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I have a stack as well...fun to browse. Also picked up some 1950 issues of Newsweek - way cool ads for cars, clothes, booze, shoes etc.
I wore sweatpants in public for the first time today.  Not like designer drop-crotch Givenchy or Yeezy sweats.  Faded old indoor / yard work sweats.  To the grocery store.     /confession 
I'm pretty happy with my Eddie Bauer B-9 parka. For jackets, I have their Skyliner which is also plenty warm (worn in Wisconsin in January with sub-zero wind chill).
 Not sure what you mean by "new" seller dashboard - I've been seeing the same one for a few months now.  Anyway, I just click on "My eBay" at the top of the screen, scroll down to "shortcuts" (middle column, about halfway down), and click on "block bidders".
Few pickups from our favorite female online consignor.                   Heavy enough to be an over-shirt:           Even heavier shacket-type:    
For $170 I would buy that thing so hard.
There is an option somewhere about buyer sent back a different item. You have to dig for it.Happened to me - got back the same item in a different size. It was NWT, same as the item I sold, real head-scratcher. Best guess is the buyer bought wrong size first, then bought mine in the right size and sent me back the first one he got from someone else.Was sort of a wash so I did report it but Ebay didn't do anything and I didn't escalate it.If you're being screwed, I'd call...
 Waiter (in Espanol): "¿What'll you have, bub?"Impuntura: "Me Espanol ees no good.  ¿I can point?"Waiter: "¡Si!"Impuntura: "Uno this por favor."Waiter: "¿Only uno rib?"Impuntura: "¡No, uno cow!  ¡UNO MOO!"
Browsing Periscope just now and came across someone selling clothing live, shopping channel style. Just some gal selling leggings, but her delivery is pro-level. Fun to watch. And for anyone considering live-streaming their thrift runs, 'Scope it!
New Posts  All Forums: