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Heads up on possible Canada Post strike or lockout, on or after July 2nd. Maybe @impuntura can shed some light.
 Probably Lil Tuffy.
The Young Ones. One of my fave British comedies.
I'll be listing this:            
And post here pls.
Where ever did you find such a fabulous jacket?
If this catches on, could be a decent way to make a few extra bucks while out on ones route, or road-tripping: Roadie app.  Obviously not a way to make any sort of primary income, but if you're already going that way, could make some extra coin.  Plus you get discounts at Waffle House!  I've only seen a few "gigs" when I checked it out, but I'm going to check again when I'm heading down to FL, and before I head back - one haul could cover all my gas.
New Posts  All Forums: