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I'm pissed off I got scammed on Ebay.  I bought a jacket on Ebay a month ago and the seller sent it to me through Cabela's.  Today I received a letter that the seller chargeback the credit card to Cabelas.  And now Cabelas wants me to pay $184.39.  I got $97.99 back from paypal for the jacket I bought on Ebay but still owe Cabela's $184.39.  Totally got screwed twice. 
Are sleeves easy to shorten on the Barbour Chelsea?  I just received the Barbour Chelsea from Country Attire and it fits great except for the sleeves. 
Search for Guess topcoat on Ebay and you should find the same coat. 
Hi I bought these to wear for a wedding.  They retail for $357  http://www.guidomaggi.com/en/collection/dress-shoes/capri-detail.html?showall=1#.ULRSxiLkoxA  and are like bespoke elevator shoes like celebrities wear.  Made in Italy.  Selling for $225 plus shipping. 
Heads up for college students, Allen Edmonds is running a promotion where you can go to any retail Allen Edmonds store and get a free tie or belt when you buy a calfskin leather shoe. You must show your Student ID for this promotion. Full details here http://www.craveobject.com/2012/11/allen-edmonds-free-tie-or-belt-for.html
New Posts  All Forums: