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I was a Sekai guy in the 80s, Campy parts...but my fave was a clunky old Motobecane. Urban Assault Vehicle, that thing was.
 I let sleeping dogs lie.  The subject of feedback comes up now and again - some sellers don't leave feedback for their buyers unless the buyer first leaves them a positive feedback...which can lead to a sort of stalemate. As a seller, if a buyer pays within 4 days, they get a positive feedback from me - no reason not to do so - the buyer has done everything they're supposed to do at that point.  I know some sellers wait to "make sure the buyer is happy", but if you don't...
I love McKenzie Tribe - buy that stuff for myself when I find it, which is rarely.
 Lotta folks having issues on and off today (as mentioned in the ebay thread today)....mine was wonky via the mobile app but has since cleared up.  Apparently they're rolling out updates and finding the bugs as they go.  You know, like usual.
 Yay!!  Will message you thru ebay - thanks!
B. Always go for B. (Heh - I'm the one selling the AD buttons)I've had two sets of the black "d" buttons but they sold pretty quick.If I come across any more, I'll hit you up.Another option is to buy my damn buttons, have them swapped, and list yours on ebay, individually or as a lot.
 Looks OK to me - only bought one thing lately, and it's there.  Feedback looks OK, active listings etc.
eBay on desktop has been working fine for me; phone app just started working again.
Yes - my mobile session expired and can't log back on. Waiting for them to fix it. Happened a while back and I had to uninstall and reinstall the app.
 Good point.  Hadn't considered that maybe he was trying to ask a legit question but phrasing was a bit off.  I need to take off my jade shades.       I did, once, for an early 1900's dress...sold for $1k, I thought it should have sold for more - so - "successfully" - maybe / maybe not.  Was only the dress on a rotating pedestal thing tho - no narrative etc like that seller (whose embedded vids do not show up when viewed on mobile).  Sometimes he comes across as...
New Posts  All Forums: