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 Indeed.  [[SPOILER]]
  You'll have to guess what the #grail item is.   Actually got out today - didn't expect to.  Few decent pickups.              This MA-1 is so fucking badass.And so apropos - listing to RUN-D.M.C. right now.             Not one...     Not two...      But three...        Twinsies!  One is missing a front button, so I'm gonna have to go begging to a certain SF member...             These are baller.      And this wrap is HUGE!  28" x 87".  Or for people who think in feet:...
#grail item acquired. Pictures at eleven.
 For BIN, I'm a xx.97 guy.  I know Wes is something like a xx.46 guy.  I never bought into the xx.99 pricing - I always round it up in my brain.  However, actual real research has shown that the numbers in front of the .95 or .97 or .99 actually do come into play.  I don't mean the obvious - $199.99 is $200 to almost everyone.  But there is a psychological difference between an odd price of, say, $322.22 vs $324.99.  You just never see $322.22 and it does seem weird.I...
tl;dr: the parts can be worth far more than the whole.   With this listing, assuming it sells eventually, I shall finally be rid of a pair of McIntosh ML-1C loudspeakers. Picked them up at Goodwill a couple years ago for $40 and it took a while to part them out. Had to buy a multimeter ($30) to test resistance on all the components, but it was worth it. Everyone needs a multimeter.   The cabinets had gotten wet and were not salvageable, and having them rebuilt was...
It's only the 3rd or 4th JAB thing I've bought - couple cashmere blazers and a NWT suit, from the thrifts. Figured it'd be an easy hundo+.
Goodwill out in the sticks, not much...  New/sealed DVD's - I always check, since $2.92 for a new DVD is cheaper than Best Buy.          Can anyone ID the maker?    It's on this suit, which I can't believe I bought, nor that retail is $2200 (tho I assume no one ever pays that much).    [[SPOILER]]
It is (lesser) - I bought the same one at Goodwill and decided to keep it for myself since the resale is not worth it.
It was a Hello Kitty beach bag kind of thing, new with tags. I stuck the lapel pin on the tag or on the bag. Just assumed you'd inspect something that an unknown dude from the Internet sent to your kid.
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