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39.5R? I've never seen a tag that specific - pic?
Yessir...tho the one sweater came in the mail - the rest I picked up today.
Absolutely not. I skimmed the list of brands and wouldn't buy any of them at any price (unless the RL was PL or BL, which I'm sure it is not). If you want to set up a booth at the local flea market, sure. For selling on ebay, no way.
What I did kop today (save for a few things not really worth mentioning).  Nothing available at the moment.   [[SPOILER]]
 Yeah, ended up walking.  If it had the serial #, and had been 50% off, would have kopped.    I don't mind picking something up as an investment, if I can be guaranteed of a return on it later.  I saw this one and this one, and that's why I was considering it... EDIT: I'm actually still thinking about going back for another look...but that damned ground off serial # is a bitch to get over...
Standing here looking at a used (but nice condition) Belstaff Trailmaster Legend 2007, made in Italy. But serial # has been ground off and they want $450 for it. Debating...but think I'm gonna pass.
Wait - is there a new rule that all our posts have to rhyme?Totally ridiculous - I certainly don't have the time.
       Back when I had an office job, and chose to wear dressier clothes (shirt and tie and shit), I'd frequently come home and work on my '67 Firebird, or my friend's old Jeep, in my work clothes...fucked up plenty of pants, shirts, ties, shoes etc...probably a subconscious excuse to buy new stuff, or just lazy, or both. 
Start at usps.com and see what tracking says.
 Flip-talk: [[SPOILER]]
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