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Price drops:   Each tie $79 with shipping.
Thanks. If I do it again, I'll announce in the Cappelli thread. @C&A is someone who has successfully organized a run of fabric with Cappelli (or several). It probably helps that he's actually visited the store. The GMTO I'm referring to obliquely here is a raw silk, second from the top.  I had asked a few people if they were interested in having it made. Patrizio agreed to do it, but due to some problems at the mill, he ended up cancelling it. So sad: it would have been...
That would be cool, @Leaves . Alas, the only Cappelli GMTO that I tried to organize (and you were part of) fell through. That raw silk navy medallion tie would have been super though. 
So hard to tell from pictures, Justin. If you have both and like wearing them, then get both. From those pictures, I would pick the more structured look of the Steed, a seemingly cleaner line but also seemingly soft to my eye. If that correlates with more actual structure in shoulder than not, and the photos represent how the jackets look in real life, then sure more "structure".     "Soft shoulder" is an uninformative description (I take it you got Steed's soft shoulder...
Six let me know he posted that tie which I held in my very hands so can answer on his behalf. It's an EG Cappelli bespoke madder made with a light interlining and tipped. I was tempted to steal it! Drake's actually has that same pattern in different colors this season including the green that Six is wearing.  @upr_crust best wishes for a speedy recovery.
Drop $380 Harris Tweed!
Hi there, @heldentenor  pinged me so let me provide this link:   http://www.styleforum.net/t/528759/nwot-beautiful-drakes-blue-red-madder-tie   It's a lovely madder, hand rolled edges, knots well, and unworn aside from knotting it to test.
Kent Wang pointed knit. Specs are here:   http://www.kentwang.com/knit-dark-green.html   Great color for fall. Made in Italy, 2.75 inch width x 57 inch length.   Bought a few months ago and tried on a couple of times at home but have decided to go with a challis forest green tie. You save 10+ dollars off the regular price (my price includes shipping...Kent's is $65+shipping).   As usual, please have good B&S feedback, be active in forum, or have good eBay feedback....
On the aesthetics of stripe density and stripe width.   I can't imagine any general rules here but for non-block stripe ties, I prefer: (a) thinner stripes; (b) not more than two stripes per unit and (c) not overly dense. One could go so far as providing precise quantification of dimensions/parameters but I think pictures are better than words. So here are some examples of navy light striped ties without comment:   Well, one comment: @tchoy's lovely diverse...
Monday morning bump.
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