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I bought a pair of the £500 shoes and they are pristine, absolutely nothing wrong with them at all, certainly firsts. Stock from their website sounds reasonable as they are merging with Nick.
Considering that you have been buying EG and GG from SkoAB for like half retail lately it must have its perks
Posted too early, edited now, see above!
My two pairs from today! The Monaco's were slightly used (prob 1-3 times) like the previous posters shoes, again they were a steal at £150. The Kensington were firsts and priced at £500. Went there looking for a pair of loafers and a pair of formal oxfords for work or a pair of boots, kind of hit the jackpot! Feels good to have gone from 1 pair of G&G to three in a day Terrible pictures, will polish this weekend and post some better ones!
THIS is what I will be ordering! but probably suede number 8.
Does this mean you won't be stocking the Beaulieu any more?
@Leaves How different is chestnut compared to cedar? Am I right in thinking it's considerably lighter? Need to try to convince myself that I need this shoe as well as the vintage cedar Cambridge I already picked up from you  Any plans on doing a preorder for a St James II in a more business colour, e.g. vintage rioja, vintage Oak?
Just picked up a pair of Carmina Grain/Calf Balmoral Boots, saw that they already sold out in most sizes after only being online for a few hours! Must be one of the more popular models all time, been around for years and still sells out stupidly fast. Glad I managed to order them on my phone at work  On that note I must congratulate @Leaves on a very easy to use mobile site! 
I would find the bolded part extremely helpful! 
Just like everyone else i'd love a proxy, I won't be back in london until tuesday...
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