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 Yes, I do think he cut it when opening.  Looks like a nice new clean cut to me - no fraying at the edges yet...and obviously was not in your original photo.
 Ahh - got it.  Bought the shirt new earlier this year and don't like the fit (red tag = traditional apparently...not sure how that differs from "regular" fit). I assumed it was red fleece because I'd never seen the tag color before...but I see the red fleece tag actually says "red fleece".  Mine, decidedly not red fleece:  
 I leave all Ed Hardy, Audiger etc stuff...I guess some of it still sells OK but I'm not gonna watch episodes of Jersey Shore to get a dbag education.  Ain't nobody got time for thet. 
 Thanks for posting this - didn't know they changed the tags...and I've got one listed online as "red fleece" even though I'm pretty sure that's a kids' line...will change it to "red tag".
I would tell dood that ebay automatically opens it, not you...he should know that after 15 years on ebay. And relate what Wes said re: him actually having more time.When I have an item unpaid for 3 days I message the buyer, letting them know that ebay will open a case the next day, and if they need a couple more days to let me know.
If the tie were a desirable one and the flaws not visible when worn, I might sell it but usually steer clear of listing damaged ties. I'd describe it as pre-owned, with a snag and a thread pull and say where they are - photograph with a coin to show extent, and say it needs a pressing. But unless it's a recent Ferragamo, Hermès, Brioni etc I wouldn't sell it at all, personally.
Not BB - there is a company called Brooks that makes clothing (not to be confused with Brooks shoes / athletic wear either). G is Large.
 Leashmaster training lead. Link.
 It's a fishing pole, for catching dogfish. 
 He's a local, and has bought from me as well - saw him on the block list and removed him from mine.  Had 1 or 2 others who must have had old / bad transactions who asked why they were blocked from buying & bidding - checked their feedback and all was good, so removed.  Not sure how well the older entries on the SF block list serve us.  
New Posts  All Forums: