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Some very nice squares Shaya. I really like that slate blue rust paisley (hope I got that right!) but lots of versatile squares there, especially the color ways of the last bunch. Am looking forward to receiving my first ET square!
Thanks all:   I am moved:   1. Lighter brown thin stripe (scale of Clags and Cleav's and others), possibly burgundy 2. Lighter silver/gray thin stripe (same scale; cf. my first pic above) 3. Small graph check light blue (resolves to solid blue from distance) again as per my first post.   Tattersall? Not sure, but will ponder.
Late to the game but it's the orphan look of the charcoal that would bother me. And worse on top than on bottom.   @kulata why not just get a dinner jacket or something more "evening". Some of the Eidos stuff might actually suit you quite well, I think. More expensive of course, but then wait for the post season drop. I'm sure the dinner jackets are going to hang around longer.
We're good. I'm the ultimate over-analyzer. @unbelragazzo that tattersall with the valstar is great. I'm feeling it more as a casual shirt as in that picture. @EFV that might work for me, though not sure why. Need a better angle, though...
I keep getting misunderstood and I'm sure it's how I write. Stitch, I'm not advocating applying rules in the sense of running through them in your head before you get dressed. Agreeing with gdl and you is consistent with saying that we can sometimes give voice to why we do things and that this is useful. I'm not a fan of the tattersall in Unbels fit. But that might just be me, a matter of taste. I do think there are too many patterns and that a solid tie with some...
Pic please
That's better, now that it's clearly a tattersall. My psychological baggage may just present a barrier to appreciating them. But keep them coming if you have them. I'm happy to retrain the eye.   I do very much like that coat, however. Hands down, brown/black herringbone. Must find one.
Ok, I have an aversion to large checks. It doesn't look good to my eye, perhaps because it reminds me too much of graph paper and a part of my past I would like to escape. I'm happy to blame that for my inability to get on board here. Unbel, I hope you won't mind my using this to wonder about the shirt. Maybe it's just that there are too many patterns here, and given my proclivities, I'm picking on the shirt as the culprit.
I can see a light green/olive university stripe as working with brown quite nicely.
@gdl203 I probably started the thread off on the wrong foot as I'm rather analytical in my line of work. We're just here to have intelligent discussion. The end point is where one sees and feels that something looks right or good. I don't think we disagree. I think of dressing well as a skill: practice not theory. It's also comedy and drama in the Greek and not sitcom sense too as Unbel nicely put it. But to have a good eye requires practice and training. Sometimes, part...
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