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I'm so sad that that challis is no longer available except with a purple ground. There was once a navy and a green ground version.
First one is a beauty (and all nice). Thanks @PCK1 
Frank, is that a Doyle? Really nice, casual look. 
Anyone purchase recent madders from Cappelli and have pics? Or pics of madder fabrics/swatches that Patrizio has in the shop? Rust, brown, navy or green in particular, larger scale patterns, non-paisley.
Is this what you meant? Certainly context will determine the choices one makes. So while your point is well taken, one can still ask, for any given context, why not opt for a simpler use of patterns. Remember, I'm not aiming to be "reductive" but playing of simplicity (in some sense) as a virtue. Your question is also a good one, but a bit broader than what I intended. 
I have a pair (dark gray). I do a northern lights look with them which I like. Not versatile, but they have their place.    I certainly wouldn't recommend getting them over something more mid-grey, but they can work nicely with lighter jackets.
NOBD was/is a great poster. I agree completely. @EliodA 
Nice tie, @Mr. Six    Provenance of jacket/suit? Fits you really cleanly.
With out being reductive about it, here's a kind of "simplicity" idea (and I'm not claiming this is what Manton had in mind...I haven't read the entire thread): reduce number of patterns.   Again, this isn't meant to be a rule, reduction of elegance/simplicity, but just for discussion.   Four pattern is really hard to pull off (as we've discussed...usually train wrecks), and three I think more difficult than we allow. Lately, I've been gravitating to two patterns, and...
  We've all been there or are there. For myself, I'm slowly gravitating back to "simpler" solid jackets or jackets whose visual interest is in a subtle texture (coarse hopsack for summer, subtle herringbone for tweed in winter). This is not to say that more strongly patterned jackets don't appeal to me (if money and context were not constraints, the navy sherry cash Formosa at NMWA would be in my closet now). 
New Posts  All Forums: