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Please post the buyer ID so I can block. Anyone who asks for a partial refund on a pair of pants that don't fit is suspect in my book.
Anything sturdy and over 12" deep (I hate when the records hang out). I had some shelves from Dania that worked well. A friend had a listening room and got some flip-thru bins from a record store that wasn't carrying as much vinyl as they used to - that would be cool.
It is possible, it is not illegal but it is against eBay policy.
 No dice over here - not when I hover over it from my summary, nor when I'm looking at an item.  Oh well...
Not everyone gets the same offers. If not in your inbox, was not offered to you. I didn't get it either.
A few days ago, a buyer opened a SNAD return case.  We exchanged a few messages.  Today they decided to keep it, canceled the return, and left feedback (below)...the power of personal and genial communications.  Yay!   
 I wondered why mine looked somewhat similar - must have been the automatic 5 stars for free shipping / shipping time / communication...hence making "item as described" rated lower than the rest, which yes does start to look bad.
Got this along with an e-thrifted blazer in the mail yesterday...  
I hear the sound of one hand fapping.
"Discuss with your tax professional."/threadIn reality it would probably be helpful every spring, for folks doing it for the first time to get a jump start.
New Posts  All Forums: