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I am selling these two VASS shoes, they are in decent condition, in particular F last is worn no more than 10 times. I am selling both together because of shipping cost. They come with shoe trees and shoe bags. I have no more boxes.
I have many Solito coats and pattern matching is just perfect. In fact among 4-5 tailors i used in Naples, Solito seemed to me the best pattern matcher. However i can also confirm that the handwork on Solito coats are almost the worst i had in Naples. Hand stitching is not great, it's not point ... but really ---, button holes are not done carefully. The worst is even buttons are not solid which is a real and practical problem... Overall handwork is not great but it's...
used both Ambrosi and Cerrato...Even on quality of fit/cut/finish Marco is much better. If you include price into equation difference is just huge, very huge
I met Antonio in Naples. He's a very nice guy and the shoes are really great...For delivery times i can not comment but i had no issue. If you discuss with him i am sure he can arrange if it's possible. Also keep in mind that if you send him an e-mail he replies very quickly (which is unusual in Naples...) So far i received only test shoes but they are far better than my Vass shoes or CJ shoes. I ordered MTM but Antonio took my measurements so they fit really great.
I am selling this VASS, F Last, in oxblood color. As you can see it's a double monk model. I think these shoes has been worn no more than 15 times... It has still tons of life. It will come with original shoe trees and shoe bags. I also has another VASS U Last in sale, in case of purchase of both i will do 20% reduction. Price includes shipping to EU an US. For other locations let me know i will let you know final cost depending on shipping...
Price dropped to $325... I am also adding another VASS but in F last. 20% less in case of purchase of both.
I also have some stuff from them. Wool mohair suiting, one of jacketing above pictured. I have one summer jacketing which is really nice (wool mohair silk linen) they are all very nice. I find quality of cloth superior than Harrisons...
zag73, Solito is a great tailor and there's absolutely no problem with reliability if you flight to Naples. I know that Luigi is also coming to London but i've no idea how regular he's coming. Solito is also one of the nice tailor to deal with in Naples.
I was expecting much cheaper than that actually but maybe for store price it's normal
WeakMonday, price of cloth was 180 EUR per meter ?
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