction. Price includes shipping to EU an US. For other locations let me know i will let you know final cost depending on shipping...
Price dropped to $325... I am also adding another VASS but in F last. 20% less in case of purchase of both.
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