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 Thanks!  Just a point & shoot camera in manual mode, fool with the ISO a bit based on light or dark item...my new PC doesn't have PhotoShop loaded so I just auto color correct in Irfanview which usually gets it pretty good.  I may drag out the Canon DSLR and finally get some white balance fixing etc, but the P&S does ok for now.
From yesterday.  All technically available since they'll eventually make their way to ebaby.   [[SPOILER]]
Passes today included, but were not limited to:  [[SPOILER]]    Some real heartbreakers too (dog tired RLBL Anthony suit, several over-priced Burberry overcoats etc), but all in all was a good day - need to post pics of the non-grails I picked up, tomorrow if I can.
 Is that near Sag Harbor?  If so, tell them to just stop making jackets that goodwill workers place in the menswear section.  
 I think that might be appropriate in this instance  And the Chanel I got today is as well - some quick & dirty pics I sent to Spoo, who was kind enough to clue me on date, desirability and whatnot (thanks again mang!):  [[SPOILER]]
 I suppose I could wear them on my arms and do the orangutan dance.  Would never fit my feets.   Skipped the Oddball Comedy Fest to go shopping (feat. Louis C.K. - my current #1 fave living comedian; plus Aziz Ansari, Jeff Ross, Marc Maron [another dude I love], etc).  Hopefully they all sucked this one time, but I doubt it.
 Agreed.  At some point they were probably near some horses, and horses poop a lot.  No thrift.  Resale shop, who sort of knew but not really.  So...I'm obviously not going to wear them (chick boots) and shall eventually set them free.  Might use them for planters in my yard - undecided.
Crappy pics of one grab from today...because it was one of those 14+ hour days and I won't get around to taking pics of anything else tonight.   [[SPOILER]]
 be all like . . . 
   There are boots.  in the bags.  that match.  the logos.  on the bags.  gross, i know.
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