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I think a lot of folks are on fishing expeditions, see if anyone accepts or maybe has their auto-accept set really low. Other folks are just dicks.
I've got some Kiton trousers that are 80% wool, 10% cashmere, and "10% AMG". Any idea what AMG might be?
Thanks! Made in China...size 6 so I assume they're women's.
Hit 3 stores today:                                                                                             
Or to scoop out the cat box.
Someone should, might as well be you.
Nice grabs, Nat!   I keep looking for scanners, and shortwave radios in the thrifts...no luck yet.
Speaking of fruiting the trees, turns out I have a pear tree on my property...been here 3 years and it's never done anything but drop leaves each autumn, until now.     They're kinda funny looking; I shall call them Buscemi pears.   
New Posts  All Forums: