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The danger of this game Greg and Kyle have started is that the items you post (e.g. that nice Bigi brown slubby tie) get bought up!   And yes, I understand that's the point!
It will always fight to be a hard three but JR if you didn't spend a lot on it then have a tailor try it.
I was thinking that there are some general principles you could apply, e.g. scale of patterns in matching, use of colors. But didn't mean to call you out . For example, I think the rust would go well with most of these except perhaps the first, but that depends on how much contrast there is between tie and jacket (I am assuming you have each cloth made up in whatever format you wish, suit or jacket). It might go less well with the Donegal, but I'd have to see the swatch to...
Pingson has pulled me back to the donegal as an option. Still like the steel blue; perhaps the shepherd's check if it comes off more brown and Mr Six's post makes me think that the midnight might be possible as an option though I worry that it will be too busy.   As an exercise, let's talk pairings from previous swatches to ties. Here are my five wool ties (left to right).  I have my ideas. Noodles, want a first stab?   charcoal grey small houndstooth Rust...
Thank goodness then! There's a farmer in most of us.
Maybe I've overlooked the latter. Think it would come off as a navy, textured with some accents in orange/gold?
I should add that the above brown is nice. Good pairings though I Might go with an olive neat. A bit too much blue.
A rich brown is fantastic. Suit or jacket. There's a nice pic of Christof watzl in one. Google it And just look at the color. It's nice, much recommended.
No pinstripe odd jackets for sure. But to my eye the first isn't bad (black trousers are however). I guess it doesn't scream orphan as much as pinstripes but maybe because I'm not around CBD environments much.
Pingson Been a while! Other trousers you wear with the donegal? I can see cream and perhaps a richer brown. Very light gray? Stitches and jrd I agree on the pane.
New Posts  All Forums: