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Champagne for your real friends, and real pain for your sham friends.
 Your assumption is correct.  You can require immediate payment, but they're not forced to pay if they BIN.  
 ...no you don't...  I also "require immediate payment" with BIN, but, a buyer can close the window, go to My eBay etc and it's not like eBay automatically processes the order thru PayPal and so on - they still have to go thru the checkout process.  All they get is a screen prompting them to make payment.
I was dressed as a "mad scientist" with blood-spattered lab coat, goggles and plastic bloody knife. I also have an inflatable sumo wrestler costume that is just hilarious but a pain to wear as you can't fit thru doorways or into cars etc.
 ..so who is at your house, handing out Drake's for LuxeSwap ties to all the guys who show up with their kids? And come to think of it, if all the parents are out with their kids trick-or-treating, then the only people home to give out candy are those without kids (like me).  Yet another way I am forced to subsidize your kids.  It's bad enough most of my property taxes go to public schools - and I don't have kids to attend them - but I also have to give your kids some...
 Not sure if serious.  
Had my first grailed sale today.  Woot.  So far so good - I mean, he paid and all, and seems like a normal person after trading a couple messages.     If you're considering trying but haven't yet, my observations: Make sure you get the PayPal app for your phone, and have it set to notify you if you get a payment.  The notification isn't immediate, but it's probably fast enough, and allows you to go cancel the listing on eBay (which is why you should also have the eBay...
 Agreed - you get what you pay for.  My mom is a professional quilter and is always ironing fabrics (mostly cottons but sometimes others), and has a Rowenta something like this one.
 I have a ConAir I picked up at Goodwill, and use on suits & blazers, or to get a quick few wrinkles out of a shirt (if a shirt is totally wrinkled I'll iron instead).  Standard floor model with hose and tank (don't know the model #).  Works fine for occasional use.  I think we had this conversation a few pages back...
 Would that not be HAAM (or HAaM)?  But speaking of credit scores, I spent a solid 5 years getting myself back on track after numerous digressions because I wanted to buy a house - went from like 500 to 830.  It ain't easy, but it pays off in spades once you get situated and don't go nuts (again).  
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