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 If you haven't already, set your seller preferences to exclude locations / countries that you will not ship to, as well as block bidders from countries that you do not ship to (along with other blocks you can implement - negatives received etc).If you already did this, then make sure your buyer does not already have a forwarding service - - I have gotten  buyers from outside the US - it says buyer is "based in [whatever country]", but their shipping address is US - i.e.:...
Stuff usually is NWT at Marshalls / TJX.
Will do my best, Sir!
  First scheduled service on my car tomorrow - $380 for a glorified oil change that's gonna take almost 4 hours.  Upside: loaner car, 3 GW's and 2 good Marshall's nearby.  Might as well....
  d'oh!  had no idea someone else was using the same avatar...what are the chances?  saw it on imgur and thought "well, it's no Hans [boy in lederhosen smoking a pipe], but it'a a boy smoking a cigarette with a chicken, so...".  Will be changing mine post-haste.
BWAH!      Hey, is that the PRL guy from eBay responding to The Donald?     
Some new no reserve auctions, and a few buy-it-now's just listed:      James Perse Yosemite black Performance active utility jacket 3/Large made in USA     Nigel Cabourn plaid linen unstructured vintage shacket jacket made in Japan ~ XL     Cantarelli sport coat unstructured natural shoulder cotton linen silk 52 / 42     Robert Geller cotton linen long top coat made in Japan tall cuff 52 42, AW 2014?     New Rag & Bone...
After that PTO story, screw OG Hilfiger and Nautica - I'm looking for Polo Snow Beach and Bears.
 Swaine Adeney trifecta!  A keeper.
 Whoah.  Back-to-back Swaine Adeney.  What are the odds of that?  Like, nil...
New Posts  All Forums: