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The coaster at the Sahara was awesome, ... sadly now closed. If one has the nards, the rides atop the Stratosphere are scrotum-tightening. I always do the neon museum boneyard tour, but in July it'll probably be a bit warm, and with no car for the OP, maybe not an option.Check out the Fireside Lounge for some old fashioned Vegas extravagance.
You have a bravery. I remember the great madras tussle of 2012. One guy skinned his knee. It was very ugly.
Ditto for Forum at Caesars, and Encore Esplanade (at Wynn, tho fewer shops).The outlets never panned out for me.
Put This On has a concessions stand at your kid's school? Amazing.
Can't find another design like it on Google images by either j abadie or julia abadie. Which is neither here nor there, but I've always been able to for the ones I've found (at least the same design, but not always the same colorway).
@datsunfan you've saved a ton of money by not insuring everything thus far, so you could continue to self-insure and pay a refund yourself (with the money you've saved) it happens again. With obvious exceptions - items you wouldn't want to shell out for if they go missing (figure your personal threshold and insure stuff over that amount), fragile items, etc. I believe USPS provides automatic $50 coverage for all priority shipments.
Nope nope nope. There isn't a single Waffle House that makes microwave waffles. That sort of slander will get you sued, so, take it back.Good pass, and no turf wars here - I hardly thrift near where I live. Been dry everywhere.
Not sure - there are a few using that name in the general area...the one closest to me did not carry anything "upscale" at all. Everyday Polo and J. Crew seemed to be their top end. Haven't been to any others.
Those folks are locals; first time I've seen anything "upscale" offered by them. But 43 x 29, pleated and cuffed, with "discoloration" to all the linings - tough movers.
Congrats!! So here's what you do in like 10 years: one kid is probably older than the other by several minutes or more. Get the older one to constantly say to the younger: "When I was your age ..." and he proceeds to tell the younger one what he was doing 30 minutes ago, or however far apart they are.
New Posts  All Forums: