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Poping tagz!
I think if we trade some consonants and vowels we can make it work.
Seems legit.  
 Zippo is a name brand...if you try to auction that as a Zippo or Zippo-style, they will shut it down under VERO (they did it to me once).  Cool nonetheless - hope you keep it!  
Screwed up my camera settings again - sorry for the crap photos. 2 thrifts and a resale shop today:    [[SPOILER]]
Damn you're good! Yup it was a pair of Christopher's NWOB for $30. Had to leave before I saw yr reply - should have gone with my gut and bought them. Oh well - got some other decent stuff. Thanks - now I know!
Nope - standard height insole etc...thought the quilted footbed and nail pattern looked familiar but a brand is not coming to me. Look and feel nicely made.
In the field - anyone recognize the footbed / logo / nail pattern on this pair of monkstraps? Made in Spain, no maker's name anywhere. TIA.
Wtf is up with that package to Canada...
S Clay is pretty much out of it at this point - you can Google it / his brain injury. I had a gf who made me get rid of some books that she took great offense to - hah! Anyhoo - the book I published is called The Exit Collection - was $25 but folks hawk it on Amazon for $80 and up now. I've got like 6 copies left and am letting them ripen some more.
New Posts  All Forums: