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July A2 still out there for me, no tracking or response.
middle of week 75 or so
70th week here, yay!!
what are the leathers?
that's not possible.
i'm sure it's a sample
why are people still talking measurements and options when manufacture and delivery has stopped?
Wow, 5 boxes go returned, that's like 6 mos of production.
july 2013 order, still waiting, that's an absurd premise, even with the announcement and influx of orders.  congrats on beating the rush.
that update said absolutely nothing tangible.  we're in exactly the same sport, with most likely exactly the same likely conclusion.  so jackets that were ordered in nov/dec will batch with ones from jun/july when it looks previously like single style batches only encompassed like maybe a month of orders?  the last a2 batch to go out(not a very custom piece), it made up like 3 weeks of orders.     update buyers on the status of specific jacket styles or your plans for...
New Posts  All Forums: