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It's a knock off of a Borrelli two button collar BD made for me by Hemrajani (mytailor).  I wonder if this is partly due to the climates you've lived in (though I'm not so familiar with Korea/Seoul). I assumed that being in TX, your fall/winter would look different from mine, I suspect, given warmer temperatures. Look forward to the pics.  @sugarbutch  Yes! Nice, lots of knits and a pair of bow ties as well.  BTW, the idea is in fact seasonal choices: what do you wear from...
Nice haul. Some madders?
@sugarbutch  I think the hard part is to narrow down to 10 ties. After that, just scrolling through your WAYWRN thread to pick five representative fits with those ties would be fairly easy.  [[SPOILER]]
Hey @Anden    It's 3.5 x 58 inches and ties a nice knot.   If you're interested, I'll take a a picture in sunlight later to get a more accurate picture of the green. It's a desaturated, nice subtle yet complex earthy color palette.
@Coxsackie   You're too kind. The others who will follow have set the bar for me, so I'm looking forward to it as much as you.   @tchoy   Do post S/S fits too, given the seasonal differences and lest my Australian colleagues (like Coxsackie) take me to be n-hemisphere-centric.   @Claghorn if you're ready, go for it. I think if everyone posts about a day or two after the previous poster, that will keep things going. So tomorrow?
Sorry, @TM79. I did try hard in the OP to make the thread clear in terms of direction and also that I would start with people who had an important/historical (within SF) influence on me.  Anyway, others can have a look, use it for what it's worth.  
I might do that though then perhaps NSFW?
Sorry, memory is a funny thing, colored by what you want rather than what you can get. They are only 7cm.   http://us.skoaktiebolaget.se/collections/ties/products/sozzi-tie-knitted-forest-green
Gents, some of you might be interested in this new curated thread   http://www.styleforum.net/t/517882/ten-ties-five-jackets-10-5-thread   I've asked a cast of characters to make the first set of contributions but the thread will open up in the near future.
New Posts  All Forums: