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Mike:   Would you post pictures of some of the FF coats as they come in?
I don't doubt it, from what I remember of some of your fits. These are all pretty small differences in the end. It's good to be ok with variation. This is a Drake's from a few days ago, FIH (from NMWA):   [[SPOILER]]  My current shirts are higher in the front part of the collar but this knot would still be fine on those. A DFIH would be too thick for this fit. Murl's tie, (silk?), might be slightly less substantial than this wool/silk/mohair blend in its knots.
I'm with Mr. Six that the fundamental issue for me with 8cm is the width at the knot and less so at the bottom of the blade. That said, I would prefer 9cm ties if I owned a Formosa given the size of the lapels for proportion. But this is a bit of overthinking too. I think Murl's tie looks fine; Murl just wear and enjoy them. I've come to enjoy my 8cm ties because really, no one else but SF folks are going to fixate on blade width differences of 1cm. A couple of interesting...
Ryden:   I'm a bit OCD about shoulders, but those are too big for you. I personally like the shoulder seam of the sweater, when there is one, to hit about where my shirt shoulder seams hit, at the bend of the shoulder. The sweater goes beyond that point at the shoulder. Coupled with the too long arms, it just makes the sweater look ill-fitting and not "manly baggy" as you might prefer (which is to say that I wouldn't mind the extra room in the chest if everything else is...
Newc:   Medium for sure. I think it fits you in a more pleasing way on the shoulders (cf. when you raise your arms). It also has a more fitted look in the body. Some of course, might like a more baggy look, but...   Or just whatever you're wearing in the last pic, because after a few swigs, you won't care.
I've never thought I could wear that style of sweater well, but this is well done Stitches and inspirational. The fit on you is great.
Wore this tie for the first time today. Greg might remember my contemplating it and its sibling for 10 minutes, hand under chin, thinker's pose when I visited NMWA. The sibling is still available on sale (Drake's). Nice and slubby, wool for winter.  
Pink Panther. You tie a four in hand, right?
@NickPollica   Can you just speak a little to how the changes in the Tipo have tended to affect the fit of the jacket, especially if last year's fit you perfectly? Others who have both can weigh in too.   Thanks
Thanks Kulata, that was a pleasure to read.
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