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Maison is house, yes? Looks like title is House of Berlioz, as in, the composer. Probably his crib. Sig, dunno.
IIRC, it was two bidders that entered the wrong anount. Comedy of errors and didn't actually sell for that. Spoo correct me if I'm wrong.
Usually when Matthew blows into town, he grabs all the gold and zooms off in his Ferrari.I plan to hawk the sun lenses on ebay, further defraying my cost. I'll never get Lasik, and am hard on my glasses so need new ones every few years and by then they're too beat to resell...only useful as old spares just in case.
I'll jump on the e-thrift bandwagon:     Two new RayBan frames, one to replace a lost pair, the other because.  After coupons etc, ~$70/pair (not a screaming deal but about $200 off retail).  Now to get a new Rx and have the lenses swapped.
 I block those clowns, especially if they tell me they do it themselves.  Personally, I don't end auctions early, mainly because it's not nice to the bidders, plus you never know where it will go.  Letting him obtain high bidder status and then ending the auction and selling to him would be, I suppose, less sucky to the other bidders and not be breaking the rules.
   Goodwill's operate regionally, not nationally.  Here, it's Goodwill of North Georgia, and most (if not all) of them adhere to the same pricing structure, same colors on sale during a given week, etc.  We do not have a $1.99 day, but we do have the 50% off color of the week like everyone else.  I think we have 5 colors, maybe 6...so every 5 (or 6) weeks a new color goes on sale at 50% off.  Ties are $2.92, sport coats are $6.96, shirts are $5.75, shoes and pants are...
Mercari doesn't appear to be a bidding / auction site...just buy it now like Close5 and Letitgo.For the life of me I can't think of any other auction sites either.
^ I don't think I have the space for that, but luckily have a closet in the same room with a rack way up high.
 I have found zero pairs of Edward Greens, so consnatchulations to you! On an unrelated note, I think I'm banned from Buffalo Exchange.  Not sure until I go back.  Brought in a big bag full o' PRL, BB, recent J. Crew etc.Buyer: "$x in cash, or $x in store credit."Me: "OK, when do you suggest that I come back?"Buyer: "...come back for... what?"Me: "When a buyer who knows what the fuck they're doing is working?"
 Put a couple together today, and I think the racks I bought already have the height extenders.  There are the main poles on each side, with 3 holes at the top.  Then each rack came with two shorter (approx. 18") poles with the springy nipple thing, so I can adjust the height of the top cross-member even further up.  I'm guessing I can just buy the extra cross-member poles and be good. Also guessing that all z-racks are more or less the same, and I can buy online from...
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