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 Is your avatar from "Cheer Up" by Twice?
People who have the TOJ Fishtail - questions for you:   1) what color did you pick?   and   2) would you get the same color if you lost your coat and were to re-order? if not, then which color?
have most people received tracking? i haven't yet
Any updates on shipping?
Would prefer not to bring up B&S on the thread but if you want it that bad try looking on grailed. I know it's not the same but last I checked there were at least 2 toj baseball jackets so you might consider those.Charly, any time frame on the fishtail release?
That full placket looks awesome.
Did weekenders/hold all already ship out? I thought they were shipping in January
Same here
 Now...can't wait for the fishtail to drop...
 Just out of curiosity - are you writing the email in English or Korean?  I see how it can help and appreciate your efforts. A part of me hopes the restaurant helps him get some funds back so he can finish production of jackets - although this is wishful thinking. 
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