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Mike, on the smokey MOP, are those more towards white? Since you asked, I certainly am for more contrast between buttons and the fabric though if they come off as off white, I wonder if that's too much contrast A matter of taste there though, and I guess I would favor more midway. The current buttons on the navy Doyle looks good, but if the buttons were slightly lighter that would be fine too. But not too light! Just my opinion.   Anyway, looking forward to seeing the...
Mike that Chambray is for the Doyle? It looks Nice. Can you compare it With the duck canvas navy fabric in terms Of color and weight? Also Pricing? My birthday and might be able to convince someone to get me one of these. Shall I wait for chambray? A photo of the chambray next to navy would be very informative. Congrats on closing up shop and look forward to next phase.
On the linen tie from HC. I think the only way to wear that pattern effectively is with a double breasted, blue, brown or cotton linen/cotton. It's too strong on its own in a single breasted, bordering on garish (sorry Henry). But just peeking out from a DB, I think it might be quite nice.De sense... Want to test my theory?
I'm curious about that tie. Do you have a fit pic? Here's a post from Henry's TUMBLR: http://henrycarter.tumblr.com/post/66540252380/one-of-the-new-arrivals-a-perfect-summer-tie-in# I was on the fence because of the 8cm width, but decided I could live with that for a casual tie. But I'm finding the checks too large. This seems to me slightly smaller scale though significantly more expensive: http://vandafineclothing.com/store/neckties/288-blue-gingham.html I prefer the...
That said, I don’t favor jeans with SC unless ever element is clearly casual. An orphaned navy suit jacket is not going to do it, IMO. In winter, a brown tweed with patch pockets might work (see EFV’s post above) or in the summer, brown tobacco linen perhaps. Blue top and bottom, I’m not sure that will work as well. But then with blue denim, I feel the color options are a bit more limited: I’m not feeling gray. Perhaps less traditional colors that show that this is not...
I'm with you. Thanks for the feedback. Was teaching that day...forget why I opted for jeans...might have been the awful weather/slush etc, so pretty much any day this past winter.
Even with a knit? It's hard to see, but it's very crunchy etc. Though I do agree with you in the end, a BD without a tie would have been better.
This was from a while ago. Would have swapped out the spread with a button down. That's a midnight knit tie. L2BR: those are boots. Scotch grain alt wein's would be great too if only i had a pair.
@unbelragazzo Wow, that was what Style Forum was like at one point? Manton, Foo, Whnay and others mixing it up with the tailors on some technical issue about drape and construction. It was pretty cool to read, and not easy to follow which just reminds me that I'm at best an undergrad on these issues. Anyway, in part, one has to be in the business of bespoke to really have the time and resources to delve that deeply into those issues. I'm just interested but with neither...
Lots to like here, CD, but a missed opportunity to be more adventurous with the square. I'm not sure about these types of PS, but I might recommend playing off the color in the tie, specifically the red: so greens, purples, browns in various shades. Actually take a look at SB's square.
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