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At a lower price point,   Any feedback on these? Specifically, the Backpack 110 and Tote 401...   http://rawrow.us.com/collections/all
Any feedback on these? Specifically, the Backpack 110 and Tote 401...   http://rawrow.us.com/collections/all   ** Just noticed the thread moved. Will repost in new thread.
Mid 40s...possibly low 40s..comfortably. Some probably wear it into the 30s but I would probably just throw on a warmer jacket by then.The moto I have is quite a bit thicker and noticeably warmer.
My A-2 is the most thin out of the lamb TOJ I own/owned. The MA-1 is a bit thicker as is the MDR, and the moto feels almost like a really supple calfskin. It's also the warmest. I'm guessing it's more or less random in terms of texture and thickness for each jacket since some seemed to have received a thicker A-2
  Ah so you're the other A-1. What color did you order?  I had the Aeglus model in brown calf that I got of B&S...was a bit tight so ended up selling. 
BRAND NEW - never been used   LUIS STEVEN Laptop Briefcase Backpack - Tan, RiRi Zippers   This color is sold out.    For more information, please see refer to company link:   http://luissteven.com/collection/backpacks/medium-laptop-pack-tan/   Paypal accepted. No refunds/returns.
 This is a tough call, coming from someone with a black lamb A-2 and a black lamb MA-1. It's hard enough deciding which one to throw on as it is.   I'll put it this way - they're both awesome. If you get the A-2, you'll probably always "what if" the MA-1. If you get the MA-1, vice versa. MA-1 has the the plus of more practical pockets - in fact, the whole design is a testament to practicality and style.  A-2 has the plus of a shearling collar, which kind of makes you feel...
Helmet bag, chesterfield, and fishtail park or unreleased TOJ parka.    Is Scout still open for the next month? I'll be in Seoul in a week. 
Ok I just saw this....would you sell for 200 (before 4% and split shipping) to usa?
 I went with the placket and no name patch on my A-2. It looked a bit gimicky to me and I wanted something a bit more minimalist. Two years later, I still wouldn't add it but that's because it's black. I would consider adding it on a brown jacket.  I also would go with slightly longer sleeves. It ends just right but I think an extra two inches would have been perfect stacking so if you want that effect be sure to mention it. To each their own but those are my 2...
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