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Today, linen/cotton DB (SF staple), grenadine, silk square.     Close up of Pattern/Texture  
Got to love patterns that look different at different distances like this. Visual variation of this kind is really nice.
That's OK Elio, not my fav either...it's what I have right now.
Summer temps today even though its almost October (fall). Thematically good for shantung.   [[SPOILER]]
Finished with the ties, that is, not your kids.  
I don't see why the drawer method is better, except perhaps for knits (though I'm not convinced) and maybe for very heavy multi-fold ties. I actually hang my one knit and it seems fine. So long as one doesn't "yank" the tie off the hanger (perhaps Shaya, that's what your dad did), I'm not sure that gravity will really affect the tie's structure. After all, it's natural place is to hang from the neck.   Rotate one's ties, tie with care, gently untie it when done (reverse...
@Claghorn That's a really nice knit, and well paired with that jacket. My feeling is that with thinner ties, say 8cm, one should use a more substantial lining. This aids with the knot and dimpling which in the first case looks a little forlorn (i.e. insubstantial). BTW, how is the Tie your Tie knot, now that you've received it from C&A?
The other advantage is that the colors are more muted, which I think is a nice thing. I'm not sure how it will resolve from a distance...one might get a sense of the colors but need to come in for a closer look, and then, the colors resolve more clearly?   There's a lot of win in the Berg and Berg collection. Thanks Steffenbp for putting this on the radar.
If I had to choose two grenadines then these two non staples A nice fall color in a bicolored grenadine and I like slate blue ties.
FYI From Mathias Berg "It is lined all the way through the tie, only the tip is cut off."
New Posts  All Forums: