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Price drop: $20 off of each jacket (Razl's B&S thread discount does not apply now)
I might though I wanted to see what options were available with Patrizio since customization is available. I plan to email him when he gets back from vacation (assuming that like many, he's off to the sea for August).   I've two Pantas, but I'm more happy with my Cappelli's.   I guess the Cappelli subforum is more quiet than others?
Thanks Razl for the mention.
Price drop. Great price for a Drake's square. 
Ach! might as well ask Greg. Will post a query in NMWA thread soon.
That's great. It's a lovely make-up and I wish I could join in. Enjoy it.
Gents,   Anyone obtain a nice rust/orange madder from Cappelli? Ideally with larger scale patterns. Green and brown would be nice as well, and similar make ups in challis. There are a few from the gallery but none are on the site. Patrizio can help, no doubt, but happy to see examples IRL.   Cheers
 Thanks for that. It's darker than I want.
I'm out alas, sorry. The funds aren't there for another shoe purchase right now. Good luck!
HC, I'm not sure why lack of tipping would lead to extra stretching in grenadines (versus lack of lining along the parts of the tie that do get stretched away from the tip). Hand rolling I can understand to add some delicacy to the tie. I agree that untipped is nice for summer ties; it adds to the sense of lightness. I quite like it in wool ties for it lightens the heaviness of that material. None of this will be very visible to the external observer. Unless your tie is...
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