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Why don't you give us a taste of the old fits, for reminder...
I'm inclined to try a wide gray/silver striped (I think that's what' worn in fit 6). Neutral first one.    There's also this one that is continuously on the SF page (I take it that's Unbel on the right). Prefer to invert the stripes so it is blue on white ground, but that's bolder (thicker striped) than any of K's picks.  
In 20 mins you were inspired to Kop? From where?
1, 2, 3 and 6   I think a contrast between stripe and jacket color is better (cf. the Orazio Luciano fit, 5).   A first bold stripe shirt recommendation, one to wear with a navy odd jacket? Silver, brown?
A couple shots from Marc Etlin's old phone camera (he knows he needs a new one). A few of this SS offerings   Formal and a few shirts. I'll post more as Marc sends them to me. No SCs yet which is what I'm interested in:     The shirts seem to have a really nice, high collar. Anyone with collar height measurements?     Also: formal from last season is at 50% according to Marc. Email or call him for more info.
Kulata could u say a bit more about those specific fits
That's nicely put SB. I haven't met Unbel yet but have met Greg once and it was really nice talking to him. He patiently let me sift through things and try things on tho I left without buying anything (I did later pick up two ties that I saw then).  [[SPOILER]]
Why'd you get rid of it Clags? I can see you pairing that with many things in your wardrobe. I hope Murl will not object to my posting his awesomeness given the patterns on display here (and not using a square is a good move I think). The patterns and colors seem to me to work really well.This also speaks to an issue about neats and odd jackets. Comments? 
yeah, Braddock's coats are really nicely cut and tailored.   I think in the above fit, I would go without square and yes, solid shirt as you and Helden recommend.    I think often enough, we might do well to go n-1 on patterns. That is, when you are tempted by 3 patterned elements, go with 2 (4 with 3, 5....yikes). Less might often be more.   It's when more works that it is interesting. There are a lot of 3+ pattern mixing in WAYWRN now. We should find an...
YRR92: are you talking about the Betel fit or the above?
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