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Killing it as always, @bienluienapris !
Awesome, @A.J.V - are your shirts custom?
SuSu Uniqlo Incotex Meermin EG I need to upgrade my OCBDs...
@upr_crust those Tyrwhitt shoes are great. Are they recent or was CT, like Lewin, much better in days gone by? Many thanks.
Trousers are fantastic @bienluienapris - who are they by?
Many thanks @rossoz !
Me: John Smedley Oliver Peoples Rolex Other guy: H&M
Not sure I want to follow @SprezzaTrash's outstanding post but just back from dinner at a local restaurant with my wife even though her contractions have started SuSu PRL chambray club collar No brand camo ps Incotex RLPL
I have this jacket (assuming it's PRL, otherwise mine is very similar) but I agree I cannot pull it off as well as AAS!
Thanks for your kind words, and you are absolutely correct, it is a 5513 (a mark iv maxi dial from 1981 to be precise). As someone else said, it is not a watch forum so I wasn't going to go into too much more detail or start correcting people after their very kind words but well spotted and you're right to raise it.
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