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Has anyone carried their Linjer briefcase in the rain yet (or had it get incidentally wet)? 
S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Coulson, you should have gone with the Charly Special.
 TBH, at the time I was sort of new to wallets in terms of style. I didn't check on Etsy or other sites. I saw the TOJ small zip and liked it. Read great feedback on it and decided to cop. Of the wallets I have, I currently only use an old J.Crew magic wallet (when it was still made in England). So, I'm probably not that refined in wallet knowledge. Only later did I see that other designers had similar designs. That said, at the time I had no reason to doubt TOJ. I've...
Have people started to receive small zip wallets? I ordered in mid-April.
Trying to decide between cognac or navy. I'm partial to navy but wondering if it'll be too formal for in an environment that's about 80% business casual, 10% jeans, 10% navy suits.   Is a navy leather bag too formal to use with jeans?  Shoes are usually black or tan. 
 Can't wait for wallets!!
I would think it would be very difficult given that the sleeves are zip closure with a button.. Unless, the tailor can alter them at the top where it attaches to the jacket, which isn't without problems as well.
 I have the mountain parka from 2010 - same cut but the current iteration seems to be made of flimsier material (same goes for pea coat). Neither are as warm as the 2010 versions.
 Said it before and I'll say it again - A2 and lamb MA-1 are forever jackets (and might even serve as motivation to not gain weight in old age).
At a lower price point,   Any feedback on these? Specifically, the Backpack 110 and Tote 401...   http://rawrow.us.com/collections/all
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