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 And the actual baby elephant it was made from.  Hard to get provenance like that these days!
There are currently 432 listings on eBay for a "t-shit."  So much for spell checking.
Anyone needs some REI boy's XS / 6-7 winter gloves?  New with tag.  $20.00 shipped to the ConUS.   [[SPOILER]]
Ah - ok - cuz your post said "Trucker" and that's what I thought you meant.
 On this topic, you can score some good deals at CarMax.  Yes, CarMax.  When I bought my car there, I grabbed it as soon as I could because it had been optioned to the hilt with about $10k in extra options, but the dealer had it priced the same as all the others of the same year/make/model/comparable mileage.  
 It does say something else.  Tucker.  Not trucker.  As in the car, the man, and the movie.
Bull horns on the front of that golf cart would not have been inappropriate.
 That's why Bloomingdale's has the b-tag, and I've bought a few things from an online consignment shop with a big tag attached in a conspicuous place which says it must still be attached in order for it to be returned.  
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