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A purchase from merry old England.  Vintage (antique?) convertible walking / shooting stick.   [[SPOILER]]
Hmm - PayPal should have gotten $260 2 weeks ago, not 2080 NOK. The conversion is done at the time of purchase, not 2 weeks later.
 Front page of PTO - I say sell while the iron is hot.
Folks do it on purpose when listing fakes - ie Buberry, Hemes etc.
 Opium Wars and Ooh La La Sassoon!  Amazing.  That hide is ... something else, apparently with bullet holes no less.
No reserve auctions and some buy-it-now's:     New & Lingwood band collar striped French cuff dress shirt size Eur 44 US 17.5   Eton of Sweden multicolor summer plaid dress shirt Eur 40 US 15.75 slim fit   Ermenegildo Zegna recent blue pink white striped dress shirt, size IT 46 / US 18   Sid Mashburn recent multi-color plaid spring summer cotton shirt, size Medium   Bills Khakis summer blue & yellow...
First time seeing this label - any knowledge as to age / era?  I'm guessing 1979 / 1980 from the "S80" on the tag, and this other example having S79.   [[SPOILER]]
 Not sure about the Lacoste...I've only seen "designed in France, made in Peru / El Salvador", and those did have numbered size tags.  Never seen one made in France - could be bogus - no idea. The Cantarelli is already on deck for fleabay...  Hmm - OK - might be bogus after all.  Too lazy to go back downstairs and flip that tag to check for Devanlay.  Looking at the croc's again - jeez - all 3 look different - I think it's a fake!  dammit.  Oh well - at least the Louboutin...
Hit 3 stores, 2 had stuff, one had a sweater but only 1 person working the register and a line out my ass so I left empty-handed. Bummer of the day was seeing that a regular stop had figured out Brioni and Etro.  Last year I bought an up-to-the-minute Brioni blazer there for $6, and today they had a frayed, old label Brioni shirt for $80...and an old Etro shirt for $65.   Pics from today - a few pops for me:   [[SPOILER]]
Unbelievable...a buyer has just asked if I can unblock him so he can bid on one of my Zegna shirts.  This guy previously bought a NWT Zegna shirt, asked to return, I accepted, then he opted to keep it and left negative feedback (to the effect that it was fake, cheap and shrunk 2 sizes in the wash - all BS and eBay removed it).  This guy is truly schizophrenic.     What's good to know is that even though he changed his username, he's still blocked under his new username....
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