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Aye, sent yesterday.
When you go to his shop and meet him in person, you can see what he really looks like. Here's a pic:
 Awesome bike, man!   Here's mine from a couple years ago - 1973 CB350 G (only year for the "G" - front disc brake).  About 9700 miles.  
@txwoodworker pretty sure that arcteryx is the Livewire jacket - had a few over the years. Can't find it on Google, but it's several seasons back so no surprise.
Reminds me of my ex-girlfriend.
Estate sale was 75% off today, and everything here was $1 or less per item.             The BB in this pic is patchwork madras - never saw one before today:                  Printed 1971:   
All of that!
I buy from Lowe's (they have double thick boxes for good prices), but UHaul has more variety for picture boxes etc.
 The more I drink, the more sense you make!  Thanks boss!
Thank you - that's definitely it!
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