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Two I recommend :   One is Parmar Tailors in Bur Dubai and DIFC. One is called saville row tailors in JBR.. I dislike they used the name but the chief cutter did in fact learn there and has numerous stories to tell. If you want to get screwed cost wise but want a nice "white man" experience you go to the tailor in Jumeira Beach Hotel. Personally I cant stand it but some like it.    The trouble for expats is that a lot of the tailoring is geared towards Middle...
However, with no logo or other information I am struggling to find who makes it.. even tried a tineye reverse search with no luck. Usually I dislike polos with shirt pockets but this one seems very clean.    Any eagle eyes readers out there who recognise it ?   Best G.          
  Yes and No. It reminds me of being in my early teens and wanting to be able to have the growth to shave daily.    When your actually in that position, its not quite as rosy. As a consultant Im constantly bumping into clients at airports, restaurants, or even grabbing a drink downtown.  My latest nightmare was a flight to Australia wearing a three piece suit (jacket off of course), and not being able to change into my sleeping gear as a prospective client was sat...
im 5ft 11 , 185lb, very athletic and i still err on the option of slim fit. To me slim fit is for those who are in the sub 10% body fat, or are just generally tall and skinny.    However, more power to you for trying it ! 
  So I have about a year before people will trust anything I have to say ?
  I think thats putting it fairly politely 
Thank you sir ! I look forward to making a purchase. 
Double post. 
Noted.. and agreed. This seller has 72 sales total, so not necessarily a huge seller by any means, and it seems alot are the same sizes so perhaps a boyfriend/husband et al.    Sometimes I feel the impulsive ebayers kill the sensible market with their " I must win this whatever the cost ", and you see items priced even above retail.   However, a used lacoste polo at 95$ seems a little odd. Ive heard of people who get a kick out of used items and pay a lot for them, but I...
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