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Prince of Paisley that meme made me laugh out loud. When I was 30 and single back home I had an apartment in New Farm (nice part of Brisbane), which to be fair I still have, and drove a BMW. Now I'm 35 with a wife and child, earning less money working in London than I did in Australia, spending money on flights just to get to work each week from Zurich, and - most apt given your meme - we lease a Skoda (which are surprisingly popular here actually)! Life happens when...
He might, and if he's put himself in that position by that point in his life I'll be very proud. It also means I've probably passed his watch to him earlier because he's shown maturity with his money and in his life, etc. I was 31 or 32 when I got mine but I had prioritised an apartment and nice car before the watch.
@The Ernesto ha @Gerry Nelson I hope so too. That's why I think 21 might be a little young (if I think back to myself at that age). Passing it on at 25 or even 30 should hopefully be better for ensuring that.
That said, I will probably contradict my 'first Rolex' statement with my son's watch, as I already have a sub and will therefore look for something else - most likely an Explorer!
I don't think it's a gimmick. I would like one particular model of car from my birth year too one day, and I enjoy tasting wines from my birth year as well - even though it wasn't a very good vintage for a lot of them. My first son was born a few months ago and in a couple of years, when money isn't so tight (I'm currently living in Switzerland but working in London which majorly blows given the weak gbp and cost of flights each week) I'm going to buy a 2016 Rolex for...
@md2010 Explorers are nice but I think the Sub makes for a better "first" Rolex, if you know what I mean. It sounds like we have similar backgrounds, although I grew up in Australia. I was the first person in my family to finish high school, let alone university, and my reasons for wanting a Rolex were a lot like yours. Mine is a birth year, no date Sub, have you considered the birth year option?
Armor Lux Uniqlo Incotex Church's Rolex
@Zen474 I think your misgivings about the suit possibly being outdated stem solely from the fact that it is a hard 3 rather than 3r2 - perhaps it is worth investigating having the lapel re-rolled which I believe can be done. It's a lovely suit btw
Many thanks @chocsosa and @Anden , your responses help a lot. Long story short, I'm currently living in Zurich but working in London and I can't imagine wearing anything but black shoes in the City so it's great that you both suggest that's still a good looking option. I wouldn't hesitate then wearing the suit with cordovan or chocolate brown (either leather or suede) if I start working in Zurich or return to my native Australia. It also helps that I initially thought...
@chocsosa outstanding fit. To confirm, the shoes are black yes? I also want a brown suit for a conservative work environment but have been put off by the shoe colour question. Same issue goes for a solaro summer suit... Cheers, Nathan
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