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Except he can't control who puts stuff for sale or not. It's prime weather right now for leather jackets.
why are the wallets so hype? arent zip wallets just annoying because there's the extra step of unzipping it to get the credit card?
Anyone got recommendations for places to get birthday cakes in the city? In the past I've gone to magnolia but I want to try a diff place this time
Is it possible to do a run of these in navy or grey?
From the email: "We'll be showcasing our Spring / Summer lineup, will have a few great made-to-order offerings, and will have some great deals on current season samples." Any info on what the deals on current season samples are and are ppl who can't make the trunk show get in on that?
Clowney with watt would be nice I'd say Houston not draft a qb and get other pieces while also tank for mariota or Winston next year. As fun as it was watching manziel tear college defenses, I'm not sure he is the answer
So I've been told four in hand and a cutaway collar is a no go Here is a pic of four in hand knot and a cutaway collar Opinions? Is it better to tie it with bigger knot or is this fine?
What's the cheapest place to carry acronym? Union and bodega seems to be the only us retailers and they don't seem to stock small in all items Is ordering direct or from one of the stores in Europe the cheapest?
I'm currently an undergrad interning at a F500 and there are times where I have no work to do. I ask around the team that I work with if they need help but sometimes there's nothing for me and I don't want to ask constantly since it will just annoy them. I also don't want to look like I'm slacking either. I bring some schoolwork or just browse sites like wsj, espn, and other news sites but is there anything that those of you in full time do during the downtime for work?
New to meermin and I placed an order a few hours ago and got a confirmation email and then just recently got another email saying status has changed but when I log on, there's nothing different. Just says order introduced into system How exactly do I pay for the shoes? Via paypal or cc?
New Posts  All Forums: