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And post here pls.
Where ever did you find such a fabulous jacket?
If this catches on, could be a decent way to make a few extra bucks while out on ones route, or road-tripping: Roadie app.  Obviously not a way to make any sort of primary income, but if you're already going that way, could make some extra coin.  Plus you get discounts at Waffle House!  I've only seen a few "gigs" when I checked it out, but I'm going to check again when I'm heading down to FL, and before I head back - one haul could cover all my gas.
News from home - better off selling on eBay...
NWT Miller Bros "Charleston" summer stripe pants.  100% cotton.  Flat front. Sizes 32, 33, and 34. Unfinished hems.  Retail $135 each; sell for $45 per pair including shipping anywhere in the ConUS.             NWT Bills Khakis 100% cotton yellow/white seersucker pucker M1PS summer pleated walking shorts, size 34.  Retail $97.50; sell for $37.00 shipped anywhere in the ConUS.           NWT Bills Khakis Parker walking shorts.  Flat front.  100% cotton....
Same here - he's spoiled.
@SteelGuy it's not BBBF, just BB. But you will see BBBF made in Thailand, China and USA.
Shields, no? Doesn't appear to be Mark, Brian, Robert, Dennis, Frederic or Bonnie Shields...
That is correct.
My only experience was someone opening a return case after 30+ days. I called ebay and they said I could deny it and not get negative feedback...but it showed as delivered over 30 days ago. Since you don't have tracking, I'd call ebay.
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