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 You need to introduce me to Jad and David Fair.
 ...though z-racks have less than half the hanging space.  Z-racks have 63".  The racks from BB&B have 148", plus each bar end has a 10" pop-out I use for lighter items - ties, belts, shirts, etc - giving me 188" total per rack.  I'd need to buy 3 z-racks at $240+, or one from BB&B for $63, for approx. the same hanging length.  Taking that into account, I think they're a steal.  Z-racks would be ideal for packing with heavy items tho - the BB&B racks say 80# per pole,...
 Please allow me to attempt to dissuade you from z-racks.  Yes, they hold a lot of weight, but unless you plan to jam-pack them strictly with heavy winter coats, you don't need to spend the $ on them (they're usually cheap with high shipping, or expensive with free shipping).  I went with a few of these from Bed, Bath & Beyond, and signed up for their email newsletters a few days beforehand to get the 20% off coupon (they send the coupon about 24 hours later, so sign up in...
@dr that's just bizarre.
Happiness is ... changing wallets and finding the forgotten emergency Las Vegas $100 bill tucked inside the old one. Woot. I'm rich, biotch.
Depends on the item - some brands have specialists who check listings and try to weed out the fakes, but it's few and far between - that's why I'd almost never buy something like a Coach bag on ebay.
 Sanyo makes some good stuff.  Avoid Sanyo Carol Cohen - that's all pretty old.  I've bought & sold several of their raincoats, and kept a 100% cashmere one for myself (I think those retailed for around $4k)...their regular coats retail maybe $250-$600.  I know Barney's carries them.
Google fiber? Noice.
 What are you insinuating? 
Depends on what I paid for it more than anything. Do you have that information (are you the seller)?
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