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Nick You don't have measurements for these at hand do you? Say a 48 or 50 Euro?
This is the one I tried on when I was there last week.   http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/new-arrivals/father-s-day/product/1050/tipowoolsilkblazer   A bit too busy for me. Saw this one, but did not try on as I don't wear suits, but the donegal looks nice:   http://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/clothing/product/1004/tiposummerdonegalsuit   Odd that they pulled most of the jackets off the website.
Well if you go back, can you snap a few that you think particpiants here might like? I think at $270, that's worth trying even with gorge height.
Cool. I don't remember seeing this there when I was in last week. They had a nice brown marled suit; a strong check coat that might have been gray or green, and the one you picked up last week. Did they get new stuff in?
Thanks Greg What if you like the Formosa fit?
MF does it come Off as gray? Or clearly navy?
Looks good. Lighter trousers. Stance looks fine. What size are you? True to size?
That's damn good. Enjoy
If it's the Tipo cut, should be the same stance as his other one. When I tried it on, it seemed reasonably low.   MF, did they have this one? Found a pic on the internet.
Is this one of the one's you carried? Found it on the web (the one you call a brown green glenplaid)  
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