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I'm sensing a trend. Time to rest again, J...too little sleep makes a man unintelligible.
 I put "untagged".
Killed me today to leave a mainline Isaia base S suit jacket, unable to find the pants.  I know goddam well they had to be in the store, somewhere (it was the type of store where jackets don't come in without pants, if it was originally a suit).  Unless some bozo walked off with the pants and didn't check the jackets.  Grr.
Thanks mang! Got the ties at the same shop and when I saw the weird spacing on one I started to suspect the other. Nice to know at least 1 is real. The hat, was pretty sure fake but took a flyer.Yeah those Palazzos. Sickness...but they had a sign on them "retails for $xxxx" and marked them up. Still soup in the bowl for flippage tho.Your haul was pretty sick.Please tell me you got the 2nd check I sent (#forbrian) - to the shop this time.
From today.   Can I get an authenticity check on a few things, first?   LV ties - not sure on these, leaning more towards real than fake, but I almost never see them so not sure (EDIT - the one on the right, not so sure now - weird spacing on the label in the pic)...eh, one on the left looks suspect now too...             And this hat - pretty sure this is fugazi:            And the rest:           New without box Baltimora's, then I...
 Hah!  I had a dude yesterday ask me twice to end an auction so he could buy something for $7 more than the current high bid.  Told him - nope - I don't end auctions early.  He said I could and that he does it all the time.  Blocked him fro bidding/buying. Wrote me today saying "I'm trying to bid"; I replied "Thank you, I appreciate your bid!".  
Re: the Sansui quadraphonic receiver I posted a bit ago - it's alive! Except for one lamp, all the others work. Now to hook it up and give a listen...I have exactly one quad recording.
 I love the old WB Looney Tunes cartoons as well.  Never seen Space Jam, or any of the newer WB cartoons.  Classics is where it's at...before everything was overly PC.  They had some pretty racy / controversial stuff back then.And of course Ren & Stimpy.
 I've often wondered when people here say they picked something up from a shop and it's "worn once" - how do you ascertain that?
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