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Time for a nice plate of gnocchi. /Loyola University Rome campus, one semester. Heh!
^^ no, you're still not cool enough to wear that jacket.
I remember shopping with a girlfriend years ago at Macy's or someplace, and asking her if she liked a particular "Joffrey" Beene shirt. She laughed at the shirt as well as my pronunciation of "Geoffrey."
Fabric Reweavers USA would find some pieces from inside (extra cuff material or whatnot) and weave in patches. Might be noticeable when done but the one repair they did for me was 100% invisible on different fabric and pattern. Call em, email pics, they'll give you a good idea on how it will come out, and a quote.
I don't pop molly,I rock Stafford.
 Wow man - small world.  And even smaller town!  That Finster dude was something else.  Love that sort of thing.
Left the house fully intending to have a normal day - go see a touristy sight then come home, mow the lawn, trim some hedges, and maybe list some stuff on eBay.  No shopping!    Went to Howard Finster's Paradise Garden - he was an outsider artist and left behind a ton of work.  I dig that sort of thing - have been to several places along these lines. Only one pic for SF - shoes courtesy of @SpooPoker Adidas x Opening Ceremony, photo taken inside the mirror house - the...
So sorry to hear of your loss, doc. May he rest in peace.
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