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 Other way around...mensaman is the seller (drlivingston).   Ella Fitzgerald, my dear Watson.
Found my old Handspring in a box the other day. Available.
From this point forward you are required to say "stylus" instead of "needle"...if you're getting into audio stuff. /geekery
I think these are mis-listed...Florsheim Imperiam Caiman loafers, listed as leather animal print...but far as I know, Caiman is gator, not a print.  If so, $30 shipped with dust bags, and look near new, ain't a bad deal for a size 9.5.  (not my listing...don't know him, can't vouch for him)
Picked this up last year.  Go ahead and laugh.    
 Looks like I picked the wrong week to send Spoo a box o' stuff...
25% off sale, free US shipping.   Alden, Cole Haan, Zegna, FootJoy, Dunhill, Kiton, Thom Browne, Brioni, Corneliani ID, Rag & Bone, AAPE by BAPE, Dsquared2, Coogi, Florsheim, Harley.                                
 I saw two at my TJX, so I grabbed them...I think they might just be regular ol' BB, that happen to have a blue sheep, though I do not recall seeing that specific label before.May have been produced for their outlets or something...(though I've never seen made in USA shirts at their outlet - only been once or twice - was always Malaysian-made shirts).Thanks.
Posted this on the thrift/discount store brag thread, but probably got buried. Anyone know what line this is?  I though it was Red Fleece, but doesn't say Red Fleece.  Made in USA, and original price are on par with Country Club and Golden Fleece, but it's not either of those. TIA.  [[SPOILER]]
Glad I left it, and will avoid in the future - thanks!
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