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You soon here too?
@YRR92    Thanks. There isn't a huge difference between the tie I posted and the Drake's, though the teal certainly makes the latter more casual.   The one in the video seems similar to the first one SB posted, which I think is tolerable, but, if one limited oneself to 20 ties per season (which I do), then not sure any of them would make the cut.   That said, I find myself oddly tempted to this one for some reason, Cappelli...
First is ok. I should add to my conditions: not too bright, so low contrast, similar hues, and darker.    [Also, paisley neats a different matter versus exploded paisleys...i.e. not criticizing your choice from the 10/5 thread @sugarbutch].
Some pics of similar ties as above from my Tumblr (sorry for not having the sources):      
(Exploded) Paisley ties...hypothesis: unwearable in "good taste" except in limited circumstances (e.g. under a vest, knitwear).   This is the only configuration I feel for me is comfortably wearable with SB, namely low contrast, similar hues:     Counterexamples by picture only...
Well done gents...so it begins.   Clearly, I need more knits.
@Academic2    I think you meant the green medallion of mine? I grant that it isn't so versatile, but I think there should be a a couple of madders in one's F/W set of 10 and certainly in a wool-heavy set like mine. This is my only one thus far though likely not the last.
@coolpapa    Do you mind posting a picture of the madders that Patrizio sent you? There's much that isn't on the website, and I like the blue very much.   He mentioned to me that he is getting a bunch of new madders in with the fabrics we polled above. I'll post those pics if and when I get them.
 I doubt that's true. Overthinking and effortless style, maybe. Anyway, these are topics for the Lounge. Want to raise them there?
Well, this is Style Forum right?
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