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PP, do you think hanging will really lead to stretching? I guess perhaps on 6 folds, with the added weight?
Folks, I'm sorry as I've probably asked this before, but when you order grenadines, how much do you shorten it from your standard length to account for stretching? Or do you not bother? Does this change depending on the size of the weave? I would opt for a lined grenadine.
Oh yes to stitch and MD on wool. There are some nice challis ties you could try first. I still wistfully think of Pliny's blue medallion cappelli which Pliny kindly pointed out to me was available at gentlemans footwear but I waited too long!!!! There are nice wool/cashmere tied noodles that will allow you to play with texture in a subtle way.
I can see shantung being a distraction. I own 4 myself and there are moments I look down and think, damn is that a kitchen rag? I jest a little.They are sluuuuuuuuuby and that is an extreme for some. I rather like them but it requires a certain fit and awareness of the season (though I will wear them into early fall).Still four is enough. I'd now prefer slightly less slubby say in a drakes tussah or in a linen, or some mix. You still get the more casual vibe.
Oh dear, that looks very, very good for RTW OOB.
It's a great jacket...brown is awesome, and this is a nice example of why.
5PM, ho hum.... Blue fine stripes on shirting, sky blue pin dots, paisley square.
so confusing...they have listed measurements. Are the new shirts with the box pleat then larger than the listed measurement? Not slim any more, I would think.
Cheers. I don't remember my specific concerns anymore. I don't like the box pleat, sort of useless but I guess classic. They are still darting the back, though? My main concern was that they were letting out the waist a bit but if they are still darting it then that's ok. You think the blousiness is from the pleat at the shoulder? Is the chest/shoulder bigger too? I  will have to see if they have old versus new measurements. Anyway, so long as it remains the same...
New Posts  All Forums: