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I'm marveling atthe pattern matching. Formosa GMTO?
Nice AC. How high is front of collar? I'm probably bucking current SF trends on spread collars by opting for less spread. But I happily wear different collars, for variety. But then I don't cuff my trousers either.
You won't regret it. Fabric is lovely, soft hand.
Gyasih that fit is nuts. N2pua if only a 48! That is such an awesome fabric but the green would have been even better! Good luck.
You might switch to a different maker then. I use mytailor and at this point I've made so many adjustments with them in person I've become a fan (is it bespoke at that point?). They can do all sorts of fine tuned modifications (eg I had them lift the front of my collar but not back, reduce the tie gap to 1/8 inch and so on). Great if you talk it over with someone in person. They have a traveling tailor too. luxire might be able to do similar modifications but you have to...
I love soft collars, though for more formal contexts, I would go with something a stiffer collar or use collar stays.  I'm trying to imagine the effect you mean, but here's one option in MTM: have a stiff lining for the collar itself but leave the points unlined. So you get a collar that stands strong but where the points have a pleasing softness to them that allows them to roll softly. Does that seem like it would remedy your problem? On spread collars as casual collars:...
Gyasih Why are you debating it? It's a great jacket. Where is thaT first coat from?
I'm in awe of the participants in this thread...
Helden, that's one of your better fitting jackets, I think. The angles on the sleeve cuffs, however, are a little aggressive, no? A lot of sleeve and then none at all in the back.
D, I meant it as a funny way of saying that they suck. You're way of putting it is more to the point!
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