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Posts by foxpar Weekday...Have one, its ok for what it is. Similar to the Cheap Monday stuff, also from Sweden. Acne should go on sale soon, probably wanan waite for a Snake?
  Jeans are personal, I definetly agree. I have an Acne Roc Soft Raw (2% Elasthane), which was in the machine quite often and even made it to the dryer some times (shrinks elasthane models pretty well). I still have some fades, they are just more blurry (some very good cell-phone fade though) and honeycombs are hard to get like this. So if you have that Selvedge model you want to get crazy fades out just do less washes and it will already influence the result. I think its...
Raf Simons and Maison Martin Margiela both have recently had belts that do not have any buckets and the Raf belt was even closed using velcro, so I think this argument isn't quite valid ;) (Agree on the "H" and "LV" buckle part tho). Such a belt might substantially upgrade your outfit and will not interfere in terms of being "bulky". About the belt loops: There are pants that can easily be worn without a belt even tho they have belt loops (and it can still look great, as...
  ...Myikta x Moncler will certainly not disappoint in that regard! ;)
Agree that maison de sacs site isnt anything great, but i checked and the store in Leicester seems to exist. They also have a Facebook page that looks legit, maybe they just wanted to save the ressources for a decent e-shop. Free Worldwide shipping sounds tempting.  
Vents stress the masculine silhouette, making your back look a bit longer I'd say. Apart from that they creat the dynamic that is essential for a blazer, as the garment's movements are supposed to be an extension of your body's. I would definetly not go without vents, the item would be something entirely different.  
I think the only reputation damged by another thread would probably have been your own, Louis Vuitton invented modern luggage. Thanks for the entertainment tho.
If you dont already own one I think a New Wayfarfer would certainly be an option, the smaller one, 32mm width i think. Mykita's Carlos might also appeal.  
Anyone experiences with Eastpak X Kris van Asche? Is it the usual Eastpak quality, just with certain design attributes and probably different materials or is their any significant difference in the quality of the pieces? Thanks for any answers!
I mean just consider it: You just bought a wallet. Okay, its an expensive wallet. Fine, it has sentimental value. Still, there are few firms who would deal that patiently with a customer "fighting" over something as marginal as a billfold. Rather spend the energy and money on getting Damien Hirst to plastinate that very wallet. That will make for a piece emphasising the sentimental value in an unsurpassed manner. :)   About the canvas: Until two minutes ago I would...
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