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God bless who ever invented the Bloody Mary and Mimosa, thus allowing me to drink at 10am without shame.
I've seen Schott not made in USA a handful of times and those are the ones I pass on. Either way I'd accept a sale cancel on it - if not legit then so be it - was not aware of anyone making fake Schott leather jackets.
WTF. Why even bother listing something like that?Sounds like the buyer is fishing for a way to get out of their purchase. Tell them to cancel the order - can almost guarantee a problem buyer. That's what I'd do. Looks real and legit to me.
Princeton blazer is cool, yo.
Rabbit. Or girl with big boobs.
Hit a few church / indie thrifts - the bigger ones here (GW and SA) suck for the most part. Handful of pickups. Sorry for the tomato pics. I hope these are the good Givenchy...I think it's the current label, made in Italy. And the Faberge NWT. Another thrift-funded sunset.
Naturally, the preview read as "orphan clubbing", which sounded pretty cruel.
Hahaha you gotta cop that!
Just bought a pair of Alden's at a thrift...lady at the register says "You got the last pair - aren't they nice?" And I was "Wat?" She says a guy brought in about a dozen pairs but they all sold already except the pair I got. Arrrrgh!
New Posts  All Forums: