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Ok thanks - the AW years always throw me. Gonna list a jacket that came out last autumn / winter so I guess I'll go with AW 14 15.
Dumb question: what season are we in now? AW15 or AW16?
 I've got some tassel loafers marked Bally Switzerland, made in Italy.  For whatever that's worth...It it were anything other than plain cow leather (nappa, calf, goat etc), companies usually brag that up on their labels.  If it's really soft, supple and buttery, I could see Bally using calf or nappa, but if it's a bit stiff / less pliable and not really smooth to the touch, maybe regular leather. 
 I'm in - PM incoming shortly.  You're the man!!  
Prepare yourself for...very few photos.  All the time I was out and the number of stores I hit, I got very little.  Not that I'm complaining, but it was pretty light today comparatively.                               First time seeing this label.  Research shows it's this jacket on their site.  Waxed cotton, made in France.        
Thanks Hans! Good read, and bookmarked for future reference.
 I wouldn't expect much for clothing at a garage sale.  Which is not to say you're delusional, and I have no idea what brands etc you'll be selling, but I tried it once in Portland and clothing was the lowlight of the day.  My sister lives in a country club community where they have neighborhood sales twice per year and a ton of people show up thinking the residents are all rich (they're not), and the sellers with the $10 JAB and CK suits at the beginning of the day still...
Posted this earlier this week but just now checked the size tag...a big boy, no doubt.  Name tag inside one pocket - dude's a director of something or the other at Hilton.   Remind me - "C" length is short, correct?   And once we get above - say - IT 60 it's not a straight "subtract 10 = US" - - so IT 66 is more like a US 58, would y'all say?  I'll still measure but wasn't sure if there was a hard and fast rule.    
^^ PRL constantly amazes me in some of the stuff they make...compared to the cheap polos etc sold at Marshalls.
 ...and Zegna is pretty easy - all of their blazers/SC's from the past several years say "Jacket" near the bottom of the inside tag.
New Posts  All Forums: