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Well, I'll pull some of the pics from the thread @lordsuperb  references above (larger pictures to get a better look at scale):   This is @Parker ? Looks to be about the same as the P&H referenced above @heldentenor do you have a closer shot to get a sense of the scale or @UrbanComposition as it was yours at one point? Perhaps it's a similar fabric as below.     @Manton   Scale looks a bit bigger but not substantially bigger. @dieworkwear Derek, you must have...
I've updated with some information about the Cappelli tie length.
 Thanks for that. P&H won @jrd617's contest, though I think from a different book. Still, the Glenroyal he posted looks almost the same as the above. Perhaps it is. The above HB fabric looks like it will be a bit darker than the @emptym jacket from that thread but lighter than @NOBD's Curious still if people have had some make-ups in similar fabrics.
I was just kidding of course. Keep your eye out on this one though. You never know; it might hang around for a while.
We've not emphasized pocket squares except as accessories thrown in, but without (necessarily) comment. Here are two nice ones from Christian Kimber that have the right summer palette  
Curious for suggestions. Am leaning towards a jacket in this Porter and Harding HB fabric:     I think because of the mixed brown tones, it will stand out as against this richer brown (the above picture doesn't quite capture the colors of the fabric which were, I think, a bit warmer--see second pic below)     Still, I'm happy to take suggestions for a brown HB fabric that people have used in a SC, in a similar weight as above. If you have pics of the fabric and...
Thanks...it's for sale you know :)
Predator Square and Shantung tie (which you can still get at NMWA).
Thanks for that!
Thanks Razl!
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