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So we're up to 8.5-10 for anyone who's looking to sell.  
go to the website, put a boot in your cart, try the code, check for discount.  if it's not there, it's over.
If anyone is experiencing the same "issues" with an 8.5, I'll join Nick in saying send them my way.  I'll cover your cost.  Great looking boot all around.
Also agreed, with my vibram trail oxfords being way high up the list as well.  Only thing I'm regretting is not putting a half-sole or mini-lug on the trench at the beginning of the winter, so I could have worn them 4-5 days a week as usual.  They're at the cobbler's for them now, though, so keep winter coming!   I'm going to take a picture of 5-6 pairs of CXL boots and shoes next to each other to show how even my personal collection runs the gamut on creasing.  Honestly...
like the thought of deeper pockets on the hoodie, but i guess i don't know that i've ever seen pockets extend to the ribbing.  seems like it may invite a few issues should the ribbing and rest of the piece shrink differently, or should the ribbing stretch after quite a few big meals, stressing the pocket stitching.
Judging by the responses so far, it doesn't seem to need more reiteration, but the denim shirts are boss.  It seems to be the universal response on these.  Got my engineer yesterday and I'm guessing I'll wear it everyday through the weekend, if I can swing a few really casual days at the office Thursday and Friday.  Super beefy, soft from the get-go, and great attention to detail, yet again.
broad assumption is 8.5, but it really depends on your foot, it could somehow be a 9.  1k mile size will give people a gauge, but not enough.  i wear an 8(just a touch big) in 1k's with a narrow foot, and 8.5 cap-toe trench fit perfect.  shallower toe box on the trench, but more side-to-side room.  the cxl on the trench is also quite a bit thicker, but should break in just as perfect.
Status on any of the others still outstanding/
Any updates on shirting production?  It's been a few weeks on the weekly email.  Is that your way of saying forget about Christmas on the rest of the November deliveries?
Did anyone get the email update for November delivery shirts?  Honest feedback, the communication is a huge upgrade, appreciate the updates vs the blind wait, but just leave out the "(this one will be shipping late)" next time.  Lots of the stuff on the list is shipping late, albeit by an extremely small amount of time. Pointing out the last item will be late when several other items above are in the same boat just rubs customers the wrong way, at least me.  Just give the...
New Posts  All Forums: