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I don't know if I'm qualified to make that recommendation, but I would surmise that sizing down from your normal size for suede on the Rain is ill-advised. 
Looking at your shoes from a different device, those don't look tan, or seem darker, closer to mid brown. What season was this pic from? Has an autumn vibe. Agree with Urban on green up top.
Light gray, cream, white, tan would work well with tan shoes and indeed the latter are really the best fit for such trouser. Most summer jackets will pair, even navy, but I would opt for a summery tie, lighter if navy SC, darker tie with lighter SC. Pliny those trouser seem too dark with those shoes.
 Ah, we lived in the east, in Mitte. Never did get to the west side of the city as much. Funny how that is! I do love Berlin though and hope to be back next summer. 
I went for the same size. Out of the box, the suede Rain UK snuff chukka I ordered fits snug. If it loosens a bit (and it has just a touch walking around the house), that will be fine. I expect it to do so. This chukka is in my normal Rain size (five eyelet). The 8UK calf Rain I own (oxford make-up as in this GMTO) is snug and won't (hasn't) stretch as much. Not as loose as my 8.5UK Simpson or 8UK Forest (the latter should be roomier anyway). Right foot is perfect, left...
I understand us to have 6 paid so we have met the threshold to avoid GMTO fees. Of course, the more the better for Skoak.   ALso, their website says that it is open until August 8, which was not my understanding, but no matter. More time for folks to decide.   @Darkside  Interested? It's a great make-up.
You're right. Gabriel told me July 31 by email. Since the factory is closed, probably doesn't matter much, and I suppose since it is printed as such on the website, they are now committed to 8/8 as a closing date. No big deal.   Nevertheless, get your order in!
Speaking of General Chat   DWW just posted a link to Marshall Anthony ties. They look nice though honestly a bit pricey for a maker I'm not familiar with (in the Vanda, Cappelli range, more expensive than Hober). I'm curious about whether they are worth it (a rust matka silk jumps out and there are a few tasteful other options there).
Berlin? Wo?
Well we just went through a rebranding, so I'm done with that.   Actually, I don't mind the name as it currently stands. It provokes curiosity so that if you are in CM, you might click on it. The first post says clearly and succinctly what it is about: "A thread for discussion of Classic Menswear theory and principles." After that, stay if you wish.
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