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unbel, that's a really nice jacket. I wonder if one might redo it as a second MTO next year. What was the final cost for the MTOers for that fabric?   One small thing, and I suspect it is the pic capturing the vicissitudes of how one stands, but the sleeve seems a bit cleaner in the RTW (at the back just off the shoulder).   Perhaps if you just pull down on the sleeve (a lot of cuff, so I suspect it might be caught higher on the arm leading to the wrinkling?).
Yeah, that's the one I got too. Great minds think alike.  jrd: those spoke not sang to me as Stitchy put it. But I was tempted by the gingham and blue/gray block stripe you post (already have a few PoWs). I'd prefer a smaller scale gingham Henry Carter had one for a while that was also large scale, and I think it turns out to be a little less versatile than one might think. But with strong patterns, under a DB or sweater/vest is a good way to wear it (e.g. paisleys, IMO).
Noodlers, large dump of drake's ties at Barneys (about 50 dollars per tie). Not a lot of great stuff, but some silk/linen solids (the brown is the one that jumps out). A navy gingham I was tempted by, but the pattern is larger than I would like. A few decent neats.   http://www.barneyswarehouse.com/barneys-new-york/?start=48&q=drake%27s&sz=48#   Let me know what you pick up...curious.
This is the Formosa MTO?   I think there might need to be another run of that...
 Oddly, no navy donegal!?!? Yes, it would have patch pockets. I might stay with two button though Timotune had a nice 3r2 done. I like the natural shoulder but sometimes it doesn't adequately cover the bumpiness of my shoulder. Here's me in a Formosa on my visit last summer to NMWA where the shoulder structure does smooth out the bumps (lighting sucks, sorry)...this is Noodle's PoW, I think.   Formosa MTO vs SS MTM about 2x difference, though with the nicer fabrics, the...
I know who else got a postcard...
Or indeed, a brown donegal Heirloom. Mid brown.
I like it, Helden. Green with a brown check? Or is my monitor completely off...I didn't see that one.
Fair enough...I was thinking of Murl possibly having to make a hard choice and if so, which one he should probably make, IMO.  But it does look very nice on him.
Pliny, "horse blanket" means you don't like I take it...
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