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Thanks, but as for getting a 36 inseam, they only come in 32 and 34 inseam in my size (31)
Yeah and that will be too short, hence my nervousness. Any tips for minimising shrinking as much as possible once a soak or washing becomes necessary? Just go as cold as possible?
Also been window shopping Aero for a while now so subscribing to this thread
This is all very timely as I bought a pair of rigid 1947s this week. I'm a size 31 and they don't come in anything longer than a 34 so I'm a little nervous but I'm going to wear them without a soak or wash for as long as possible. I can lose an inch in length but wouldn't want to lose much more than that...
Thanks @HeyBremen and @peppercorn78 , this info helps. I wouldn't say my toes splay a massive amount, about 10.3cm at their widest (but that's still enough to cause discomfort in a lot of shoes). My heel is super slim though and I have flat feet (so much so that I had to wear orthotics as a kid and possibly still should more often)...
Your feet sound like mine (although maybe your toes are splayed even wider), may I please ask which last you want for? I've already swapped a few emails with Mr Kuti and agree he's extremely helpful and I haven't even placed an order yet! I'm usually a US10 and fwiw he thinks I'll get by with a 44 in the U last or a 43.5 in some of the other lasts...
I really like this @sebastian mcfox
Congrats @jcmeyer and @doomx !
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