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Allen Edmonds cedar full toe shoe trees, size XXL 2XL fits 13-18, new w/out box 29d 22h left $21.00 Free Shipping   Brooks Brothers wool black watch type plaid / tartan blazer, size 39R, excellent 29d 22h left $59.00 Free Shipping   Mackintosh Dunkeld bonded cotton rain trench coat, handmade in Scotland, Medium 29d 22h left $224.00 Free Shipping    Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece charcoal gray trousers 100% flannel wool...
  New $795 Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Thom Browne sweater BB3 LG wool cashmere $245.00   New $795 Brooks Brothers Black Fleece Thom Browne sweater BB4 XL wool cashmere $245.00   Agnes B. Homme men's 3/4-length cotton/nylon blend peacoat, US size 44/Large $47.00   Brioni tonal gray plaid casual shirt, 100% cotton, size Large, made in Italy $31.00   Filson dark...
Gold-filled Ben Silver Boston College button set, e-thrifted (retail is $675, but Ben Silver doesn't make them for Boston College any longer).
 But I bet it puts on, nice and easy.
 Does it have a good personality, sense of humor, a job, it's own place, and a car?  If so, then yes, I can date it.
 If you like it, and it fits you, and you have something to wear it with, then by all means rock it. That said, it's an orphan, and a less-than desirable one at that.  Fabric is wool, but old/stiff/coarse wool...hence the feel.  If there had been pants, they could have probably stood in the corner all by themselves.   I'll guess many towns had stores called The Hub - there was one in Madison WI when I lived there in the 1980's.
 Yes.  I've blocked them - I don't like that sort of thing either.  Folks also do it to see what the reserve is on auctions that have it.
 Heh - I still watch that movie when it comes on.Gal-friend of mine auctioned off an outfit worn by Kristen Stewart in The Runaways movie (leather pants, shirt, jacket, bracelets etc) - told her to end it & consign it to you since she's down the road a piece on LI, but it had already gotten bids.
 Most often it's the companies / brands that participate in the VERO program, and some of them are pretty vigilant while others you get that big red warning flag but there's so much fake shit on eBay for their brand it's almost useless (i.e.: Burberry).  Search & Browse Manipulation is reason to have your listing ended early, and does piss people off who are looking for something else, but I've reported listings and watched them all the way to the end with nothing...
Today's pickups:   [[SPOILER]]
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