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I saw it because it was the #1 trending thing on ebay today...which ebay is promoting for some reason.
Keep your eyes peeled, folks.
 ??  I don't know what you mean...I only have "regular" gifs. 
  It's gonna cost more than $6.80 to ship signature and insured, so you better send him an invoice for the balance of the shipping charges, Doc.
 I was too cheap and made a best offer...good goin', Tex. 
 ...and he did...  wowsers.  great sale Doc!!
 Y'all did invent the Alabama Hot Pocket, so, I believe you when you says it's nuts. EDIT - just looked those up.  What is wrong with you people?  Vestavia Hills is like 12 entirely separate sections that aren't connected to each other.  
 Just Google-mapped Trussville AL - it has one of the most convoluted set of city boundaries I have ever seen...so all the parts inside Trussville that are apparently not Trussville...what are they?
New Posts  All Forums: