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 One dude. But he shot him.  It's Chicago.  Fuck all y'all they say. 
I was pretty sure that was you but couldn't remember (Anheuser's disease).
Ermagerd. Fuck Brioni...Zilli!
Get drunk. Post pics tomorrow. Or Sunday. Not like anyone is waiting to see them.
Congrats TailoredConsignment for making the PTO roundup!
Thanks - did see there's one here in the newer outlet mall so gonna check them out next time I'm in the area...but thx for the offer!
I need to find an outlet cuz none of the regular sporting goods shops here stock the Samba or Gazelle.
Chemical compositions - can probably google and decipher. ...ie i remember c6h12o6 is simple sugar...and we all know h20, co2 etc.
 I'm not into the scene and all, but, T.I. opened a restaurant downtown named Scales 925 and they have all sorts of southern / comfort food on the menu, in a (apparently) classy atmosphere.  I'm salivating over some of the offerings.
New Posts  All Forums: