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That Monitaly set is redonkablous.
I'd go full Uncle Eddie.
A Vickery Auction without sealed bids is, by definition, not a Vickery Auction
Last time I did it, ebay allowed me to combine all items to the same buyer in one shipment, and it added the tracking number to all of the items (even tho the buyer had paid for them separately).
If you were the buyer, which would you prefer?
 Thanks Nat! I'm not a smart man...I was looking for the wrong stuff in the wrong places...now I see that label!   Appears to be 1987 - you were spot on with the ID'ing! 
Slim garage sale pickins...       Not sure if it works - don't care either way - I like the lines:      Hoped this might be something, but quick eBay search says it's probably nothin'.  No tags anywhere (had a collar tag, gone missing).    
Nice coat...for me to poop on.
This is Belvest for Hermes: http://www.styleforum.net/t/352887/the-official-thrift-thread-maker-label-guide/0_30#post_7660034
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