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Browsing Periscope just now and came across someone selling clothing live, shopping channel style. Just some gal selling leggings, but her delivery is pro-level. Fun to watch. And for anyone considering live-streaming their thrift runs, 'Scope it!
Also have this NWT Y3 Yohji Yamamoto coated cotton moto jacket on ebay for $194: sell here for $125 shipped ConUS. Size Medium. http://www.ebay.com/itm/192037355356
I've got this NWT Robert Geller made in Japan bomber coat on ebay for $148, but I'd let it go here for $110 shipped anywhere in the ConUS. EU 50. http://www.ebay.com/itm/201740097074
 You can send your watch to Movado and ask for an insurance appraisal.  See item #22 at http://www.movado.com/us/en/faqs.html .If it's not legit, they will ship it back to you (not confiscate it), postage-paid, with a note saying it's not legit.  If it is legit, they will ship back with an appraisal.  I bought a Movado I wasn't sure about a couple years ago and got it back with a "fake" letter.Or, you can bring it to an authorized service center and hopefully they'd tell...
If anyone's been eyeing stuff from Linda, they're offering a 25% discount if you buy 4 or more items (excluding auction and accepted best offers).  So those RRL shirts at $29 would be $21.75 - not too shabby.  Probably some other stuff that would be worthwhile...all assuming measurements and condition are as stated.
The zoot suit from Saturday:   [[SPOILER]]     And sneaked out for a bit today.   Yes, another one.  Fuck is wrong with me?    Vintage Cooper G-1.      Another scarf party tonight!      
 I'd bet on Cifonelli as well.  Made in France, and did find one other tag.  Realized I never posted any pics of the actual suit - will do that a bit later, along with a few other things I grabbed today. Was reading up on the cost of said suit - starting point is around $10k; top end is about $35k.  Only saw one on ebay, sold for $4k but it had a scarf lining and mine does not.
 No idea who makes their true bespoke stuff...only other tags were in the trousers (more or less same as pictured), and a small tag inside the jacket pocket for owner's name.  IIRC they can cost north of $15k to have made.
The remains of the day.   Wasn't supposed to rain, but it did - came home to my new Klipsch speakers sitting out in the rain...UPS guy could have put them under the porch roof, but nope.  Thanks again UPS!  You truly suck balls!   Anyway...   Been a minute since I got some decent field time.     Another for my collection - I'm up to 8 or 10 now.  I can't help myself.         These B-9 parkas are the cat's nipples.  I also had a Skyliner in my cart but put...
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