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 This iteration, only the quilted lining is removable. The zipper attachment of the quilted lining is really well done - might be wrong but I think the previous iteration was button attachment. 
 Nice - what color did you get? My fishtail has been getting some good wear time this week.  Not saying I would change it, but do you (or anyone else) know if the fur lining can easily be converted into a removable fur lining by a tailor? Or is this an impossible job? Or a difficult job?
 I have the Warm Tech Down Coat from last season - it looks to be the same iteration.  It's very warm - I've had other Uniqlo down coats that looked nice but fell short in terms of warmth.  Not this one.  I consider it money well spent and it did the job even during the coldest days last winter.   FYI - I'm located in New Jersey by the Hudson River (close enough that I can actually hear police sirens on the West Side Highway in Manhattan) - so same winters and I don't...
 Are you implying something?
 I have one from Barcelona Designs (same as MHD, since the box it came in read Manhattan Home Design) - and found it to be disappointing.  It's nice to look at as a display piece, but having sat in a Herman Miller Eames before, it's just not as comfortable. The cushions are too stiff, and the angles don't seem right - and you just don't get the feeling of being "enveloped" in. Granted, it's quite a bit cheaper - but it's still pretty expensive for replica that's not...
 Some success - 3 out of the 5 were cancelled, 2 shipped!
Are you using a vpn?
 i put in some orders on things that trickled back into the webstore. they've been in "processing" for the past 2 days - i'm going to go ahead and assume they're going to be cancelled. =(
 Definitely have room to layer. I went MTM but Charly said a 48 would be 90% there.
Fishtail has arrived.   This is the first piece I got from Falcon. I had several from TOJ but like many others, was burnt on the last jacket I was waiting on. I had been waiting for the Fishtail since Falcon first started and jumped on it first chance I got.   First impressions:   - Great craftsmanship, really nice details (even wife was impressed and is interested in getting one too now)   - Lighter than I thought - the reviews for the TOJ fishtail gave me the...
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