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Ah, sorry for not including the details!  The promotion code to use at checkout is "cashshoe" and it should deduct the price by around 30-35 pound. Here is the link: You should only buy from the Loake 1880 line because all of the others are not worth it.    Here is what it should come down to: (do not get the free shoe trees unless it's a must have for you because it would increase the shipping costs/might not work with the...
Pediwear is having a summer sale right now where they will drop about 30 pounds off of the list price of a pair of Loake Aldwych, which puts the total to around $220 USD. Personally, that's what I would do if I was in the market for a pair of captoes in that price range.  Loake and Meermin looks much sleeker and better to me than the Park Avenue. I would even pay more and gamble with the Meermin before buying a pair of Park Avenue...
Pediwear is having a summer sale so unless I am seriously mistaken, it should puts the Loake Aldwych within $15 with Meermin Classic Line's captoes (including shipping). So is there a reason that I should pick one or the other in this case or would the safer shipping option with Pediwear, not having to worry about custom fees, makes it an obvious winner for the Aldwych? Thanks! PS: I have a pair of Loake pimlico in the same Capital last and is very happy with the...
Oh wow, these are so much lighter in person! How much was it in total including shipping? I read somewhere a while back that the shoes are 160 euro (not including shipping) but forgot how much are taken out if VAT is not included. 13%? 18%?
I wear a 10 in AE Park Avenue (fits perfectly) and a 9UK in Loake chukka boots (fits well but comfortable) There's some cheap seconds in size 9.5 UK Meermins on eBay. Do you think I could get by with half a size too big and thick socks or would too large is still too larger?   Thanks!!
A 10D in the park avenue is TIGHT on my feet so sizing down 1.5 sounds crazy but... 9UK in pimlico is comfortable but definitely isn't as snug as I thought it would be, even when I'm wearing very thick winter socks.
From the side, the Wolverines look much better and "slimmer" to me as well. Now, only if I could find a pair around $200 to 250... :D
I usually wear anything from size 10 to size 11 (10 for dress and 11 for casual) but recently I got a pair of Loake Pimlico and size 9UK and I felt as though it could have been an even better fit if I would have gone down 1.5 size from US sizing rather than just 1. (Factory recommended 0.5...) Tried on some red wings as well and 10 was a bit big... Something about boots that just fits large for me. 
From the look of the picture, the Beckman seems to be the sleekest EXCEPT FOR THE RUGGED SOLE :(  Is there a version with leather sole?  Thanks.
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