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I'm on week 21 or so. Gas mask pocket was requested sometime around week 6 :]
People who have the lamb ma-1:  if you were to do it all over...would you have gone with cwu or stick with ma-1?   it's too late for me to change my order and i know i'll like my ma-1...but it's a tough choice between the two
You can dress up the 4 zip fine. It's not a DR, but without a doubt it's flashier than an A2. As in, I work in a pretty conservative office environment (although not suit and tie) and feel the A2 is more appropriate. The 4 zip draws more comments by far... a lot of compliments but also some references to its flashiness. It's somewhat relative to your environemnt. To put it one way, the zippers on the 4 zip pop out and draws attention and the a2 just subtly adds to your...
I have both. Love both. That said, my black lamb A2 has really grown on me to become my favorite. It's got understated style and sophistication that fits every occasion. The shearling collar just adds to this versatility and actually is way more functional than I thought. I used to favor my black lamb 4 zip But I don't know if it's because I moved back to ny or I look for less flashiness...the moto doesn't get worn nearly as much.
Saw this weekender by Sandro at Bloomingdales outlet for 340. Looked like a perfect set to Toj daypack with black suede, leather bottom and even silver ykk zips.
I ordered towards the end of April.  I'm leaning towards using it as a motivator to lose some weight. I could probably lose an inch in p2p size before the re-order gets shipped out.  
Wool MA-1 arrived. High quality materials and heftier/warmer than I thought- lining is awesome. Got a 48 with 46 lengths - shoulders fit right but pit to pit feels tight when zipped (chest pocket gets stretched open a bit).   Debating between re-ordering another at 50 (46 length), or keep and get used to this.      
Brand new suiting wool MA-1 here, size 48 with 46 lengths. Literally just arrived yesterday. It's a bit tight across the chest due to padding (I'm 5'8", 170 lbs)   Would be willing to trade for a MA-1, size 50 with 46 lengths or will sell for 420$
A year and half ago, a card like this at Target would never have caught my attention.
  This could be a wild guess, but I'm surmising that you are not from the Northeast.
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