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 Thanks for playing guys, and your chosen charities thank you as well!      
 Hope you get some mad cash!  I used CoinStar since my crummy bank doesn't have a coin machine...but took the gift certificate option so as not to be charged the fee by CoinStar.
 Thanks for the tip!  Picked up a few things as well.
Results of the "guess the coins" challenge! 23 guesses (size 38R was a bit late but I'll count it).  The range:richnet12  7/15 at 8:34 pm  $9.78 dappercanadian  7/16 at 7:03 pm  $22.00 ArborVitae  7/16 at 12:29 am  $36.17 capnwes  7/15 at 9:14 pm  $42.86 Tyrone MacStiophain  7/16 at 2:41 am $43.04 Snoogz  7/16 at 6:06 pm  $43.79 size 38R  7/18 at 5:31 am  $46.00 FlorianQC  7/15 at 7:56 pm  $47.00 runyourchain  7/15 at 8:17 pm  $47.08 Yorker  7/16 at 1:49 am...
 Wow - nice grabs!  I gotta start hitting those - plenty of churches here in the belt, never been to one of their sales (yet)...
   My seller limits did not appear on my summary page until after I called and asked eBay to raise my limits...after that - poof - it suddenly appeared.
Shoes on sale!       New Allen Edmonds Delray black calf leather split-toe bluchers size 9.5 D          SALE $139.00 Free shipping       New $560 Salvatore Ferragamo Francisco black calf leather loafer metal bit 11 D         SALE $210.00 Free...
Apologies - deleted.
That coat is the sexbomb.com
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