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I'm looking for pants that either have ribbed cuffs or a small leg opening or zip close so leg opening is small. Preferably a bit loose on the upper part and has aggressive taper. Also want like a sweatpant material but not sweatpants if you know what i mean. I basically want a fabric that can stretch a bit and is wearable year round. Anyone have suggestions?
 in for rustling jimmies 
What do you guys use to care for the leather jackets? Is saphir renovateour ok? And should I just put it on and let it dry or is there anything else I should do for the leather?
Any recommendations for food places near the les store? Planning to visit later in the week when Kamigatas arrive. Don't want anything fancy with waiters etc, just want to sit down somewhere for a quick bite. Also, any decent bars around the area?
Do you guys ever have sales on EG shoes? Been wanting the galway but too much for me at retail
Should I even bother watching the game sunday or am I better off doing GoT
Can the buttero side zips work with suits or should I not even bother
This series isn't going 7. Won't be as good as last years either.
Idfnl is the type of boss no intern wants to have
Greg- do you have the length, height and width of the calabrese 1924 suede and leather duffel bag? Also, is this bag going to be restocked as it sells out or is it once it's gone, it's gone forever? I don't need a duffel bag right now but that leather and suede combo is hard to resist
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