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 Excellent - thanks man!  I signed up for the 20% off single item coupons, using a couple different email addresses, but those take 24+ hours and it would only be for 2 items...and I think I'm getting 3 new racks, so the 20% off entire purchase is just the ticket.  Thanks again!!
 Oh no!  I had that happen twice, when my washer leaked - luckily it wasn't a lot of water and I caught it quick both times.  Ended up giving it away and buying a new set.  Yours sounds a lot worse, having to rip out the carpet and all.  Ugh...sorry mang! 
Thanks to @classicthrifter for posting the link over on the brag thread - I had no idea about the quarterly $25 shipping supplies credit.  Here's the "main" link (I set an Outlook reminder to check it quarterly):  http://www.sd.ebay.com/subscriberdiscounts/ Picked up some 16" x 12" x 8" boxes, which seem ideal for hats (instead of having to ship USPS flat rate large box), boots, etc.   Then I went downstairs to check on something and found this:     ...guess I know...
Mort Kunstler! Hope you can get ahold of him - he still owes me $7 and I want my money.
Check yo eBay deals/offers - got a coupon for $15 off a $60+ purchase (you gotta have a PayPal acct), valid until 10pm PT tonight.  I picked up something that was languishing on my watch list; the $15 off made it a no-brainer.  Wasn't valid on real estate, coins/paper money, and one other category I forget...valid on everything else.
Some newly listed BIN items - SF members get 10% off.   Amicale 100% cashmere black & grey plaid check fringed scarf 11" x 63"   Johnstons Of Elgin 100% cashmere blackwatch tartan plaid scarf made in Scotland   American Giant heavyweight 100% cotton black baseball jacket coat made in USA M   New Polo Golf blackwatch tartan plaid jacket Presidents Cup waterproof LG NWOT Neil Barrett AW16 Thunderbolt Lighting Bolt...
...and now I know as well. Had no idea.
 Still available...  Claimed.
L / XL. Thanks for checking tho.
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