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You need the white with tan to achieve sufficient contrast between shirt and coat. If blue, a really light blue, but then why not white?   The discussion has inspired this fit:  
From Drake's Tumblr (as was the pic of David). This is a suit, but just looking at white and tan here. Imagine all the jackets with cream summery trousers.    
If you don't have solids and wear patterned SCs, then you should get solids over these. The small neats won't work as well.  Again, not that I'm an authority, but you could take the no small neats with SCs as advice and not as a norm. With a navy SC, they might work well. But for shepherds/gun checks, I'd say no: too many small scale patterns clash.  You might try stripes and solids first, then larger scale patterns (cf. my fit a few posts back, shepherd's check and...
You raise a good point. If it works, it's because of the context: the white beard, the dark glasses, darker complexion. There's a nice back and forth there that you picked up on. Take it away, as you suggest, and I agree.
Here's David in a Post Imperial tie, BD, though I think light blue shirt. White BD would be ok, possibly even better.  
For suits, I presume. @Bill Dlwgosh 
@kulata  deserves a prize for keeping this thread going with interesting posts.   I like the look as well, though I prefer white shirts with blue/grey jackets, better without tie, or with an obviously casual tie and BD shirt (e.g. a square end knit or colorful shantung, something colorful as in pic 2). But that's just a preference.    I find the first one too stark (of the pics that Kulata posted), and for me at least, is an example of why browns and whites sometimes...
Thanks Mr. Six...have any pics of the green? I think Greg was talking about the knit (not the one you pictured). I quite like it, and sure, it would work in summer with the right coat. But focusing on more obvious summer ties, color wise, I like the copper donegal that you have in the quote. If I had to pick my top two from the list now, it would be 
I like the lighter then. But either would be great.
Sounds like a good plan. Thought it was either or. Who's making them?
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