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Thanks @razl !
Prices include shipping Conus with tracking and fees. I might consider international, but you'll have to cover shipping.    Just bought a madder that is similar so as #madder<#challis, I've decided to part with this challis. New ties in mean new ties out, but now, we're at the core of my collection. Each tie out is one that pains me to let go of. This is a lovely, muted pattern in red, green with a dark navy ground. Perfect for light colored solid or lightly patterned...
He will send you a few swatches and thats the best way to be certain. Even sunlit photos can be difficult in respect of nailing actual color especially along the lightness spectrum. One thing I have done is to ask him to take a photo of a fabric against a tie fabric I already own but again this is mostly to gauge lightness/darkness. I say swatches.
Here is a pic of this seasons version of that blue silk twill medallion Drakes had last f/w. Patrizio got it in challis and silk twill last year. He did silk twill again and I think the green is the same as above but the blue now has a darker medallion, less sky blue. I have both of last years twill silk versions and wear the green in fall and blue in spring. This seasons blue seems better for fall, less bright imparting a madderish vibe. I think it is the one Helden...
Thanks @razl    I'll cover shipping on these for "razldazzle" so $15 off.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/532843/nib-gorgeous-mto-carmina-snuff-suede-5-eyelet-rain-last-chukkas-8uk#post_8667402   $445 for a new pair of MTO Carmina Chukkas in Rain last? Please see the details in that link.
Thanks @razlThanks again, razl for your curation of the best of B&S thread!
 Thanks @GusW Oddly, I always felt, correctly or not, that wider spread evoked a more formal feel but I'm not sure there's a "rule" about that. I just like the spacing of this angle. In the above case, there are no collar stays, which I dislike. There's a slight curve in the collar, ever so slight, because there are no stays but in this case, it is a fused, medium lining. So, it's still soft yet formal, if that makes sense. For my causal shirts, I keep the same angle but...
Two Squares from Drake's. The rust ("camel") is sold out now, I believe. I actually find the green one a bit more versatile, pairing with anything in the brown, red, rust, and dark green spectrum. Both are great. Also, NMWA's pricing on Drake's squares is right now the best even at full price. I appreciate it that Greg and Kyle have taken into account the falling pound (or if it isn't that, well, thanks!). The rusty brown tie in the first photo is also from NMWA...
David I agree. I'm just not sure what you mean specifically about sewing, i.e. where...The point where the rolling stops? I think it is sewn there just poorly done, as if the maker said to himself, no one will look here so let me be done with it. The moment one looks one can see the difference from other properly made ties even those from Drakes.If you wouldn't mind clarifying...really appreciate your input into this thread.
 Well, the sewing will be beyond me! But I'll try to press on the lowest setting with fabric in between iron and tie. Steam? How hot is too hot? I like the proposal about rolled edge distance. I think when they "mass produce" ties for RTW commissions from chains, they probably don't spend as much time on quality control than they do for ties in their own shop.
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