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Really like that ^ Who are the makers please @bienluienapris ?
Late to the party on the fragrance topic, but agree 100% with JM on Tobacco Vanille being too sickly sweet. I personally much prefer Tobacco Oud...
Sorry @NickPollica, gotcha and completely understand!
Thanks for the heads up on size 38/48L tailoring @JIMB @jtj48 and @NickPollica. It's a shame but you're certainly not the only label that doesn't make this size!
Has anyone come across a retailer with a large selection of 38L suits and sports coats? And is the general consensus to size up on the Lupos long sleeve polos, especially if one has broader shoulders and longish arms? Many thanks
Details on the sweater please @dalevy? Looking for something similar - the cashmere William Lockie (including for Drakes) is probably outside budget, and not quite sold on the cheaper camel hair option. Thanks!
Thanks, but as for getting a 36 inseam, they only come in 32 and 34 inseam in my size (31)
Yeah and that will be too short, hence my nervousness. Any tips for minimising shrinking as much as possible once a soak or washing becomes necessary? Just go as cold as possible?
Also been window shopping Aero for a while now so subscribing to this thread
This is all very timely as I bought a pair of rigid 1947s this week. I'm a size 31 and they don't come in anything longer than a 34 so I'm a little nervous but I'm going to wear them without a soak or wash for as long as possible. I can lose an inch in length but wouldn't want to lose much more than that...
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