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 If you have the time, swing by Miller Brothers as well if you've never been - about 20 mins from Sid.  Miller carries some nice stuff, has a bar (!) and is cool just to check out.  And of course, H. Stockton...but you probably knew all that.
Love Sid stuff as well. The pop-overs have a cult-like following.
Sid is size M, popover.
The painting itself - haven't seen anything older than like 1940s or 50s in that style & color combo, when the pacific islands became popular after ww2. Most is more recent. The stretcher does look older tho. I actively hunt tiki / mcm / etc and cannot see it being 19th c...mainly because no one was doing it then.That said, I totally would have grabbed it as well!
NWT Stone Island and BBBF. Sick!
Yep. Made in India, not England. Least expensive line. Not bad, but not top end...
Nope - only letters / first class stamps. The last price increase was originally supposed to be temporary; the USPS tried to make it permanent but they were denied and had to roll the price back to the pre-increase rate.
That can't be right...when I lived in Portland we'd see nutria (big river rats) scampering about on the banks of the mighty Willamette, all ratty and nasty and generally unpleasant. Maybe Italian nutria are something different...?
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