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Not much explanation needed. If you know, you know what you're looking at.   I bought it in store during the re-release last winter in late 2014.    Considering Uniqlo's collaboration with Jil Sander ended some years ago, this reissue very well might be the last time this piece will come out.   I wore it less than 5 times and it's in the same condition I purchased.    No refunds. PM me if interested. Price includes shipping. 
To anyone who has/had the fishtail parka: just how warm is it?      I have the Krane Emory which despite looking nice, isn't nearly as warm as I anticipated in the Northeast winters we've been getting.  My Adidas down parka keeps me toasty in the same weather even with just a long sleeve t-shirt underneath (but isn't that appealing aesthetically).    Curious where the fishtail parka falls in terms of warmth. 
How do you like your A-1? Incidentally,the last TOJ I'm waiting for is a suede A-1. Seems like a great design I'll wear for years to come, if it ever arrives.
 That's what I heard as well - that Drew was planning to make a comeback opening a chicken and beer restaurant in Itaewon (same neighborhood in Seoul as Libertine) but no developments have been seen at the actual location. Other information I've heard second (or third) hand from people who know Drew and live in Seoul is that he's been more or less laying low and his car hasn't been seen in months (speculation is he either sold it or possible moved).  I know it's not much...
 I have become a huge fan of Linjer since my first item (navy briefcase) arrived and have even decided to go with some of the smaller items for groomsmen gifts. Thanks Roman and Jenn! In case these suggestions might provide some pre-sale insight - I showed the above bag to 2 women  (both with design background) and they really like the bag. Their 1 comment is the handles would look better if they were thinner, but acknowledged that it's hard to tell without a pic of...
192 js0930 ($870) 193 hoppingtoad ($780) 194 seabrass ($780) 195 ricepick ($830) 196 gsafternoon ($780) 197. cllardoors ($1020) 198. chillyam ($820) 199. weatherbear ($380) 200. lrph ($450) 201. nonchalant321 ($711)       Added myself.
At this point, I would probably be willing to pay a bit extra to have my 3/14 order guaranteed to arrive within this month.
  What do you dudes carry around in your totes, on a day-to-day basis? I have the TOJ totes that came with jackets but debating if it's worth getting a nice tote.
 Ah - good to know. I did not treat mine and noticed that where the rain drops hit the leather, it left dimple marks. I tried to wipe it dry ASAP as soon as I got indoors and it was really only in the rain for about a minute, but it has definitely left some marks all over the bag. Hoping it's goes away and will know to treat it.
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