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 Not around these parts...yet.
 ??no such ID...
Let me know who to block pls.
 Nice find - exactly the sort of bag I've been looking for, for the last 6 months, for the same purpose.  Right now using an old LLB duffle until I can find something suitable - holds my flashlight, bungee cords, twine, black sheet (to cover stuff in the back seat I want out of sight), multi-tool, roadside kit, etc.
Hahahahah...unpaid item, now wants to cancel because they bid too much.     New message from: sukiface1 (12) hello,   I want to cancel my order. very high price bid..
 Good points.  My space is about 300sf and quickly shrinking with more stuff being cluttered into it.  I'm gonna have to think on it - I keep meaning to get some, then forget until it's brought up here again (or one of my crappy ones falls over again).  Looking at getting 4 or 5 of them and want to be sure before spending the $.  Price-wise, I could get 6 z-racks or 4 double racks for the same money.  Decisions...
 Kinda squirrely user - they started a return yesterday on a NWT Zegna shirt due to "does not fit" - they said it was 2" shorter than the other dozen Zegna shirts they own.  Then today they closed the return, deciding to keep it after all apparently.  
 and it collapses if/when your not using it - haha - I thought "well that's not very good", but then realized you mean it folds up for storage.  The shitty ones I have now tend to collapse! That one looks pretty good.  I'm leaning towards the z-racks still, like this one.  Prefer the single bar.  60" hang space, 400-lb capacity.  The junk ones from Target & WalMart give you about 32" hang space and 20-30lbs capacity if you're lucky.  I have 7 of those, plus 2 of the larger...
 Heh - I was looking at and reading about the C220 online last summer as a potential next car, then came to learn that it's not available in the states.  So I wasted some time reading about it, reviews etc, but did not come across any warning bells or red flags.  I ended up buying a 2013 C250 sport coupe; it being a C-Class I'm sure it has something in common with the C220, especially interior-wise.  I'm quite happy with mine.  Only one thing mildly distracting - when the...
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