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For fun, since this is the 10/5 thread for summer ties, saw this at a silk merchanst in Beijing. Tussah.   
Let's move on, shall we, gents?
I should have spoken of tendencies: bellied lapels are more common as you go north for tailoring and less so as you go south (in Europe). Just arm chair conjecture from little data.
Effectively, are we talking about, with qualifications, English and some French tailoring versus Italian?   If so, and this thought is influenced by some discussions with @Mr. Six , obviously if the presence of a belly, even slight, doesn't appeal to you, then sure, don't go for it.   But it might add some variation in one's wardrobe. If I had a choice, again with qualifications, I'd tend to Italian for warmer times and British for the cool months for tweed.   I like...
Cifonelli RTW. Notice the concave curve and the line of the plaid versus edge of lapel, similar to the first jacket above in pBooth's post.  
@Claghorn   Actually, I think the latter might have a slight belly. It curves ever so slightly but that might be an optical illusion from the too many lines.   What the two better illustrate is that even though the latter might have a belly, the pinstripe runs equidistant to the edge of the lapel (contrast the first one). If you go up to the Diduch picture, you can see how Jeffery created a bellied lapel where the pinstripe is equidistant with the edge with the belly...
I think we need more pics for the lapel conversation. Good, bad, etc.
Nice summer look, David. Square is just the right touch.
Anyway, let's talk about bellies. Here's something I always thought was cool and a revelation about tailoring and iron work. From Jeffery Diduch  
Thanks Gus. In the end, I agree with Urban about coherence so consider his recent fit  I'll call that forest green, though it's similar to the Vanda matka which they call "kale" (the latter, in the pic above, is slightly darker, but hard to tell). The pastel vibe of the square (Kimber?) and in the colors of the jacket get grounded, IMO, in the solid, darker tie, It's a very nice fit. There's something to me pleasing in using a darker, more saturated tie in this context....
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