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For Sale: Drake's Green Moghul Wool/Silk Square and Brown/Blue Herringbone Cashmere Tie   Both in excellent condition. Prices include First Class USPS with tracking.    ​1. Drake's Green Moghul $45   Classic square that I don't use much. In great shape, I suspect I've used it a handful of times. Need I say more. The full shot gives a sense of the color with detail in the closeup. The ground is something like a forest green.                 2. Drake's...
If you're interested, here's a comparison of the Steed MTM cut and an Eidos jacket   Edwin and Matthew are going to lengthen it, take out the back a touch, shift the lapel roll (I'm curious what that amounts to), shorten the sleeves, and shift sleeve pitch. These are mostly small adjustments to tweak a pretty good first fit. MTM and bespoke are a process.
For a sport coat, I think it's 950 pounds exclusive VAT but shipping is costly (290 pounds for trousers). @New Shoes1 I suspect for a two piece, it should be less than 1240, a slight reduction from the coat+trousers (individual pricing). A weak pound is a great thing (for us yanks). What makes their MTM attractive is that you have access to many of the standard fabric books and you get measured by Edwin. This doesn't mean the MTM will be perfect (I just saw them and we are...
Have you tried just pulling on the slip stitch? That's the small looped thread that you should be able to see by opening the folds. Pull on it gently to increase tension in the threads you see above. You want some give to allow the tie to yield to tension. 
That's too kind of you Patrik. The ties you've chosen are eminently wearable and easy to pair with many jackets/squares etc as I hope the pictures demonstrate. Glad to see the second iteration of Cappelli for Skoaktiebolaget. 
    Such nice ties (the third in my post is the silk version of the wool stocked above). Well chosen @Skoaktiebolaget @Leaves 
Richard James tie is sold!
 Thanks both of you for weighing in. That's enough to dissuade me though it would be nice to find something that is distinctive in appearance from typical flannel but which has enough variation in visual appearance to be nice in an odd trouser. The "salt and pepper" flavor of the Thornproof made it appealing in those respects. There must be some nice black/white donegal out there that would fit the bill... I'll continue searching. 
So gravitating towards these two fabrics for trousers, though not sure if 18oz is too much for winter (the thought is for the coldest parts of NE winters). The Thornproof was to fill in the wardrobe so as to pull away from my flannel trousers to something slightly different, slightly more texturally distinct but still in a near solid.   On the 8/9oz fabric. I'm not sure what book the lighter mid-grey summer fabric is from (I forgot to ask, but Edwin pulled it out and we...
A selection of a large recent shipment of madders. There are more but I seem to have misplaced some. You know who to contact.              
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