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 That's pretty much how it is.  Tracking proves delivery from the seller, and tracking proves return from the buyer.  Whatever happens in-between is not their concern.
 Filed an IC3 complaint as well as a USPS mail fraud complaint...just because you should if you intend to claim it as a loss on your taxes, which I will.  Maybe something will come from it, probably not.  But it's on record.  It was "only" $109.99, though with the refund that eBay will force me to pay it's $219.98 that I will be out in goods and money, and I refuse to take it passively.  Will be calling their local police dept tomorrow as well, just for good measure.  I...
Cool info. Pmd you before you posted that, so feel free to ignore.
As unexciting as it sounds, Google.
@ChetB check out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Victor-Rosado-New-York-1960s-modernist-art-pair-serigraph-geometric-abstracts-/351423836507?nma=true&si=YUdsWlZpfAfay3tEAkOk5FwCuJk%253D&orig_cvip=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
 Hate to be the person who jumps in and says "No but I have something different," but I'm going to anyway. I have 3 of the double side-by-side racks from BB&B.  I signed up for coupons and used them each time I purchased in-store.  Stated weight capacity is 80 pounds per bar but I'm pretty sure I've had more than that with a bunch of wool winter coats etc on one side.  Lots of linear storage space with the extendable ends. Z racks are cool and I'd definitely get them if I...
   Called eBay yet again (4th call), and the skinny is:eBay refunded the buyer the full amount of $109.99.  Since I already zeroed-out my PayPal account, they want me to xfer funds back into PayPal.So, the buyer has the item as well as a refund from eBay, which eBay in turn will extract from me.  If I don't have the funds in PayPal, they will add it to my monthly statement and get it that way.The eBay rep said when they did away with hassle-free shipping, they also did...
OK now WTF...?   This is the ongoing saga of the guy who returned a different item.  I opened a case, and got this email tonight - something about eBay wanting me to pay a "reimbursement charge".  My PayPal balance is zero (I drained it just in case some bullshit came from this transaction, which apparently is coming now).  Anyone have any insight as to what a "reimbursement charge" is, and why I'm supposed to pay it?   >> We issued a partial refund...
 My favorite tribute has to be our local news guys dropping lyrics:  
@Dirt Gustin always instakop.
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