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Amazing! Is this made to Aurum specification? 
Also a huge thanks for the very comprehensive comparison of sizes! 
I own a pair of MH71 in 7.5F and i've tried on a 8E which also fits well, although a bit less snug, so it may well be true. 
I might have frased that poorly, was in a bit of a rush. What I meant was that G&G should either offer a refund or a substantial discount on this faulty pair, if the customer wishes to keep them, as a sign of good faith and in interest of preserving the customer relationship.  
That should warrant some substantial financial compensation from G&G in my opinion. 
COME ON!! I mean that's just plain unfair! To much awesomeness! 
More pictures please 
I would say it depends on how tightly the upper is lasted... In general my shoes tend to stretch a bit. 
Someone say croc suede loafer?! These two were in their new store when I was there last week:) see my Instagram for more pictures of the store, it was stunning!
So what is the correct term? 
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