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 No I dint...make your own list!   
 Between two doors no less - yeesh!  Someone here posted a home-made wall mountable flip-up photography table they made, which might work in that space (TX Wood maybe?).  That light likely won't serve as the only light...but being an apt I can't see you adding ceiling-mounted lights, so you're probably looking at something you can stow when not needed (some folks have had good results with the clip-on shop lights from Lowe's / Home Depot).  Or, toss a single mattress on...
 My fave holiday movies:For after dark adults-only, I suggest Bad(der) Santa.  Total whack.A Christmas Story for the family.  Lampoon's Christmas for the teens & adults.Miracle on 34th St (1947 version) - all ages.It's A Wonderful Life - all ages.Classic Charlie Brown, Grinch, Frosty animated films - all ages.Nightmare Before Xmas - PG
Better than plain Gant not as nice as Gant by Michael Bastian.
Unboxing the LuxeSwap custom iPhone 6 received as a holiday gift from Spoo:    [[SPOILER]]
 You can also ask @Brianpore for access to the shared Google Drive list, update it with your undesirables, and check back for updates from others (or wait for Big Tex to post the master list here).
Picked up two pieces by this guy a while ago for $8.29 each - took me a while to flip them over, see the signatures, then decipher the name.  
  Wonder why he left the same exact comments for another seller, but gave them a positive and you a neutral...seems a bit douchy.   
Capnwes is the cufflink king of the east coast.
 Downside of being in the south - carton of Marlboro's is like $35 at my local grocery - probably cheaper at a tobacconist.  If you (and any NYC guys) want to set up a black market business, drop me a line.  Pretty sure I'm joking.  
New Posts  All Forums: