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Let's continue walking through some fall madders. Any members feel positive about paisley madder?   Classic, but how well can actually they be worn. Most are too explosive, in pattern and contrast/color.   That said, I actually like this one which is worn by the gent who runs "Nordic Fit" and who does post in SF occasionally (I don't remember his SF name).       It's subdued, low contrast, with autumnal colors in brown, green, and burgundy. Probably as good as...
Drop to $89
David   Have you noticed some wool ties tending to stretch as well? I have sold a few of my wool ties and when measuring them, find that they are often longer than their manufacturer listed length.
 If you go to SF on your iPhone and hit reply there's a "picture" button which is the third button above the text box. Click on that and then swipe down (on my iPhone, the embed image dialog box is hidden for some reason so it won't be visible until you swipe down...then again, I have an iPhone 5 ). There is an "upload from my device"  button. Click that and select "photo library." All your photos should come up (e.g. Camera Roll) select that, select picture and then hit...
I'm sure we can help as that's a nice looking tie. Are you doing this from a mobile phone and did you just take the picture?
Very nice, thanks for posting @PCK1  What's the cloth in the first jacket?.   It's interesting how orange the tie looks in one picture and how much more muted it looks in the rest. This is what gives me pause on the right fabric I posted above: so orange, but if it's more muted irl, then that would be much better.
@WillingToLearn    Thanks, data is good. I often think of this fit from @gdl203      I had a handle on this madder fabric on the left which would have been ideal, but I waited too long. The one on the right is a bit too orange for me though the lighting is different in the two cases, indirect sunlight on left, I think, and direct indoor on the right. So hard to gauge the colors.    
Any subscribers to this thread have pictures of fits with orange/rust patterned madder or challis? Trying to gauge how much orange is too orange. Please post a pic if you have one.   As the thread is open, all are invited to post good fits for F/W (original posters are invited to update).
@poorsod    Great, thanks! I had forgotten about the Draper's linen tie you picked up. Glad you like it. I wear it often as well. It has a nice spongy feel to it I haven't experienced with linen cloth. It's a really nice tie, isn't it?   @UrbanComposition want to close us out? Fall weather is coming or already here. 
Price Drop: $84, shipped in tie sleeve, first class tracking included.
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