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Some damn nice hauls from y'alls today. I decided that the Weather Channel was full of shit and hit a few stores. Pics later - time for a Bombay Sapphire and tonic. I'd kill for a lime.
Rain and some thunder etc is fine...but when it gets real hairy and you're stuck on the road, eff that.
Forecast for heavy storms, hail and possible tornados...now I'm thinking twice about heading out.
   That's not a hat...    That's a hat!
 I eyeballed it on mobile, and no pics showed up no matter how much I refreshed / reloaded.  Then clicked on a pic in the description and it only went to i.imgur.com.  Reloaded that and the full pic URL came up (i.e.: something like i.imgur.com/bke237.jpg), but the ""/bke237.jpg"" part of the URL was grayed-out like it was a bad URL or whatever.  Sorry I don't have a solution - just that it definitely was wonky-looking on mobile to begin with - - and you might want to...
That commie Adidas is pretty damn cool - like a Peter Max or something. Too bad about the holes.
 Looks like a crown on top, scepter on bottom, something else in the middle...
Congratulations on the new house eazy!
Huh - did not know the history behind Boss. Just read up on it - interesting.
He's posted some really baller true thrift finds, that much I remember. Your windy rants are like farts in the breeze. Truly forgettable and without substance.
New Posts  All Forums: