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  @Leaves, any plans on restocking EG Beaulieu in Burgundy Antique? Also I think it used to be on your stock list for EG but I couldn't find it there now, guessing that means the MTO fee would apply if I needed to order it myself (i.e. if you're not restocking) 
Stunning shoes, not my cup of tea but stunning none the less! 
If the shoe is half as amazing as the name then I want it!!!!!!!
Amazing! Is this made to Aurum specification? 
Also a huge thanks for the very comprehensive comparison of sizes! 
I own a pair of MH71 in 7.5F and i've tried on a 8E which also fits well, although a bit less snug, so it may well be true. 
I might have frased that poorly, was in a bit of a rush. What I meant was that G&G should either offer a refund or a substantial discount on this faulty pair, if the customer wishes to keep them, as a sign of good faith and in interest of preserving the customer relationship.  
That should warrant some substantial financial compensation from G&G in my opinion. 
COME ON!! I mean that's just plain unfair! To much awesomeness! 
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