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Trousers are fantastic @bienluienapris - who are they by?
Many thanks @rossoz !
Me: John Smedley Oliver Peoples Rolex Other guy: H&M
Not sure I want to follow @SprezzaTrash's outstanding post but just back from dinner at a local restaurant with my wife even though her contractions have started SuSu PRL chambray club collar No brand camo ps Incotex RLPL
I have this jacket (assuming it's PRL, otherwise mine is very similar) but I agree I cannot pull it off as well as AAS!
Thanks for your kind words, and you are absolutely correct, it is a 5513 (a mark iv maxi dial from 1981 to be precise). As someone else said, it is not a watch forum so I wasn't going to go into too much more detail or start correcting people after their very kind words but well spotted and you're right to raise it.
Thank you, Andy. That means a lot, coming from you. This was a Grail piece for me, being from my birth year. My wife will be having our first son in a matter of weeks and I'll be picking up something from his birth year in due course too - to one day hand down.
G&H RLPL Brioni Rolex
Boglioli Herringbone Sydney Talbot Brooks Brothers Septieme Largeur (Birth year) Rolex
On the way to the airport for my weekly flight to London G&H Lewin Talbot (Birth year) Sub
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