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What is it?
there isn't a uniform but there is a policy.
yes its private and you have to wear shirt and tie/ shirt and sweater.
Hi, Im going into highschool next year and my father is a maven of custom clothing using taylors like corvato and bugelli, but I dont know what I should wear to school. It is a high school and the typical dress is sneakers or boat shoes, slim pants like chinos or corduroys or dark colored jeans, and a sport shirt, usually with a pattern and a sweater or tie. Overall, not too formal. Any ideas for brands that are affordable and well-made?   Sincerely, mteps
I am a huge Parks and Recreations fan and I wanted to know where they get Aziz Ansari's character, Tom Haverford, his ties? Does anybody know? Especially those nice slim ones with stripes.
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