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M&S? Impressive. Nice pattern, though perhaps easier for them to get some good tweed?
@mossrockss Kent Wang, striped polo.   http://www.kentwang.com/polos/polo-navy-stripe-white.html
Thanks cyc. Yes, pushing this further is what I was hoping to hear from folks in this thread. That seems like a good suggestion and CD is a good resource for me in that regard.
Avoiding campus today.
  CM person here, first time post, but this seemed pretty safe. Avoiding campus today. Suggestions welcome!   Field Scout Kent Wang Gustin Superga
Henry (Jason?) why have you gone with the thicker lining? This is meant as an engineering question!
Cheers Henry...just need to get some HC ties in the collection now. Thanks Pliny and Ernesto as well.
Ezlau: waist looks good. When I tried it on in the store, it was less shapely.
Thanks @ezlau   That looks good, did you take the waist in a touch?   That's the brown/cream houndstooth? I was thinking of the navy, pea, acqua, brown one. The latter is sort of crazy, but curious how it looks.
Anyone have a fit pic of the shepherd's check from S/S this season? The one Gyasih has...hint, hint.
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