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THIS is what I will be ordering! but probably suede number 8.
Does this mean you won't be stocking the Beaulieu any more?
@Leaves How different is chestnut compared to cedar? Am I right in thinking it's considerably lighter? Need to try to convince myself that I need this shoe as well as the vintage cedar Cambridge I already picked up from you  Any plans on doing a preorder for a St James II in a more business colour, e.g. vintage rioja, vintage Oak?
Just picked up a pair of Carmina Grain/Calf Balmoral Boots, saw that they already sold out in most sizes after only being online for a few hours! Must be one of the more popular models all time, been around for years and still sells out stupidly fast. Glad I managed to order them on my phone at work  On that note I must congratulate @Leaves on a very easy to use mobile site! 
I would find the bolded part extremely helpful! 
Just like everyone else i'd love a proxy, I won't be back in london until tuesday...
I think the question should be, why wouldn't she love them  Seeing all these pictures makes me even more annoyed that I won't be back in London until Monday, worst timing ever! 
What size are they? if they end up not working out I may very well be interested :)
Hm a lower instep would certainly be interesting! 
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