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 Yes.  I've blocked them - I don't like that sort of thing either.  Folks also do it to see what the reserve is on auctions that have it.
 Heh - I still watch that movie when it comes on.Gal-friend of mine auctioned off an outfit worn by Kristen Stewart in The Runaways movie (leather pants, shirt, jacket, bracelets etc) - told her to end it & consign it to you since she's down the road a piece on LI, but it had already gotten bids.
 Most often it's the companies / brands that participate in the VERO program, and some of them are pretty vigilant while others you get that big red warning flag but there's so much fake shit on eBay for their brand it's almost useless (i.e.: Burberry).  Search & Browse Manipulation is reason to have your listing ended early, and does piss people off who are looking for something else, but I've reported listings and watched them all the way to the end with nothing...
Today's pickups:   [[SPOILER]]
 Wow - noice - congrats!     Digging on that!   Listed mine yesterday BIN after that was discussed on the eBay thread.  Fingers crossed.   ...but what the hell kind of shoes are you wearing?  They look like hobo shoes.  And yeah crop those bare feet out.  It is against the rules of this thread. 
 Thanks for reminding me - have a vintage pair (with the wool liners / booties inside) that I need to list - seems like the time is now! 
A HUGE thank you to @hooker4186 for being my Secret Santa this year!  Dude made a generous donation to their local animal shelter, per my wishes.  I thank you, and I'm sure the dogs and cats (and other animals in need) thank you.  Happy Holidays!!         On a related note, I sent my Secret Santa box out pretty early - tracking says delivered several days ago.  Haven't seen the recipient around here lately - hope they got it!
 Yeezus - I hope that's for a set of 4.
 Maybe the horse just needs some new shoes.  And so I'll just leave this right here...
 ...that Ben Silver pocket square is made by Drake's - might be worth mentioning...bring a few extra bucks.
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