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NB: you must be active in this forum or have good B&S feedback. Good eBay feedback is ok, but send me your eBay name and I will contact you therein.   Prices include shipping Conus with tracking and fees. I might consider international, but you'll have to cover shipping. Prices below include shipping and fees (about $5)   I'm 20 ties and that's it. New ties in mean new ties out, but now, we're at the core of my collection. Each tie out is one that pains me to let go...
Looking forward to it.
@poorsod    Deets on the tailoring. Any chance the navy double stripe is a Vanda?
Square from NMWA buy last summer.
Ha Cleav, let's keep this call and response going. Striking shantung. Wool and madder above. Others should jump in. Would be good to have more recent pics. Squares too.
Surprisingly quiet thread. Blue.
I've been looking at some of the photos I've asked from Patrizio in the past and finally found this comparing the two blue GP linens that are still available. Anyway, might be of use to some of you.     Shaya is selling one that seems much brighter blue than the one on the top right, perhaps it's this on the bottom right. I wonder how much is in the shop that isn't on the website..     And just to have all the GPs in one place.  
I would say that in that grainy photo, the length looks fine. That it's only 90% of the "backside coverage" is, for me, neither here nor there.   The point of the linked thread is that there's a range that's not hard to find. If you're comfortable with it, along the general parameters noted in that link, then that's all that's needed. For the most part, one should not worry about a half inch up or down, etc. 
This might be of use:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/521774/one-of-the-worst-questions-in-sf-is-my-jacket-too-long-short
Paul Stuart tie is sold.
New Posts  All Forums: