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 I dunno - listed as "new without tags" but in the description they say "barely worn, great condition"...which is not new without tags.  I don't buy from sketchy sellers, no matter how tantalizing the brand and price.
 I'd call your local Postmaster - they won't be doing that again.
 Your 7-day return policy vs. their approx. 30-day wear and tear could be your out.  I'd deny the return, hope they open a case, and win based on your return policy...CAVEAT being I don't get a lot of returns so don't know if this is a good idea. Er - now see that you're going to take the return - probably for the best - refund and move on.
Had these on eBay before... [edit - back on ebay they went]
  I hate Greg Norman.   
 With a name like Phil Simian he probably had monkey arms...better check the fit.Don't recognize the tag.
   Was cleaning out some old pics from my laptop and almost deleted what had to be my first SF "thrift brag" set of pics...which included hits and misses alike: 100% cashmere Crombie coat, Krizia shirt, Zegna shirt, Magic Johnson shirt, Jhane Barnes shirt, Burberry shirt, bad Lanvin tie, BB ties, Pfizer Viagra tie, DKNY orphan suit coat, and a few others.  Hopefully more hits than misses these days, but I still grab the occasional face-palmer.   
 The Alpha line seems to be among their most expensive...my problem is I don't know one line from the other and I don't think they are marked as "Alpha" and so on...so I too always pass on Tumi.  I need to edumacate myself on them.
 Huge garment bag with wheels?  Probably a good pass.   http://www.ebay.com/itm/TUMI-EXTRA-LARGE-Wheeled-Rolling-Alpha-Garment-Bag-Luggage-Suitcase-VERY-NICE-/161189661400?pt=Luggage&hash=item2587a70ad8
New Posts  All Forums: