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D, I meant it as a funny way of saying that they suck. You're way of putting it is more to the point!
Yes, Bond definitely helps. Here is DC in Highburys. Maybe I just need the right trousers... 
Rats! As you are an active member of the thread and SF, I would have given you a good deal on it! I'm keen to pass it on to active members of this thread: you know the last & brand and you contribute to the forum.  I really like the 348 except that I think as a PTB it feel, for me, a bit long. But I don't own any other 348 models so that's probably part of it. All my shoes are shorter than the 348 in equivalent size. I might still keep it though.
I would think so. A hard 3?
C&J thread denizens   No Highbury or Tetbury owners in this thread? Curious of pics in the wild.   If you know the 348 last and are interested in an "espresso" 9US Highbury (Barney's term, I think), please PM me. 
@NickPollica    How heavy is the fabric on the brown herringbone suit. I doubt any will be around when I head out to San Francisco next week, but curious anyway.   Brown remains, I think, unduly underrated as a color for suits/SCs.
Please look at some grenadines, say in fina weave. I recommend Exquisite Trimmings. If you buy several then the purchase washes out the shipping a bit. Comes to about $60-$65 a tie for hand sewn Italian made ties. Midnight and chocolate brown are good starting points. Use SF10 code for a 10% discount. The navy with white stripes in grossa weave is also very nice.
Thanks again Fred and MGD83
Did anyone get the Asym blue washed cotton peacoat from last S/S and have pics in the wild? I'd love to see it.   I've been wondering whether I should trade it in and focus on Eidos SCs (I like the peacoat but I think I need to focus more on the tailoring side). Would there be any interest in that peacoat from members who missed out on it last season?   Here's the green one...     And yes, I'm closet cleaning...
  That was clear to me. I figured since I was ranting, I should be sure my rant was appropriately directed!
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