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 I've violated this rule within this thread (sorry!). I understand the reason for it, though it is too bad as there's a nice camaraderie in this thread and it would be nice if the standard participants could trade or post B&S for mutual benefit (among e-friends). Anyway, as this was originally a tie advice and appreciation thread, saying goodbye to these until next fall/winter season (unless the weather changes again!).   Would be good to have a blue donegal and a few in...
Looks pretty good from what one can tell from the pic (nice jacket!). As long as the sleeve fall cleanly from the shoulder, then I would think the extended shoulder to be fine. It looks that way from the pic. One small thing: either you left your shirt cuff unbuttoned or your shirt sleeves are too long. If they are buttoned, think about moving the button in or shortening the sleeve and then set the length of the jacket sleeve.  The big question, given recent comments: does...
@europrep  Is this the Carmina Jumper boot?
Folks, again a Carmina last comparison questions   I fit well in a Rain and Forest, same size, half size up for Simpson though there, I find a bit of heel slippage as a result. Rain is my favorite fit but Forest is quite adequate.    If that's similar for you, how do you find the Oscar in the same size as Rain/Forest? Or indeed, the Soller as well?   Cards on the table: am interested in a pebble grain boot, either chukka or the jumper for more tweed/flannel combos or...
@Murlsquirl Is that Loro Piana, wool, linen and silk?
Yes, forgot about TYT (have one of those, from NMWA). But Greg, I think it's been a while since you've been in a long, boring meeting. Take it from me, wear a TYT or Drakes to the next one. For looks, you know.
Shh.... [[SPOILER]] Seriously tho...outstanding edges there, no? Not all tie makers do it right.
That Drake's striped tie was one of my 5 picks a few weeks ago. I have a few Drake's wool ties at this point and so long as the wool isn't too thick, the 8cm really ties a lovely knot (as I suspect these will). The hand rolled edges are really well done, kind of fun to roll in your fingers with while you sit through a boring meeting or lecture. Anyway: strongly recommended.
Really nice collaboration you have there. Pics are beautiful on many, many dimensions.
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