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It looks like it just fits him (shoulders, sleeve), a really trim look. Probably not going to get knit wear under it comfortably? Really nice jacket...Frank you always make me jealous with these casual combinations. Well done.
@UrbanComposition    Who cut that gray plaid you wore with the turtleneck a few days ago in WAYWRN? NSM?    You bay area folks should organize a B&T trip to the west coast. If they come to the US, that will probably be the first stop. If you do so, and in the Bay Area, please coordinate with me, thanks. Sometimes, I make a trip out there.
Just had a brief exchange by email with Jamison about products. I sent him an email requesting some wool twills in the USA cut and he wrote back almost immediately (they have some twills in the Italian cut). It was kind of like old times.    Anyway: wool twill didn't sell very well but apparently are selling well this year. He stopped stocking wool twills because of poor sales in the past.   I asked for some in the USA cut in staple colors: mid gray and light brown...
 Me too.
Sorry I agree. I don't like any of them. Should have said "not working" from the worst to the least worst. The last one is ok wrt stripes but not ideal. Someone find a block stripe example!
 I think the first, aside from the poor choice in color, is too busy. Many smallish lines more densely packed. The same is true, though perhaps less so on the second: too dense on the lines again.  Mark Cho's is better perhaps because the lines are less "dense" with the blue creating a wider stripe. I'd be curious to see a block stripe but I agree that's the way to go for gun clubs and stripes. Here's Greg's (you'll recall he said that he was actually wearing a different...
Some humanities superstars can make >300K as their 9 month salary. For B-school/med-school/law-school types, with consulting, well, the ivory tower can be quite lucrative. Alas, not for me. Writing a major textbook helps as does consulting which is easier for the science/engineering types and some of the social sciences like economics.
Mike   I'm curious to learn more about belt construction and your thinking about this.    Is the improvement in this rendition of your belts, the screws and the quality of the leather/suede versus the last run?   I'm curious what the next level would be. Less about construction than just the materials? The price point is great, but wondering if I should hope for the return of Tubo belts somewhere, which is almost twice the price of Epaulet belts.   Your belts are...
Last one for the night. This was a popular fabric. I think Ed Morel's jacket for sale recently was the same fabric as well. Can't quite see the square.  
Thanks for that. If you say they fit like the HY USAs, perhaps that will be worth a try someday.    So many lawyers starting their own clothing stores (Carson Street, e.g.). Is Jamison a lawyer on the side?
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