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That's it! They look great, don't they? For non-bespoke trousers, it is hard to imagine doing much better. The rise looks nice and high on him but not bad even without pleats. The lines are all clean, the legs are straight, full but not swimming-full. The only thing I might change of consequence would be a little more taper just below the seat as the back leg starts down. Wish mine looked like that. Do you have pics of you in your best fitting trousers? Again, I think...
 Really a tailor's question in the end but a few thoughts. On getting trousers caught in the shoe, I just don't think there's a way of avoiding this with a fairly slim profile because one walks around. Hems will settle as hems settle, and I wouldn't expect that they always fall cleanly. It might be that a slightly wider hem will help, but you should expect that this will happen. I find my trousers sometimes gets caught in the back! But cuffed trousers that are skimming the...
The best I can do. Not sure how helpful this is, but wider spread to narrower (ignore the points showing on the bottom if you can)      
Perhaps you are right. I will defer, but evidence is always good. It is clear that almost all examples I have seen here which are appealing are wide spread (minimally obtuse angles).   I do find it hard to see how the bottom right would be ideal although it isn't terrible. The acute angle seems to me less desirable than the obtuse angles in the other examples (so " wide spread").
Thanks for allowing the repost. It was a nice thread and SF can be useful in that way to get personal feedback (well sometimes...)   I think the collars give folks a sense and they can impose their own heads. Mostly, it's to see if any of this is worth discussing in more general terms. We all seem to love spread collars though with allowances for what one might mean by "spread". Maybe one question is whether spread collars ever look off depending on the shape of the face. 
I hope Mktitsworth won't mind. The original post was above. Here's his graphic for collar options: [[SPOILER]] I suppose there's something in Flusser about collar shape and shape of face. I think we're seeing just spread collars in WAYWRN and the Good Taste Thread these days. Number left to right, top to bottom, I'm partial to between 3-5. I also agree with Stitches comment in the good taste thread that no reason to limit oneself to one. At this point, due to several...
This was calculated? Or done by eye?
Since gun club/striped tie pairings has ended on a good note (some agreement), shall we move on to shirt collar shape/spread/construction?   @mktitsworth has a cool old post here (with cool graphics: http://www.styleforum.net/t/244719/figuring-out-face-shape-and-collars-by-playing-around-with-lines).   Maybe begin there and discuss (or we could continue this at the good taste thread where the issue began). Seems slightly out of place there, but whatever, either way.
Fair enough. One shot never tells the whole story (see my previous two pics). That's a cool thread, btw, and graphics. Which one did you opt for?
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