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Personally, I find paisley hard to wear (except when the colors are very close together). Preference for strongly colored ties under a sweater or maybe even with a DB where it pops at the top near the collar without being visually overwhelming. Not sure it goes with the birdseye; a more conservative tie might be better. 
Which do you prefer of the ones that you have and are still available? I would prefer knits that are 3in in width at the blade. A little narrower is fine, given the casual vibe. The dotted knits that Greg posted are nice, airy and crunch looking. Wish they were pointed at the end tho.
Yes, it's a danger. But people in this thread already know what's up (I've been through the ties many times already at NMWA as I'm sure others have as well).
@gdl203  @Newcomer    That Sozzi is great, but I think it's sold out? So more curious about the others that remain. The dotted's are nice too.
 Only pointed knits for me. The tricolor Sozzis at NMWA are nice...if folks have pics of those, I'd be happy to see them.Would be happy to see them. Which ones?
Ties for S/S: Game   Curious what people are looking at. I'll select a few sellers and a few from each, summer ties (Henry Carter is in F/W...Berg and Berg have some, but I'm not confident in quality).   If you have others from those sellers or in general, do post, especially any pics of ties worn.   Want some inspiration, but mostly looking for some greens, light blues, light browns. For odd jacket combos (brown, blue, tan)       Conrad...
Cheers TM. Exactly why I got them.
Thanks pB. Mid-brown or dark brown cream? I'm thinking the latter, in small quantities, as you say. A dab to let it build up over time.
I thought I might use a bit of darker polish to burnish the toe on these.     For those who have done it, any suggestions? Pitfalls?
This came in. Thanks @Skoaktiebolaget    First purchase that is in my hands (still waiting on GMTO). Forest last derby. 
New Posts  All Forums: