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 This is a tough call, coming from someone with a black lamb A-2 and a black lamb MA-1. It's hard enough deciding which one to throw on as it is.   I'll put it this way - they're both awesome. If you get the A-2, you'll probably always "what if" the MA-1. If you get the MA-1, vice versa. MA-1 has the the plus of more practical pockets - in fact, the whole design is a testament to practicality and style.  A-2 has the plus of a shearling collar, which kind of makes you feel...
Helmet bag, chesterfield, and fishtail park or unreleased TOJ parka.    Is Scout still open for the next month? I'll be in Seoul in a week. 
Ok I just saw this....would you sell for 200 (before 4% and split shipping) to usa?
 I went with the placket and no name patch on my A-2. It looked a bit gimicky to me and I wanted something a bit more minimalist. Two years later, I still wouldn't add it but that's because it's black. I would consider adding it on a brown jacket.  I also would go with slightly longer sleeves. It ends just right but I think an extra two inches would have been perfect stacking so if you want that effect be sure to mention it. To each their own but those are my 2...
Ah ok. Just wondering since I got one after being inspired by your initial review. Great jacket...good luck! 
Why are you selling? 
I have a black lamb a-2, lamb ma-1, and suiting wool ma-1. If i had to choose between keeping the a-2 or wool ma-1, the a-2 is a no brainer.  Its versatile, classy, street, and adding the fur feels almost like you're getting 2 jackets in 1. If you can, get both.    That said, the suiting wool MA-1 is a much warmer jacket than I thought. It's actually warmer than my leathers. 
I was watching Heejun Han (former American Idol contestant) on a similar Korean show - couldn't help wondering if he was wearing a black/black TOJ0...   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9kECZClvJ8
Hey guys - looking for some advice. The right shoulder gusset of my lamb ma-1 isn't folded in when I put it on. It's kind of stretched out and comes out of the gusset looking a bit sloppy. Think it got stretched when a buddy with bigger shoulders tried it on. Any ideas on how to mold it back so it stays folded in?
It's not ideal if you're over 5'10". 
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