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Some times, you find totally random threads.   http://www.styleforum.net/t/82446/styleforum-meetup-in-sf-with-pictures
Now asking $85
That's the lore that's out there, though I find it hard to believe. I think the stretching probably comes from use and not hanging. I hang mine along the middle of the tie where there's no silk weave to stretch. The weight of the tie seems really too light to cause any stretching. Pulling on the tie, however...
@justinkapur    Justin, can you say more about the fabric of the tie? I've been eyeing that pattern (Patrizio seems to have several colors in that fabric). Texture, feel, weight, etc. Was this bespoke, and how was it constructed?
There's a bit of tongue-in-cheek in my last comment, btw.   That said, I don't like dark brown suede in the summer though I have a pair of navy suede bluchers that I wear and seem most appropriate for spring/summer. But people loaf in different ways.
Further ignoring of SF-advice "rules"  
Classic-but-dated sounds right.   Incidentally, wrt the blue trousers you asked about, please consider:     Those might be mid-grey, but they look slate blue to me in this pic. As slate blue, they work quite well, IMO. A really nice look for spring/summer, but if you shift to more light or mid-brown up top, then I think lovely for fall too.
Sadly, many of the pics in Trini's thread are gone (@TRINI).
@turkoftheplains    It's great you dug into the archive. I think we should revisit it. Trini's thread is also a great resource, and I'm grateful that he put up pics from his archive. What is timeless as an idea? Can Manton's brown flannel chalkstripe be timeless yet dated?   I can't say that Will's style always appealed to me, but I appreciate his approach to clothing and his thoughts about it.
Bump: Epaulet MTO versions for the fall for Southwick Harris Tweed are listed at $1195, so this price is really quite a drop for a great fabric in a standard size.   http://epauletnewyork.com/collections/made-to-order-suiting/products/made-to-order-sportcoats-suits-tweed
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