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that update said absolutely nothing tangible.  we're in exactly the same sport, with most likely exactly the same likely conclusion.  so jackets that were ordered in nov/dec will batch with ones from jun/july when it looks previously like single style batches only encompassed like maybe a month of orders?  the last a2 batch to go out(not a very custom piece), it made up like 3 weeks of orders.     update buyers on the status of specific jacket styles or your plans for...
it's time to employ other means of communication, whether it be a slew of paypal cases, press, locals tracking him down at the restaurant, whatever.
what's one reason not to process refunds and tell people to find a replacement in line?  wouldn't you prefer one jacket leaving the queue at this point?  the only tangible reason is a lack of money to process a refund and they'd rather push that little tidbit back as far as they can.  thank you dieworkwear for taking the time to put all the reasons down, i think several of us wanted to do the same thing but haven't taken the time.      no capital, leather inventory, or...
This isn't a nominal sum of money nor merely handful of people affected.  at a minimum you've got 200+ jackets in the "queue", most likely an amount well above that.  toj has taken several hundred thousand $ of payment for goods with no foreseeable delivery date and no communication either publicly or in this semi-private forum.  deliveries have slowed to a trickle, whether or not all orders came from SFers, we represent a good cross section of orders and attributes,...
agreed on sizing mcclean vs. original 1k, look and feel to be the exact same fit, if measuring right out the box on both.  CXL stretches quite a bit, relative to other leathers, so you will find older pairs fit larger than brand new.  
mid-july 2013 order on an a2 and not a hint of expected delivery nor a hint of an update, good times.  the "small staff and other(food) priorities" excuse is garbage.  deliver goods or provide updates, updates aren't the ridiculous chore you make them out to be.  
TY!!!!  caught the single unit restock after i spaced on placing the first order
Amazing pics!  Thanks for sharing
what's your location?  giving me hope I may get a surprise this week, with tomorrow being my 1 yr from order anniversary!
you've yet to directly answer a question related to the production status of jackets in which you've taken payment and gone 2.5x beyond an estimated delivery date.  that simply doesn't fly.  you touched upon a "bottleneck" in about 3 sentences and have since written several posts.  you're not taking new orders, so old orders are the only thing that matter.  answer some questions with a concrete response and at least people will have clarity.     btw, an uptick in orders...
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