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 Yay.  Case closed in my favor, as I was covered by Seller Protection due to having met the requirements (it was a $170 chargeback attempt - not the end of the world but I would have been pissed if I lost for some stupid reason).   "As you know, one of your buyers opened a case with their financial institution.  We're happy to confirm that this transaction was covered under Seller Protection as you met the PayPal Seller Protection requirements. The disputed amount is now...
Yes deetz pls - I do it the old fashioned way as well and it sucks.
The "rr" is not right. Conflicting tags. Gotta be fake.
 Memorize this list.
 I've redonated several bags of that stuff, and gotten receipts for tax deductions.  Thought about keeping some of it for if I ever have a garage sale...but I only have garage sales when I move, which I don't plan on anytime soon.  Not worth the time to list on eBay, takes up too much space, and it feels good to just get rid of it. 
 I grab the handmade / signed Talbott shirts, but they are few & far between.  If your aim in reselling is to make money, and you thrift, I am confident than you can do way better than a $12 ROI on caps.  But if you're doing it just for funzies, no harm no foul.  Yeah, I think Estate is what I'm thinking of in the signed shirts...always did well for me but only came across a few over the years.  Older Zegnas are almost always a pass for me, especially as stores get hip to...
 A pound of pure. 
 You should start an eBay title / ad copy consulting business.  People subscribe for like $10/month and get unlimited titling suggestions.
Did someone here say they are a personal financial advisor or planner?
 hah - those were the ones I was actually searching for but couldn't find them.
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